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[Archived version] Complete guide to finding a job in Japan! Employment, job change, part-time work for foreigners

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Japan's economic strength and rich culture make it an attractive place to work for many foreigners. From large, long-established companies to cutting-edge startups, Japan offers a wide range of career opportunities. However, there are barriers for foreigners to find jobs in Japan, such as language issues, cultural differences, and difficulty accessing job information.

This article is a complete guide to finding a job in Japan, providing comprehensive information for foreigners on finding a job, changing jobs, and part-time jobs, as well as introducing more specific job information sites and services. Masu.

We hope this guide will be a useful resource for anyone looking to pursue a career in Japan.

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Job hunting guide in Japan: Job search information for foreigners

For new international students: Finding employment in Japanchance

Recruitment activities in Japan for new graduates mainly begin with internships in the fall and progress toward joining the company in the spring. During this period, many companies hold joint information sessions or in-house information sessions, and by participating, you will have a chance to get a feel for the company atmosphere and the kind of human resources they are looking for.

Many companies are actively considering hiring foreign students, especially if they have Japanese language skills and specialized knowledge. In addition, in today's increasingly globalized business world, foreign language skills and intercultural communication skills are valued as a major advantage.

Important points for foreign students

  • Japanese ability: Japanese business communication skills are essential, as most communication in Japanese companies is done in Japanese. In particular, there are many situations where it is desirable to have a Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 or higher qualification.
  • Visa procedure: In order to work in Japan, it is essential to obtain an appropriate work visa. Many companies will provide visa support when you are hired, so it is a good idea to check in advance.

For non-new graduates: Career opportunities in Japan

On the other hand, the Japanese job market offers a wide range of opportunities for those who are not new graduates, especially for current graduates, second-year graduates, part-time workers, and foreigners with different career backgrounds. There are many workplaces where you can make the most of your skills and experience, and people with foreign language skills and a global perspective are highly valued by Japanese companies. Additionally, if you have work experience or specific skills/knowledge, you can use that to increase your chances of getting higher pay or a higher position.

As a point of interest

  • Foreign language skills: As Japanese companies expand overseas, language skills such as English, Chinese, and Spanish are extremely valuable.
  • work experience: Overseas experience is attractive to globally active companies. Increase your chances of getting a job by highlighting your experience.
  • Visa renewal: If you are already in Japan, you need to be careful about the type of visa and expiration date. You can keep your career running smoothly by making updates and changes as needed.

Successfully find employment in Japan! 10 recommended sites

Japan's job-hunting culture is unique, and the process and cultural differences can sometimes be confusing. But don't worry. The number of services and tools that support smooth employment in Japan is increasing.

hereGoandup PicksWe will introduce 10 particularly recommended sites carefully selected by , divided into those for new graduates and those for others. By using these sites, your job hunting in Japan will definitely become more meaningful and effective! Build your ideal career in Japan.

First[For new graduates]is.

1. JobSpring

Job hunting in Japan requires a lot of information and support, and it is especially useful for international students to know which services can provide them with appropriate support. Under such circumstances, there is a service that I highly recommend. "JobSpring"is.

JobSpringis a reliable job hunting support service operated by HR Cloud Co., Ltd. Centering on our unique agent services, we provide solutions that support efficient job hunting, such as corporate events and job hunting seminars.

JobSpringThe biggest attraction is that we sincerely consider students' career plans and introduce them to the most suitable companies. Unlike major recruitment services, we do not unilaterally send out large amounts of job information. We only introduce an average of 3 to 4 carefully selected companies, including rare job openings that are not disclosed.

In addition, our experienced agents will provide you with thorough support throughout the process until you join the company. Even in the unlikely event that you fail, we will work with you to devise specific improvement measures and selection strategies. There are also plenty of events and seminars where you can learn practical information and know-how. JobSpringYou can receive powerful support to take the next step.

Click here for details▼

Official site:JobSpring supports job hunting for companies where you can play an active role

2. Job hunting meeting

Job hunters, are you confused about company research and selection strategies? For those of you who have such troubles, we have a support tool called “ Job hunting meeting"recommend.

Job hunting meetingis a service that allows you to efficiently prepare for selection by looking at the ES and experience stories of the selections that seniors have actually passed. From the internship experiences, you can get information about the selection process, what happened on the day, and whether it worked in your favor for the actual selection. Interview details for ESs and job offers who passed the screening Unlimited viewing for freeThat's the biggest attraction.

In addition, you can learn about the company's work-life balance and the actual environment after joining the company based on real reviews from employees, former employees, and students. Best of all, you can check the selection phase and interview atmosphere of the company you are interested in in real time.

You can also check the degree of match with the company based on the difficulty of selection, the points the company emphasizes, and the compatibility with the employees, which will help you find the company that suits you. please Job hunting meetingTake advantage of this and proceed with your effective job hunting.

Click here for details▼

Official site:Job hunting review service “Job Hunting Conference”

3. Kimisuka

When job hunting, you often have questions and concerns such as ``What kind of person am I?'' and ``What will a company value in me?'' At times like this, you may want to express yourself as you are and be appreciated as you are. Therefore, I would like to recommend a scout-type job hunting site. "Kimisuka"is.

Kimisukais a service that allows students to be scouted for special selection by companies simply by publishing their profile and selection status. It's perfect for students in their 20s who want to value their true selves, rather than the conventional approach of ID photos.

The biggest attraction is industry-leadingSelf-analysis support using aptitude tests. You can explore your own stress tolerance and values, and it is also very effective as a material for self-promotion in ES and interviews.

KimisukaBy using this, you will not only have the opportunity to finish your job search early, but you will also be able to clearly communicate your true charm.

Click here for details▼

Official site:Kimisuka's SPI measures

4. JobSpring Scout

There are an increasing number of scouting services where you receive offers directly from companies, but many of you may be wondering, "Are I really a good match for this company?"

Therefore, the scout service"JobSpring Scout"recommend. This is a service operated by HR Cloud Co., Ltd., which I introduced in the first part, and its biggest appeal is: Function to visualize aptitude. Using aptitude tests from industry-leading companies, you can analyze your personality in detail and check your compatibility with the employees of the company scouting you based on that.

In other words, you can find out in advance what it would be like to work with the people at this company. This will ensure that students make connections with companies that are a good fit for them.

Rather than applying to companies that are popular on navigation sites, I would like to narrow down the list of companies that can make the most of my aptitude. I used other scouting services in the past and didn't get the offer I wanted. For you, JobSpring Scoutis perfect. A new door may open.

Click here for details▼

Official site:JobSpringScout allows you to receive scouts you are satisfied with

5. UZUZ new graduate

Students who are delaying job hunting for various reasons such as studying abroad, taking a leave of absence, or participating in extracurricular activities, or who are considering job hunting in the second semester, may feel even more pressure. A service that thoroughly supports those who are looking for a job in the later stages of their job hunting. "UZUZ new graduate"is recommended.

UZUZ new graduateThe biggest attraction is that you can receive unlimited consultations from professional counselors.Free service of "ES correction"is. Since you will receive detailed word-for-word corrections, you will be able to complete an ES with a higher degree of accuracy. In addition, all counselors have acquired know-how on how to prepare for successful interviews, and our interview preparation boasts a user satisfaction rate of 97%.

and,UZUZcompletely excludes black companies. We actually visit companies and investigate the working environment and education system. We also regularly collect feedback from seniors who have joined us in the past. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of companies, including companies that actively hire new graduates, major companies with excellent training systems, venture companies where you can work with discretion, and trending companies with good performance and expected future growth. Introducing.

For late-term job-hunting students and foreign students who are struggling with job-hunting,UZUZ new graduateLet's consult. Our professional support will firmly support your next step.

Click here for details▼

Official site:New graduate agent UZUZ

6. LHH job hunting agent

Job hunting is a big event for students. You may often feel doubts and anxiety. What we would like to recommend to you is job hunting support that works with professional consultants. "LHH job hunting agent"is.

LHH job hunting agentWe provide employment support to students from job hunting preparations to job offers. Of particular note is that LHH job-hunting agents ranked high in the 2023 Oricon Customer Satisfaction® Survey. 2nd place in job hunting agent rankingThis is an achievement selected for. This is a satisfaction ranking chosen by 3,742 users who actually used the service, so it shows the high evaluation from many students.

Because LHH Job Hunting Agent is located in the same division as the job change agent, we are able to provide support that extends to your career after joining the company. Our experienced consultants will make the most of your individuality and provide ES correction and interview preparation tailored to the company's needs.

In addition, we will carefully select and introduce job openings that match each individual's characteristics and desires. Another benefit is that you can learn about Adecco Group's unique job openings and job openings that are not posted on other navigation sites. LHH job hunting agentLet's start job hunting with the shortest route!

Click here for details▼
Official site:LHH job hunting agent

From here[For existing graduates, new graduates, and part-timers]is.

7. Second new graduate agent neo

I think new graduates, part-time workers, and people with various backgrounds want their past experiences to be properly evaluated. What I would like to recommend to all of you is "Second new graduate agent neo"is.

This agent provides a service that introduces optimal job openings from approximately 10,000 companies based on each individual's background and wishes. We don't just give you superficial information, we also listen to detailed information about your past experience, academic background, and even your personality and way of thinking, and create the most suitable career plan for you.

The biggest attraction is that career advisors with extensive experience provide an average of 10 hours of training.generous supportis. This not only allows you to clearly understand your strengths and potential, but also provides thorough support from correcting your resume to creating a work history. In particular, it is very reassuring that they completely exclude black companies and introduce only excellent companies.

2nd new graduate agent neoBy using , you will be able to search for jobs based on a thorough understanding of yourself, and receive a great boost to start a new career.

Click here for details▼
Official site:[Second new graduate agent neo]

8. UZUZ 2nd new graduate

New graduates and current graduates who are looking for a job, especially those who are job seekers, university dropouts, part-time workers, and NEETs, are faced with questions such as how their experience and background will be utilized, and which companies are looking for them. You may often feel anxious. What I would like to recommend to all of you is "UZUZ Second New Graduate"is.

UZUZ 2nd new graduateWe are the only counselor in Japan where 90% of our counselors are former graduates or new graduates, so our biggest appeal is that we can pass on accurate advice and know-how on job hunting without failure, precisely because we have the same experience. Additionally, you will receive genuine support without any coercion that is common with other recruitment companies.

In addition, we provide unlimited counseling, document correction, and interview preparation customized for each selected company. We provide comprehensive support for over 20 hours on average, and as a result of this generous support, we boast a job offer rate of over 83% and a document passage rate of over 87%.

We also thoroughly eliminate black companies and share information about the actual working style and satisfaction level after joining the company, based on actual feedback from those who have joined the company. For those who are seriously thinking about their future career, UZUZ 2nd new graduateWith this, you will be able to proceed with your job search with peace of mind.

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Official site:Document passing rate over 87%. Free interview preparation [Uzu Career 2nd new graduate]


People who are aiming to get a job as an IT engineer in order to get a job, but are wondering how to start without any experience, may have many questions and concerns. For those people, I would like to strongly recommend "UZUZ IT"is.

UZUZ ITis a specialized employment service for people aiming for employment support for IT engineers. The biggest attraction is not only job support, but also IT learning support is also substantial.. The learning videos that can be used not only for interview preparation are free and have approximately 16 hours of high-quality content. There is content to learn the basics of Java, the number one language in the world, as well as topics such as network basics and routing, which are the basics for infrastructure engineers, as well as practice questions and exercises to help you acquire practical knowledge. A wealth of source code is also available.

moreover,UZUZ ITBy setting strict standards and visiting and verifying each company, we thoroughly eliminate black companies, and our retention rate after joining our company is over 93%. For those of you who are seriously considering a career as an IT engineer, UZUZ ITLet's take a sure step!

Click here for details▼
Official site:If you are looking for a job as an IT engineer, go to Uzukare IT.

10. UZUZ Science

People in their 20s with science backgrounds, especially those who have graduated from information, electrical/electronic, or mechanical departments, or those who have no experience and want to put their science knowledge to use, are wondering how to start a new career. There are many things that happen. We have the perfect service for you "UZUZ Science"is.

UZUZ Scienceprovides employment support completely free of charge for science graduates in their teens to 20s. Most notably, Offer rate is 86% or higherIt has a high track record. With support tailored to each individual's wishes and background, more than 86% of those who search for jobs receive a job offer from at least one company.

In particular, there are many job openings that give preferential treatment to those who have graduated from information, electrical, electronic, and mechanical departments, so even if you have no experience in science-related work, we will introduce you to companies with favorable conditions that make use of your science background.UZUZ ScienceWith our thorough support, you can start a new career where you can fully utilize your science knowledge!

Click here for details▼
Official site:Agent who is strong in science [UZUZ]

Career change guide for foreigners: Find your next step in Japan

For foreigners with work experience in Japan, changing jobs is an important step that opens up new career opportunities. The Japanese job market has its own culture and flow, and by understanding this, you can find your next job more advantageously.

Flow of job change activities

In Japan's job change market, it is common to use job information magazines and job change sites. Additionally, by using a career change agent, you can receive support in finding a job that makes use of your skills and experience. Agents can also help set up interviews with companies and negotiate benefits, which is very advantageous for foreigners.

Take advantage of the strengths of foreigners

Japanese companies are looking for international business development and multicultural team composition, and the experience and perspectives of foreigners are of great value. In particular, if a Japanese company is familiar with the language and culture of the country or region in which it operates, its expertise will be highly valued.

Key points for a successful career change

You will be required to prepare and make efforts to make the most of your experience and skills as a foreigner and find a new career path in Japan.

  • Preparation of resume/career history: Japanese companies place great importance on a detailed work history. This requires a detailed description of your past achievements and accomplishments, as well as the techniques and tools used.
  • Preparing for the interview: In Japanese interviews, not only hard skills are evaluated, but also soft skills such as communication skills and team cooperation. It is also important to clearly communicate your career vision and enthusiasm for the company.
  • Visa renewal: When changing jobs, it is important to check the type and expiration date of your visa and make changes if necessary. Additionally, companies often provide visa support.

Successfully change jobs in Japan! 10 recommended sites

With the need for information and support to successfully change jobs, choosing the right job search site or agent is extremely important, especially for foreigners. There are many job search sites and agencies in Japan, but not all of them match the needs and career aspirations of foreigners. Therefore, we believe that foreigners can trust Goandup PicksIntroducing 10 recommended job change sites and agents.

1. cell work 20s

First of all, there is a site that I would especially recommend to people in their 20s.“Cell work in your 20s”is.

As a job search site specializing in people in their 20s, we provide job information that perfectly meets the needs of people in their 20s, such as a reasonable salary, a rewarding job, and a balance with their private lives.

The biggest attraction is that usersJob change retention rate is 94.4%This is extremely high, and agents will introduce you to the most suitable job openings. Furthermore, there are plenty of local job openings, so it's perfect for foreigners who want to experience life in the countryside in Japan.

We also have a wide range of job openings for those with no experience in the industry, as well as for new graduates and part-time workers.cell work 20sis a highly recommended site for men and women in their 20s who are considering changing jobs as full-time employees.

Click here for details▼
Official site:Cell work 20s job change


Especially for those who are thinking of changing jobs in the Kansai region, we offer reliable job change support services based in Osaka."KOSMO"is recommended.

With a rich track record of 36 yearsKOSMOhas supported many job seekers based on our deep relationships of trust with major companies.Strong in a wide range of genres, regardless of industry or occupationThat's the charm. In addition, we seriously consider the career development of each job seeker and provide thorough support.

We are particularly good at helping young people in their 20s and 30s change jobs, but we also welcome people who are starting their first full-time career, regardless of gender. For those who wish to work in the Kansai region (Hyogo, Osaka, Kyoto, Shiga, Nara, Wakayama), KOSMOwill firmly support your new career.

Click here for details▼
Official site:Over 30 years in the human resources industry! [KOSMO] has a rich track record and experience.

3. MS-Japan

For those who wish to change jobs specializing in management departments, the recommended job change agent is"MS-Japan"is.

No. 1 agent specializing in management departments(*"Survey on Brands of Recruitment Companies" March 2017 On-site inspection agency: Rakuten Research Co., Ltd.) has established its position as an accounting, finance, human resources, general affairs, legal affairs, accounting firm, lawyer, certified We specialize in accountants, tax accountants, etc.

We handle a wealth of job information based on our extensive network with major auditing firms, accounting firms, and venture capital firms. The biggest attraction is that the company has provided job change support to over 20,000 people in its 29-year history since its founding. overwhelming experience. We have a track record of providing career change support for over 600 qualified professionals, such as lawyers, certified public accountants, tax accountants, and USCPAs, and our highly specialized career advisors will support you in your next career step. .

Those who have experience in management positions, or those who hold various professional qualifications and are looking for a new challenge,MS-Japanwill be a powerful ally in your career advancement.

Click here for details▼
Official site:For recruitment and career changes in accounting, finance, human resources and general affairs, and legal affairs | No. 1 agent specializing in management departments [MS-Japan]

4. TechClips Agent

For IT engineers who are thinking about their next career,​"TechClips Agent"Please consider it.

The biggest appeal of this career change agency specializing in IT engineers is that it has a wealth of experience as a career consultant.Supported by active engineersIt's a point. Another feature of the introduced companies is that they specialize in business companies that have their own services. We will make the best proposal for your career advancement from a very rich selection of approximately 4,500 job openings.

Also,TechClips AgentWe only handle job openings with annual income of 5 million yen or more and high benefits, and we also have a wide selection of job openings from major companies that support career advancement as engineers, such as Yahoo!, CyberAgent Group, and SmartHR. It's up.

Even more surprising is that93% of users increased their annual incomeA track record of success. This number has been achieved because career consultants are active engineers and can use their industry and specialized knowledge to appeal to job seekers in the most effective manner. How to build a better career TechClips Agentis recommended.

Click here for details▼
Official site:Engineer recruitment [TechClips agent]

5. Mass Median

If you are thinking of changing jobs in marketing/creative occupations,"Mass Median"is recommended.

Mass Medianis a group company of Senden Kaigi, which has a history of over 60 years, and specializes in supporting job changes and employment in the advertising, web, and mass media fields.

The biggest attraction is that we boast a track record of supporting job changes for over 40,000 people.No.1 support in the creative industry. Furthermore, we handle the largest number of job openings, and recently we have seen an increase in in-house job openings, as well as job openings for general corporate advertising, public relations, marketing, digital/web, and creative departments.

Career consultants who are well-versed in industries and occupations will give advice on points that companies focus on during selection and what kinds of people have been positively evaluated and hired in the past, based on their past career change experience and know-how. If you are thinking of changing jobs, Mass MedianWould you like to start a new career?

Click here for details▼
Official site:[Job Change Agent] Mass Median

6. Techgate job change

For those who are thinking of changing jobs from a different industry to become an IT engineer, but are hesitant due to the hurdle of inexperience,"Tech Gate Career Change"I highly recommend it.

Techgate job changeprovides full support for engineers with no experience to change jobs,Job openings that welcome engineers with no prior experienceThe biggest attraction is that it has an abundance of. Experience and qualifications are not important either. Furthermore, since the operating company Selva is a web development company, they have deep knowledge and experience in the industry, and will support you in changing jobs to IT companies where you can acquire skills.

In addition, our industry-dedicated agents will suggest the best solution based on your life plan and life goals. You can rest assured that we will follow you closely at each step of your job search and will honestly tell you the good and bad sides and support you.

IT career change support team,Techgate job changeTake your first step as a reliable IT engineer, even if you have no experience, with our full support!

Click here for details▼
Official site:If you want to change jobs for inexperienced engineers, check out Techgate Job Changes.

7. In-house SE job change guide

For those aiming to become in-house SE“In-house SE job change navigation”is perfect.In-house SE job change guideAs the name suggests, we specialize in in-house SE as a specialized media that supports the career change of IT engineers with a focus on in-house SE.

The biggest attraction is that not only do we have one of the largest in-house SE job openings in the industry, but we also have over 2,000 jobs at any given time to suit each individual.Suggests jobs from an average of 25.6 companiesThat's what it does for you. For those joining from July to December 2022 Continuation rate is 96.5%The retention rate is also very high, and in a site image survey conducted in June 2023, 82% of in-house SEs responded that they would recommend this "In-house SE Career Change Navigation" to other engineers.

Also,In-house SE job change guideis a service that can be used by a wide range of IT engineers, from system engineers, programmers, front-end engineers to IT consultants. Rather than mechanical job introductions, IT specialist consultants conduct interviews and provide advice based on each individual's experience and wishes.

By using this "in-house SE career change guide", you too will be able to start your ideal career as an in-house SE.

Click here for details▼
Official site:If you want to know the treatment and annual salary of an in-house SE, [In-house SE Career Change Navigation]

8. Tech Stars Agent

If you are thinking about your next career step as an engineer, we are a specialized agency."Tech Stars Agent"is recommended.

Tech Stars Agentis a career change agency for engineers, and all of our consultants have engineering experience. In other words, because we have experience and knowledge in the actual field, we can accurately understand your skills and career and provide optimal job change support, so mismatches after changing jobs are less likely to occur.

Don't worry if you are thinking about becoming independent in the future. Also provides independence support Tech Stars Agentteeth,Comprehensive support from job change to independenceTo do. Our biggest attraction is our detailed service that cannot be imitated by major companies.

Furthermore, we have a large selection of job openings specializing in the IT, web, and game industries, and we also introduce private and exclusive job openings that you cannot find elsewhere. Would you like to make the best choice with professional support?

Click here for details▼
Official site:If you want to change jobs as an engineer in the IT/web/game industry, check out [Tech Stars Agent]

9. Real estate job agent

For those looking for a path to the real estate industry, we recommend a career change support service that specializes in the real estate industry."Real estate job agent"is.

Real estate job agentspecializes in the real estate industry, and our professional advisors who are well-versed in the real estate industry can suggest the best job openings based on your wishes and qualifications, as well as negotiate salary conditions and prepare for interviews. Additionally, those without real estate licenses and those with no experience in the industry are also welcome. It will support your career in the real estate industry.

Even if you don't have time, you can use just one smartphone. In addition to phone calls and emails, Feel free to consult on LINEBeing able to do it is also a big attraction.Real estate job agenthas over 3,000 private job openings, giving you access to valuable job information that cannot be found on other services.

If you are seriously considering a career change to the real estate industry,Real estate job agentWould you like to take that step?

Click here for details▼
Official site:Real estate job agent

10. KS career

For those considering a career in real estate,"KS Career"Also recommended.KS careeris a recruitment company with a strong network in the real estate industry as a group company of KAI Star Real Estate, which is listed on the prime market. We are developing services that convey that trust and sense of security.

Particularly attractive is theAgent with work experienceThe presence of. This is a great benefit as you can receive real advice from the field. moreover, Job offer results in as little as 3 daysOur strength is our speedy response.

KS careerhandles over 4,500 undisclosed job openings. Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of job opportunities to those with no experience in the industry or those who do not have real estate qualifications. In addition to sales jobs, there are also plenty of back office and web-related job openings.

A new career in real estateKS careerLet's build together!

Click here for details▼
Official site:KS career

Part-time job experience in Japan: A guide for foreigners

Part-time jobs are a popular option for a variety of people, from students to adults, when looking for short-term or long-term work. Especially for foreigners, it is often a great opportunity to learn more deeply about Japanese culture and language. And part-time work experience can also serve as a bridge to a future full-time job.

Jobs where language skills can be utilized

Many part-time jobs in Japan generally require basic Japanese skills, but those who are good at English or other foreign languages ​​may find employment as assistants at language schools, guides at tourist destinations, or as jobbers from overseas. There are a variety of options available, including staff at hotels, restaurants, and cafes that have a large number of customers.

Standard hourly wage for part-time workers

Currently, the average hourly wage in Japan is 1,004 yen (Reference:Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), but the hourly wage varies depending on the industry, working hours, and region. In particular, high hourly wages are often offered for night shifts and in the food and beverage industry.

Visa and working time restrictions

When working part-time, it is important to understand the restrictions on working hours depending on the type of visa you hold. In particular, if you have a student visa, the working hours are stipulated by law to be no more than 28 hours a week, so be careful.

How to find a part-time job in Japan and tips for success

You can search for part-time jobs in Japan on specialized job sites, apps, and school bulletin boards. Referrals from acquaintances and friends are also often a very effective method.

Furthermore, by understanding aspects such as etiquette, the importance of working periods, and shift arrangements, you will be able to have a better part-time work experience.

Points to consider when looking for a part-time job

  • Japanese ability: Basic Japanese communication is required for many part-time jobs. In the hospitality industry, Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 or above is often recommended.
  • resume: When looking for a part-time job, it is common to submit a resume (with photo). You are required to fill out the form carefully, paying attention to Japan's unique writing style and format.
  • interview: When interviewing for a part-time job in Japan, arriving on time, wearing clean clothes, and having a polite manner are evaluated.

Understanding Japanese part-time work culture

  • courtesy: In Japan, politeness towards customers, superiors, and colleagues is very important.
  • Working period: In Japanese workplaces, continuous employment is important. Resigning in a short period of time is not viewed favorably and may be a negative factor when looking for a job next time. Be willing to work for as long as possible.
  • Shift system: Many part-time jobs are shift-based, requiring negotiation and flexible adjustment of shifts. It is important to let us know your circumstances and wishes in advance and confirm them with us.

Make your part-time job experience a success in Japan! 10 recommended sites

When foreigners start working part-time in Japan, it is very helpful to know reliable sites and services for gathering information.

here,Goandup PicksIntroducing 10 carefully selected sites that will help you have a successful part-time job experience in Japan. In addition to searching for job information, there are also sites that provide a wide range of information, including how to write a resume and prepare for interviews, so by using these sites, you are sure to go even more smoothly in your search for a part-time job in Japan. is. Let's make your part-time job experience in Japan a meaningful one!

1. Part-time job EX

Wouldn't it be convenient if you could compare and search for part-time jobs all at once? Therefore, we highly recommend recruitment sites. "Part-time job EX"is.

Part-time job EXhas partnered with 20 major recruitment media companies, and has access to over 1 million job information from among them.Bulk search/comparison/applicationcan.

The biggest attraction is that all eligible people can receive it.celebration money. this is Part-time job EXThose who have registered as members andPart-time job EXThis is a campaign where we will give away cash to those who apply for job opportunities and are hired. The gift money ranges from 30,000 yen to a maximum of 100,000 yen, and those who actually received the gift said things like ``I enjoyed choosing a part-time job because of the gift money,'' and ``It helps motivate me to work.'' It's going up.

If you are a foreigner looking for a part-time job in Japan, check out Part-Time Job EX first!

Click here for details▼
Official site:Japan's largest part-time job recruitment site [Part-time job EX]

2. Work in

If you would like to know information that will help you find a part-time job in Japan, we have a wealth of information."Work in"is recommended.

Work inhas approximately 600,000 job openings nationwide, and you can search not only by job type, salary, period, and area, but also by detailed conditions such as time zone and special points. You can efficiently find part-time job information that meets your needs.

moreover,job.inSo, based on the opinions of interviewers at the listed companies,How to write a resume and interview tipsWe also introduce The biggest appeal for foreigners who are unfamiliar with finding part-time jobs in Japan and preparing to apply is that it is full of useful information.

Supporting your search for a part-time job in JapanWork inFind a part-time job that suits your needs!

Click here for details▼
Official site:Work in


When looking for a part-time job, don't you think that trust and track record are also important? Therefore, a pioneer human resources company with a track record of 36 years since its establishment. "KOSMO"recommend.

KOSMOhas built strong relationships of trust with major companies, mainly in Osaka, and has dispatched many outstanding human resources. There are plenty of job openings for office work, call centers, and reception positions, which are especially appealing to women. People from a variety of backgrounds, including single women and housewives, are active here. Working within dependentsorFull-time employment,andAcquisition of PC skillsFor a variety of reasons, such asKOSMOis selected.

The popularity is still to come.KOSMOHowever, its track record and reliability are proven. There are many jobs with major companies, and you can choose from a wide variety of jobs, so foreigners are sure to be satisfied.

you too,KOSMOWould you like to take the first step in your new career?

Click here for details▼
Official site:KOSMO

4. staff first

If you are a part-time worker or in your 20s or 30s and want a free and flexible working style."Staff First"is recommended.

staff firstis a service that posts temporary job openings for call centers and office work. especially Possible to work freelyIt meets a variety of needs, including ``Regular'' and ``Career Advancement'' courses where you can choose between short-term and long-term working styles, flexible working days, and a same-day salary payment system.

In addition, with the 1-day trial employment system, ``Trial Work'',Experience a real workplaceAnother big attraction is that you can do it. We are especially strong in call center dispatch and provide a wealth of job information. The point is that even if you have no experience, you can be introduced to jobs that match your skills and desired conditions.

If you are looking for a job that suits your lifestyle,staff firstis the best.

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Official site:[Staff First]


If you usually do housework at home, why not use your skills to earn a high hourly wage? Cloud housekeeping service "CaSy"This will turn your daily housework into a job that will enrich your wallet.

The biggest attraction is the high hourly wage.CaSyoffers attractive compensation with hourly wages ranging from 1,500 yen to 1,860 yen. You can also work flexible hours starting from 2 hours once a week. Some of our staff earn 300,000 yen a month by leveraging their experience in everyday housework.

This job is especially popular among housewives who have finished raising children, women in their 20s to 50s who want to work as double workers, and foreigners who are not confident in their Japanese skills. You can make effective use of your free time and earn money at your own pace.

Even compared to general part-time jobs,CaSyThe quality of conditions offered by is obvious. Perfect for those who want to put their housekeeping skills to work.

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Official site:Make effective use of your little free time. Housekeeping work starting from 1500 yen per hour.

6. Alpha Resort

For foreigners looking for a new culture and experience while working in a beautiful resort area in Japan."Alpha Resort"recommend.

Part-time workers who work as part-time workers at resorts all over Japan are called resort part-time jobs (abbreviated as resort jobs), and their biggest appeal is:Dormitory fee, utilities free, meals includedBeing able to work at

alpha resorthas posted information on more than 500 short-term and long-term job openings for resort part-time jobs all over Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and is perfect for people who want to work while wearing traditional Japanese kimono or who want to work by making use of their language skills. For those who want toalpha resortis perfect. There are a wide variety of jobs, including waiters, hotel front desks, cooking, restaurant halls, other leisure-related jobs, marine sports-related jobs, ski resorts, and more.

Especially for foreign students and working holidaymakers,The best place to learn Japanese culture and languageIt is also recommended as a resort part-time job and allows you to deeply experience Japan's beautiful scenery and culture. It is also possible to save money in a short period of time, and many people have saved 500,000 yen in two months and 1 million yen in six months.

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Official site:If you want a resort part-time job, go to Alpha Resort!

7. Dive

For foreigners looking for a resort part-time job experience,"Dive"Also recommended.

diveis a recruitment service that introduces resort part-time jobs, and over the past 20 years, we have introduced more than 250,000 people to the most suitable resort part-time jobs. Official LINE friend count Industry TOPWe are proud of our proven track record and reliability. You can introduce jobs and make inquiries through LINE. diveFeatures. There is also a friend referral benefit, which is recommended for friends or couples who want to work together.

The working period is mainly 1 to 3 months, and short-term work of 1 week to 10 days is possible during travel seasons such as the New Year holidays and Golden Week. It is perfect for foreigners who want to enjoy life in Japan even more, as you can experience a few months of trial migration before making a full-fledged move.

Working part-time at a resort is a great opportunity for cross-cultural exchange. You can also make Japanese friends and learn everyday English conversation. For all foreigners looking for new experiences in Japan, "Alpha Resort"or"Dive"Would you like to start a wonderful adventure?

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Official site:[Over 250,000 users] If you want to search and introduce resort part-time jobs, Dive!

8. Pecorich

For those looking for opportunities in the Japanese food and beverage industry,"Peco Rich"recommend.

Peco Richis a recruitment site that posts job openings in the food industry and restaurants nationwide. We provide job information for unique restaurants that cannot be found on other major sites. of each company Job details for each positionThe biggest attraction is the job page, which provides detailed information about jobs, and supports your job search with information you won't find on other sites. Over 100 new jobs are added every month, from major chains to independent stores, luxury stores, and well-known stores.

In addition, a dedicated advisor who supports your job search will provide free consultation and suggest work styles tailored to each individual.Peco Richis recommended not only for those looking for part-time work, but also for those looking to change jobs to full-time employment.

Find your next step in the Japanese food and beverage industry!

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Official site:Make money by looking for a part-time job [Peco Rich]

9. Factory recruitment navigation

We recommend this for foreigners who have just arrived in Japan and want to find a job right away."Factory recruitment navigation"is.

Job information specific to factories and manufacturing industries is aggregated.Factory recruitment navigationis operated by Nisso Kosan, a pioneer in manufacturing human resources services with over 50 years of experience.Strong ties with major manufacturersIt is characterized by its extensive selection of job information,Those aiming for a full-time positionIt is also attractive that it offers many opportunities.

We are full of job information with favorable conditions, including fully equipped dormitories, free dormitory fees, weekends off, joining benefits, and jobs that can be started even with no experience. You can find a job that matches your desires, including location and income.

We also have a nationwide support system in place, and our staff will provide solid support, so you can start working with peace of mind. A new start in Japan, Factory recruitment navigationwill support you.

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Official site:Factory job information recruitment site"Factory recruitment navigation"


For those who are having troubles such as ``I don't know what I'm suited for'' or ``I can't find the job I want to apply for.''“Working”recommend.

WorkingYorokobi.comis a manufacturing/industrial recruitment site that supports a variety of work styles. The amount of information is overwhelming. We have a wealth of job information to suit your needs, from specialized positions such as factories and temporary workers to workplaces with dormitories, and we can accommodate you anywhere in Japan.

And especially convenientJob search by professional staffis. Just enter the necessary information on the site and a professional will pick up and suggest job openings that match your conditions. Even if you find it troublesome to look for a job or you don't really have the type of job you want, you won't miss out on the perfect job.

WorkingYorokobi.comFind the job that suits you with our attentive support!

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Official site:[Working Yorokobi]

Searching for a job in Japan: A complete guide for foreigners

Japan's labor market offers many opportunities for foreigners from a variety of backgrounds, from recent graduates to experienced workers. Japanese companies recognize the value of foreigners with a global perspective and are working to increase diversity.

  • For new graduate foreign students:As Japanese companies expand their international operations, they are increasingly hiring new graduates from foreign countries. By getting the right support, gathering information, and highlighting your skills, you can increase your chances of success.

  • For non-new graduates:The Japanese labor market offers many positions for those with experience and for foreigners with different career backgrounds. In particular, by making use of your foreign language skills and work experience, you can expect to advance your career at a Japanese company.

  • For those considering a career change:The job market in Japan is active, and many agents and sites support foreigners in finding jobs. The key is to choose the right agent and effectively showcase your experience and skills.

  • For those who wish to work part-time:Japan's part-time job market offers many attractive options even for foreigners. Having knowledge about hourly wage standards, visa restrictions, how to find part-time jobs, and Japanese part-time work culture will help you gain a better experience.

Looking for a job in Japan may be a new challenge for foreigners, but with the right information and preparation, you can make the challenge a success. Use this guide as a step towards further enriching your career in Japan.

  • We at "Goandup" will continue our activities to convey the charms of Japan to the world.

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