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Understand expressions unique to Japanese! The meaning and usage of “Shusseboai”

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  • Have you ever heard of the term "career pay"? It is read as "Shusebarai". When is this word used? In this article, we will explain the meaning and usage of ``shushobai'' as it is used in business situations, as well as example sentences for using it in business conversations.

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    Meaning of “success pay”

    ``Shushobai'' means to return to a position after one has been promoted or promoted. It can also refer to the promise.

    The word ``success'' refers to attaining a high status or status in society. In the company, it can also be called ``shoshin'' or ``shokakusuru.'' It's about taking a position of leadership.

    Example sentences using "Success pay"

    It may be used in business situations, but it is most often used between close friends.

    Please pay for your promotion.

    It is used by subordinates to superiors, friends, when asking for a favor or when a problem is being solved.

    When you can't thank them now or can't do anything on your own, it's a good idea to use them to express your desire to "grow up and repay them someday."

    It's okay to pay for promotion.

    In addition, it is used by superiors to subordinates. It is unlikely to be used in business conversations with business partners.

    In addition, saikin is also used when you say ``buy something'' or ``pay in return'' instead of borrowing money.

    Since it is a word that does not have a fixed date for returning the money, it is easier to be accepted by the other person than using the word ``ogoru'', for example, when you don't want the other person to spend money. It means that you should give it back when you reach a higher status, but it is often used to express a wish for growth.

    How do you say "career pay" in English?

    ``Shushobai'' is a word unique to Japanese, and there doesn't seem to be a direct English expression that can replace it.

    Although the sentence is a bit long, it can be rephrased as follows.

    • Pay me back when you've made it big.
    • Promise to pay up in the future when one succeeds in life.


    In this kiji, we learned about the meaning and usage of ``shushobai''.

    This word ``Shusse-gai'' is used between close friends, so if you want to ask someone for ``Shushe-gai'', avoid asking someone you are meeting for the first time.

    These words are often said by people who want to see your growth and success. If you have a subordinate at work, and you want to treat him or her, it would be a good idea to say something like, ``I'll just pay him for his promotion.''

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