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Inquiries and Advertisements

Our media are used by users from more than 100 countries around the world and provide a wide range of support to international students, foreign residents, and Japanese companies. To find the service that best suits your needs and objectives, and to ensure that you receive the best support, please select your inquiry from the categories below.

    Inquiry Type*
    school's name*
    URL of the school's official website*
    Company Name*
    Department name (optional)
    Job title (optional)
    Email Address*
    Date of Birth*
    (present) address*
    Phone number*
    last educational background*
    What you want from study abroad support*
    When do you wish to study abroad?*
    Visa Type*
    Certificates (passport, ID, diploma, resume, work history: maximum total of 5)*
    Desired Industry / Occupation*
    Resume/CV (PDF only)*
    Rate Plans
    1. Initial production cost (100,000 yen)

      Up to 5,000 words and 5 photos can be published.
      Just "send" us the information you want to convey and we will produce a high quality article.
      The articles produced are also automatically translated by AI and pages are generated for each language.
      For a monthly fee of 0 yen, you can continue to transmit your information to the world as "rich owned media" on a semi-permanent basis.
      Please use it for SNS diffusion, branding, recruitment enhancement, etc.

    2. Monthly plan (100,000 yen/month/6-month contract)

      We will analyze published articles and make content modifications and CVR improvements.
      By creating additional content, regularly sending out webcasts, and repeating the PDCA cycle, we will modify the article content so that it is optimized from the catchphrase to the customer's point of view.
      User interviews, employee introductions, and all other aspects of the dissemination activities can be continued.
      Ultimately, we will work to increase your perusal rate, improve your CVR, and help expand your company's response numbers.

    1. How to use
      We will act as your PR representative and write articles that fully convey your company's appeal.
      What is the appeal of your company? We can handle all of your article compositions and more.
      After submitting the first draft of the article, 2~3 revisions are made and the article is published after confirmation is complete.
      Public data will be posted semi-permanently.
    2. Preparation:.
      Links to your company's website, social networking sites, and contact information.
      Data from the brochure, a summary of what your company wants to promote.
      Photographic material for publication (that will be appealing when used in media articles)
    3. Characters: 1
      The length of the document should be between 3,000 and 5,000 words, and the pages will be divided into two parts if the length exceeds 5,000 words.
    4. Images:.
      Maximum of 5 images. Each image should not violate copyright.
      Photos that show your company's services and content in an attractive light are desirable.
    5. Prohibited content:.
      Political and religious opinions and propaganda.
      Content that defames other businesses, organizations, or individuals.
    Article content (up to 5000 characters)
    Photographs (max. 5)
    Consent to publish*
    Inquiry Details*
    The personal information you provide will be used for the "Privacy Policy." The information will be properly managed in accordance with the description in Section 3.1.1. In addition, we may send informational e-mails, including advertisements, to the e-mail address you provide.
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