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Let's promote your company's appeal points to the media that is accessed from 100 countries around the world.

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    Rate plan
    1. Freemium plan (0 yen)

      You can post up to 5000 characters and 3 photos.
      ・What you wrote will be posted as is.
      ・Cannot be reproduced on your own SNS media
      ・Advertisement will be placed in the article

    2. Premium plan (4,980 yen per month/1 year contract)

      You can post up to 5000 characters and 3 photos.
      ・What you wrote will be posted as is.
      ・Articles can be edited up to 3 times/year
      ・Can be reprinted on your own SNS media
      ・No advertisements will be placed in the article.

    1. Clarification of purpose:
      Be clear about your or your company's purpose and build your article around it.
    2. Article tone and style:
      Be honest and informed. Avoid excessive advertising.
      Use simple, easy-to-understand language and make sure your content appeals to a diverse audience.
    3. word count:
      Minimum 1,000 characters, maximum 5,000 characters.
    4. image:
      Up to 3 pieces. Please select images that do not violate copyright.
      Captions are optional, but please use them to make the content easier to understand.
    5. What is prohibited:
      Political or religious opinions or propaganda.
      Content that defames other businesses, organizations, or individuals.
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    The personal information you entered will beprivacy policyWe will manage it appropriately based on the description in ``. We may also send informational emails, including advertisements, to the email address you entered.
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