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The Complete Guide to Finding a Job in Japan! Finding a job, changing jobs, and part-time work for foreigners

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Japan's economic strength and rich culture are regarded by many foreigners as an attractive place to work. From large historic companies to cutting-edge start-ups, Japan offers a wide range of opportunities in a variety of occupations. However, the path to finding a job in Japan for a foreigner is fraught with barriers such as language barriers, cultural differences, and difficulties in accessing job postings.

This article is intended as a complete guide to finding a job in Japan, providing comprehensive information on employment, career change, and part-time work for foreigners, as well as more specific job information sites and services.

We hope this guide will be a useful resource for all of you who are seeking a career in Japan.

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Guide to Employment in Japan: Job Search Information for Foreigners

For newly graduated international students: Finding Employment in Japanopportunity

Recruitment activities in Japan for new graduates mainly begin with internships in the fall and progress toward entry into the company in the spring. During this period, many companies hold joint information sessions and in-house information sessions, and by attending these sessions, you will have a chance to get a feel for the atmosphere of the company and the kind of people they are looking for.

Many companies actively consider hiring foreign students, especially if they possess Japanese language skills and specialized knowledge. In addition, foreign language skills and intercultural communication skills are valued as a great advantage in today's internationalized business world.

Points of Interest for International Students

  • Japanese Language Proficiency: 1 Since most communication in Japanese companies takes place in Japanese, Japanese business communication skills are essential. In particular, having JLPT N2 or higher is desirable in many situations.
  • Visa Procedures:. In order to work in Japan, it is essential to obtain an appropriate work visa. Many companies will provide visa support when you are hired, so it is a good idea to check with them beforehand.

For Non-New Graduates: Career Opportunities in Japan

On the other hand, the Japanese job market offers a wide range of opportunities for non-recent graduates, especially for former graduates, second-time graduates, freeters, and foreigners with different career backgrounds. There is an abundance of workplaces where you can make the most of your skills and experience, and Japanese companies highly value those with foreign language skills and a global perspective. In addition, if you have work experience or specific skills and knowledge, you will have more opportunities to utilize them to obtain higher benefits and positions.

As a point of interest

  • Foreign Language Skills:. As Japanese companies continue to expand overseas, language skills such as English, Chinese, and Spanish are extremely valuable.
  • Work experience:. Overseas experience is attractive to globally active companies. Make sure to showcase your experience to increase your job opportunities.
  • Visa Renewal:. If you are already in Japan, you should pay attention to the type of visa and its expiration date. Renewing or changing them as necessary will allow you to continue your career smoothly.

Successfully finding a job in Japan! 10 recommended sites

Japan's job hunting culture is unique, and at times you may be confused by the process and cultural differences. However, there is no need to worry. There are an increasing number of services and tools available to help you find a job in Japan smoothly.

Here.Goandup PicksHere are 10 websites carefully selected and recommended by the "CareerCross Asia", divided into two categories: one for new graduates and the other for others. By using these sites, your job hunting activities in Japan will definitely become more meaningful and effective! Build your ideal career in Japan.

First.For new graduatesIt is.


While job hunting in Japan requires a lot of information and support, it is very beneficial, especially for international students, to know which services provide appropriate support. In this context, we strongly recommend the following servicesJobSpring.It is.

JobSpringis a reliable job hunting support service operated by HR Cloud, Inc. Centered on its unique agent service, the company provides solutions to support efficient job hunting activities, including company events and job hunting seminars.

JobSpringThe most attractive point of "CareerCross" is that it sincerely considers students' career plans and introduces them to the most suitable companies. Unlike large recruiting services, we do not unilaterally send out a large volume of job information. On average, we introduce only three to four carefully selected companies, including rare, undisclosed positions.

In addition, our experienced agents provide extensive support throughout the process until you join the company. Even in the unlikely event of a rejection, they will work with you to develop specific improvement measures and selection strategies. We also offer a full range of events and seminars where you can learn practical information and know-how,JobSpringYou will receive strong support to take further steps in the future.

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:JobSpring supports job hunting at companies where you can flourish.

2. Job Hunting Council

Job hunters, are you wondering how to research companies and prepare for the selection process? If you are having such problems, we have a support tool, "Job Hunting CouncilWe recommend that you use the "I" in the following table.

Job Hunting Councilis a service that allows you to efficiently prepare for the selection process by looking at the ES and experience reports of the selection process that our seniors have actually passed. From the internship experience reports, you can obtain information on the selection process, the content of the day, and whether it was advantageous to the main selection process. The content of the ESs that passed the selection process and the interviews of those who received job offers.All you can see for freeThe most attractive thing is that it is

You can also learn about a company's work-life balance and actual post-employment environment based on real reviews from employees, former employees, and students. Above all, you can also check the selection phase and interview atmosphere of companies you are interested in in real time.

You can also check the match with a company based on three factors: difficulty of the selection process, what the company emphasizes, and compatibility with employees, to help you find the right company. We hope you will find it useful.Job Hunting Councilto promote effective job hunting.

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:Job Hunting Review Service "Job Hunting Conference

3. kimiska

In your job search, you may be asking yourself questions such as, "What kind of person am I? and "What do companies value about me?" In such cases, you may want to express yourself as you are and have your true self evaluated. At such times, you may want to express yourself as you are and have people evaluate you as you are. Therefore, I would like to recommend a scout-type job hunting site"Kimiska."It is.

Japanese spirea (Spiraea Japonica)is a service that allows students to receive special selection scouts from companies simply by disclosing their profile and selection status. It is ideal for students in their 20s who want to value their true self, rather than a conventional approach with a photo ID.

The biggest attraction is our industry-leadingSelf-analysis support using aptitude testsThe It is a very effective way to explore one's stress tolerance and value tendencies, and is also very effective as a material for self-promotion in ESs and interviews.

Japanese spirea (Spiraea Japonica)will not only give you a chance to finish your job search early, but also to make sure you convey your true appeal.

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:Kimiska's SPI Preparation

4.JobSpring Scout

Scouting services, where you receive offers directly from companies, are on the rise, but many of you may be wondering, "Am I really a good fit for this company?" Many people may wonder, "Am I really a good match for this company?

Therefore, the scouting serviceJobSpring recommended. This is a service operated by HR Cloud, Inc. introduced in the first section, and its greatest appeal is,Function to visualize aptitude... Utilizing the industry's leading aptitude test, you can analyze your personality in detail and use it to see if you are a good match for the employees of the companies that are scouting for you.

In other words, "What would it be like to work with the people at this company?" in advance. This will ensure that students make connections with companies that are a good fit for them.

I want to narrow down the list of companies where I can make the best use of my aptitude, instead of applying to the most popular companies anyway on the Navi site. You have used other scouting services in the past and did not receive the offers you wanted. This is for you,JobSpring Scoutis a perfect fit. It may open new doors.

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:JobSpringScout to receive satisfied scouts.

5. cheerleader

In their job search, many students feel anxious about whether they will be able to finish their activities early and with peace of mind. The road to venture companies and growing companies is particularly tough, and this pressure will increase as time goes on. In such a situation,Cheerleader."provides these students with the opportunity to obtain job offers in the shortest and fastest time possible, eliminating the anxiety of job hunting.

cheerleaderare from venture and growth companiesAim for the shortest and fastest job offersIt is a specialized scouting service. Its greatest feature is the ability to make early job offers to venture companies and growing companies. Students are given the opportunity to proactively shape their careers, enabling them to proceed with their job search with confidence.

For students who want to challenge themselves in a venture or growing company, or for students who want to complete their job hunting activities by getting a job offer in the shortest and fastest possible time,cheerleaderis truly an ideal service. With many companies hiring year-round, you will experience the job hunting process quickly and gain greater confidence in your ability to secure a job offer.

For students who want to find a venture or growing company that suits them instead of applying to popular companies on job hunting sites, or who have used other scouting services in the past but did not get satisfactory offers,cheerleaderis a service that brings new confidence and possibilities.

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:Aiming for the fastest and quickest job offers. Job hunting scout service [Cheer Career

6. UZUZ New Graduate

Students who are considering late-stage job hunting or job hunting in the second semester may feel even more pressure due to various reasons such as study abroad, leave of absence from school, or club activities. For such students, we offer a service that provides thorough support for job hunting in the second semester.UZUZ New Gradsis recommended.

UZUZ New GraduateThe most attractive feature of the "Mere Old Man" is the unlimited access to professional counselors.Free "ES Correction" serviceIt is. You will receive detailed word-for-word corrections, which will enable you to complete your ES with a higher degree of accuracy. In addition, all counselors have acquired the know-how on how to prepare for an interview that will be accepted, and their interview preparation boasts a user satisfaction rating of 97%.

And, thoroughly eliminating black-owned companies. We actually visit companies to investigate their working environment and education systems. We also regularly collect feedback from our senior employees who have joined the company in the past. In addition, we introduce a wide range of companies, including those that actively hire new graduates, major companies with excellent training systems, venture companies where you can work with discretion, and trendy companies with strong performance and future development potential.

For late job hunters and international students who are struggling to find a job,UZUZ New Graduateto consult with us. They will provide you with professional support and help you take a new step forward.

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:New graduate agent UZUZ

From here.For graduates, new graduates, and freetersIt is.

7. second graduate agent neo

New graduates, freelancers, and people from various backgrounds may want to make sure that their past experience is valued. For all of you, we would like to recommendSecond Graduate Agent neoIt is.

This agent provides a service that introduces the most suitable job opportunities from approximately 10,000 companies, based on each individual's background and wishes. They will not only provide superficial information, but will also interview you in detail about your past experience and educational background, as well as your personality and way of thinking, in order to create the best career plan for you.

The biggest attraction is the average of 10 hours by experienced career advisors.Extensive supportIt is. This not only allows you to clearly grasp your strengths and potential, but also provides thorough support from correcting your resume to creating a work history. In particular, the fact that they thoroughly screen out black companies and introduce only the best companies is also very reassuring.

Second Graduate Agent neowill enable you to find a job with a solid understanding of who you are and give you a big boost to start a new career.

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:Second graduate agent neo

8. UZUZ Second Graduation

Second-time and former graduates who are thinking about finding a job, especially those who are job-hunters, college dropouts, freeters, and NEETs, often have questions and concerns about how their experience and background can be put to use and which companies are looking for them. For all of you, we would like to recommendUZUZ Second Graduation."It is.

UZUZ Second GraduationThe most attractive point is that 90% of our counselors are former graduates or new graduates, and because they have the same experience, they can give you accurate advice and know-how on how to find a job without making any mistakes. In addition, we do not use any coercive practices that are common in other job placement agencies, so you will receive genuine support.

In addition, we provide unlimited counseling, document correction, and interview preparation customized for each selected company. On average, we provide more than 20 hours of extensive support. As a result of this extensive support, we boast a job offer rate of more than 83% and a document acceptance rate of more than 87%.

We also share information on actual working conditions and satisfaction levels after joining the company, based on the thorough elimination of black companies and actual testimonials from those who have joined the company. For those of you who are seriously considering your future careers,UZUZ Second GraduationYou will be able to proceed with your job search with peace of mind together with the

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:Over 87% document pass rate. Free interview preparationUzumu Cali New Graduates

9. uzu it

Those of you who are seeking employment as IT engineers in order to gain a solid job, but have no experience and are wondering how to get started, must have many questions and concerns. For those people, we strongly recommendUZUZ IT."It is.

UZUZ ITis a specialized employment service for those seeking employment support for IT engineers. The biggest attraction is not only employment support,Excellent support for IT learning.The program is free of charge and includes 16 hours of quality content. Not limited to interview preparation, the actual learning videos available are free of charge and include approximately 16 hours of excellent content. There are contents to learn "Java," the number one language in terms of market share, from the basics, "Network Basics," "Routing," which are the fundamentals for infrastructure engineers, etc. There are also plenty of "exercises" and "source code" to acquire practical knowledge.

Further,UZUZ ITAt MSI, we have established strict criteria and visit each company to verify their performance, thereby thoroughly eliminating black-owned companies. For those of you who are seriously considering a career as an IT engineer,UZUZ ITTake definite steps in the

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:Uzukare IT] for IT engineer employment

10. UZUZ Science

For those of you in your 20s with a science background, especially those of you who graduated from an undergraduate degree in information, electrical and electronic, or mechanical engineering, or those of you who have no experience and want to make use of your science knowledge, you are probably wondering how to start a new career. The perfect service for all of you isUZUZ Science.It is.

UZUZ Scienceoffers completely free job search support for science graduates in their teens and twenties. Most notably,Offer rate of 861 TP9T or higherThis is a high achievement for us. With support tailored to each individual's hopes and background, more than 86% of our job seekers have received one or more job offers.

In particular, many of the jobs that are available to those with undergraduate degrees in information, electrical and electronics, and mechanical engineering are highly desirable, so even those with no experience in science-related jobs can be introduced to companies with favorable conditions that make the most of their science backgrounds.UZUZ ScienceStart a new career where you can fully utilize your knowledge of the sciences with the thorough support at

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:Agent with strong science background [UZUZ].

Job Search Guide for Foreigners: Finding Your Next Step in Japan

For foreigners with work experience in Japan, changing jobs is an important step that opens up new career opportunities. The Japanese job market has its own unique culture and trends, and understanding this can help you find your next position more advantageously.

Flow of Job Search

In the Japanese job market, it is common to use job information magazines and job search websites. In addition, by using a recruitment agent, you can receive support in finding a job that makes the most of your skills and experience. Agents can also help set up interviews with companies and negotiate compensation packages, which is very advantageous for foreigners.

Leveraging the Strengths of Foreigners

Japanese companies are looking for international business development and multicultural team structures, and the experience and perspective of a foreign national can be of great value. In particular, expertise in the language and culture of the country or region in which the Japanese company is operating is highly valued.

The key to a successful career change

You must be prepared and willing to make the most of your experience and skills as a foreigner and find a new career path in Japan.

  • Resume/CV Preparation:. Japanese companies place great emphasis on a detailed work history. This should include a detailed description of past achievements and accomplishments, as well as techniques and tools used.
  • Interview Preparation:. In interviews in Japan, not only hard skills but also soft skills such as communication skills and teamwork are evaluated. It is also important to convey your career vision and enthusiasm for the company.
  • Visa Renewal:. When changing jobs, it is important to check the type and expiration date of your visa and make changes if necessary. In addition, companies often provide visa support.

Successful Job Search in Japan! 10 recommended sites

Choosing the right job search site or agent is extremely important, especially for non-Japanese, as they are in need of information and support to help them successfully change jobs. While there are many job search sites and agents in Japan, not all of them match the needs of foreigners and the career they are seeking. Therefore, we believe that they are reliable for foreigners,Goandup PicksHere are 10 recommended job sites and agents.

1. Cell Work 20s

First, I especially recommend this site to everyone in their 20s.Sellwork 20s."It is.

As a job site specializing in jobs for 20-somethings, we provide job information that fits the needs of 20-somethings: satisfying salary, challenging work, and a good balance between work and private life.

The biggest attraction is the user'sJob change retention rate is 94.41 TP9TThis is very high, and is the point where our agents can introduce you to the most suitable jobs. In addition, we also have a wide range of jobs in rural areas, which is perfect for foreigners who want to experience country life in Japan.

We have a wide variety of jobs available for people with no experience in the industry, new graduates, and freelancers.Cell Work 20sis highly recommended for men and women in their 20s who are considering changing jobs as full-time employees.

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:Sell Work 20s Job Change


If you are looking for a new job, especially in the Kansai region, we are a trusted career change support service based in Osaka.KOSMO."is recommended.

36 years of extensive experienceKOSMOhas assisted numerous job seekers, backed by deep relationships of trust with leading companies.Strong in a wide range of industries and occupationsThe appeal of this service is that it is a place where people can find work and work together with others. We also seriously consider the career development of each job seeker and take a thorough supportive role.

We are particularly strong in job changes for young people in their 20s and 30s, but we also welcome first-time permanent employees, regardless of gender. Everyone who wishes to work in the Kansai region (Hyogo, Osaka, Kyoto, Shiga, Nara, Wakayama),KOSMOwill firmly support your new career.

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:More than 30 years in the human resources industry! KOSMO] of abundant achievements and experience

3. MS-Japan

For those seeking a career change specializing in the administrative sector, the top choice of recruitment agents isMS-JapanIt is.

No. 1 agent specializing in the management sector(*"Survey on the Brand of Recruitment Agencies", March 2017, Research agency: Rakuten Research, Inc.) and specializes in accounting, finance, human resources, general affairs, legal affairs, accounting firms, lawyers, certified public accountants, and certified tax accountants.

Backed by an extensive network with major audit firms, accounting firms, and even venture capital firms, we have a wealth of information on the jobs we handle. The biggest attraction is its 29-year history since its establishment, in which it has supported more than 20,000 people in their career changes.Overwhelming experienceWe have more than 600 career advisors who can help you find your next career move. For qualified professionals, such as attorneys, CPAs, tax accountants, and USCPAs, our highly specialized career advisors have assisted more than 600 people in their career changes and will help you take the next step in your career.

Experience in an administrative position or possess various professional certifications and are looking for a new challenge,MS-Japanwill be a powerful ally in your career development.

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:Recruiting and changing jobs in Accounting & Finance, Human Resources & General Affairs, and Legal|Agent specializing in management sector No.1【MS-Japan】.

4. TechClips Agents

Are you an IT engineer looking for your next career move?TechClips Agent."Please consider the following

The main attraction of this recruitment agency specializing in IT engineers is that they are experienced career consultants.Supported by active engineersThis is a point. Another feature of our service is that we specialize in introducing companies that have their own services. They will make the best proposal for your career development from a very wide range of approximately 4,500 job openings.

Also,TechClips Agentshandles only high income and high compensation jobs with annual incomes of 5 million yen or more, including an extensive lineup of jobs at major companies that encourage career advancement as an engineer, such as Yahoo!

Even more surprising,931 TP9T of users increased their annual incomeThis is because our career consultants are active engineers and can use their industry expertise to most effectively promote themselves to job seekers. This number is made possible because our career consultants are active engineers and can use their industry and professional knowledge to most effectively appeal to job seekers. How to build a better careerTechClips Agentsis recommended.

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:Engineering jobs [TechClips Agent].

5. mass median

If you are considering a career change in a marketing/creative position,MassMedian."is recommended.

mass medianis a group company of Senden Kaigi, which has a history of more than 60 years, and specializes in providing support for career change and employment in advertising, web, and mass media occupations.

The biggest attraction of the company is that it has assisted more than 40,000 people in finding new jobs,No. 1 class support in the creative industryThe company handles the largest number of jobs in the industry. In addition, it handles the largest number of jobs, and has recently added in-house jobs, and is now hiring for the advertising, public relations, marketing, digital/web, and creative departments of general corporate clients.

Our career consultants, who are well versed in the industry and the type of job, will give you advice on what companies are looking for during the selection process and what kind of people have been positively evaluated and hired in the past, based on their past experience and know-how. For those who are thinking of changing jobs,mass medianWhy don't you start a new career with us?

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:Massmedian

6. Techgate Career Change

For those who are considering a career change from a different industry to IT engineering, but are hesitant because of the hurdle of no experience,Techgate strongly recommended.

Techgate Career Changeprovides full support for engineers changing careers from no experience,Jobs that welcome inexperienced engineersThe main attraction is that we have a wealth of We do not emphasize experience or qualifications. Furthermore, since the operating company, Selva, is a web development company, they have in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry and can help you find a new job in an IT company where you can acquire skills.

In addition, our industry-dedicated agents will propose the best solution based on your life plan and life goals. You can rest assured that they will follow you through each step of your job search and support you by honestly telling you the good and the bad aspects of your job search.

IT job search support group,Techgate Career ChangeTake your first step as a reliable IT engineer even with no experience with the full support of

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:If you are looking for a new job as an engineer with no experience, TechGate CareerCross is the place for you!

7. In-House SE Job Search

For those who want to become an in-house SEIn-House SE Job Seeker Navigatoris a perfect fit.In-House SE Job Searchis, as the name implies, a media specializing in helping IT engineers, especially in-house SEs, change jobs.

The biggest attraction is that not only do we have one of the largest in-house SE jobs in the industry, but we also have over 2,000 jobs available at any given time to suit each and every one of our customers.Average of 25.6 job offersThe point is that they will do so for new hires from July to December 2022.Continuation rate is 96.5%.and the retention rate is also very high. In the June 2023 Site Image Survey, 82% of in-house SEs said they would recommend this "In-house SE Jobchange Navigator" to other engineers.

Also,In-House SE Job Searchis a service available to a wide range of IT engineers, from system engineers, programmers, and front-end engineers to IT consultants. Rather than mechanically introducing you to jobs, our IT specialist consultants will interview you and give you advice based on your individual experience and desires.

By using this "In-House SE Career Change Navi", you too can start your ideal career as an in-house SE.

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:If you want to know the treatment and annual salary of in-house SE, please contact [In-House SE Jobchange Navi].

8. Tech Stars Agent

For those of you who are considering your next career step as an engineer, specialized agentsTech Stars Agentis recommended.

Tech Stars Agentis a recruitment agency for engineers, and all of our consultants have engineering experience. This means that because they have experience and knowledge in the actual field, they can accurately understand your skills and career, and provide you with the best possible job change support, making it difficult for mismatches to occur after you change jobs.

If you may be thinking of becoming independent in the future, don't worry. We also provide support for independence.Tech Stars AgentHa,Full and solid support from career change to independenceWe are a company that provides a wide range of services that cannot be imitated by the major companies. The greatest appeal of our service is the level of attention to detail that cannot be imitated by the major companies.

In addition, we have a large selection of IT, Web, and game industry-specific jobs, and we can introduce you to private and exclusive jobs that you cannot find anywhere else. Why not make the best choice with professional and expert support?

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:Tech Stars Agent] for engineers in the IT, Web, and game industries.

9. Takken Job Agent

If you are looking for a path into the real estate industry, we recommend a job search service specializing in the real estate industry.Takken Job Agent.It is.

Takken Job Agentspecializes in the real estate industry, and our professional advisors who are well versed in the real estate industry can suggest the best job opportunities based on your preferences and qualifications, and can also negotiate salary conditions and prepare you for interviews. Furthermore, we welcome those who do not have a real estate construction qualification or who have no experience in the industry. They will support your career in the real estate industry.

Even if you are short on time, you only need one smartphone. Not only phone calls and emails,Feel free to consult with us on LINEThe ability to do so is also a major attraction.Takken Job Agenthas more than 3,000 private job listings, giving you access to valuable job information that is not available through other services.

If you are serious about changing careers in the real estate industry,Takken Job AgentWhy not take that first step with

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:Takken Job Agent

10. KS Carrier

Considering a career in real estate?KS Careers."is also recommended.KS Carrieris a recruiting firm with a strong network in the real estate industry as a group company of prime market-listed KYSTAR Real Estate. We offer services that convey that trust and sense of security.

Particularly attractive,Agents with business experiencepresence. This is a great advantage to receive realistic advice from the field. In addition,Minimum of 3-day job offersThe speedy response is also a strength of the company.

KS Carrierhandles more than 4,500 private jobs. In addition, we offer a wide variety of jobs for people with no experience in the industry or who do not have a homebuilding license. And in addition to sales jobs, we also have a wide variety of back-office and web-related jobs.

A new career in the real estate industry.KS CarrierLet's build together with

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:KS Carrier

Part-time Work Experience in Japan: A Guide for Foreigners

Part-time work is a popular option for a wide variety of people, from students to adults, looking for short- or long-term work. Particularly for non-Japanese, it is often a great opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture and language. And part-time work experience can also serve as a bridge to a future full-time position.

Positions where language skills can be utilized

While basic Japanese language skills are generally required for many part-time jobs in Japan, for those who are proficient in English or other foreign languages, there is a wide range of options available, including language school assistants, guides at tourist attractions, and staff at hotels, restaurants, and cafes that serve many international customers.

Standard hourly wage for part-time workers

Currently, the average hourly wage across Japan is 1,004 yen (Ref:Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare), but hourly wages vary depending on the type of industry, hours worked, and region. In particular, nighttime work and the restaurant industry often offer higher hourly wages.

Visa and work hour restrictions

When working part-time, it is necessary to be aware of the restrictions on working hours depending on the type of visa you hold. In particular, for student visa holders, working hours are limited by law to 28 hours per week, so be very careful.

How to find a part-time job in Japan and how to succeed

Part-time jobs in Japan can be found on dedicated job sites, apps, and school bulletin boards. In addition, referrals from acquaintances and friends are often a very effective method.

In addition, understanding aspects of part-time work such as courtesy, the importance of work duration, and shift arrangements will help you have a better part-time experience.

Points to consider when looking for a part-time job

  • Japanese Language Proficiency: 1 Basic Japanese communication is required for many part-time jobs. In the hospitality industry, a minimum of JLPT N3 is often recommended.
  • Resume:. When looking for a part-time job, it is common to submit a resume (with photo). You are expected to fill out the form carefully, paying attention to the writing style and format unique to Japan.
  • Interviews: (in Japanese) In interviews for part-time jobs in Japan, arriving on time, clean clothes, and a courteous attitude are valued.

Understanding of Japanese part-time job culture

  • Courtesy. In Japan, courtesy to customers, superiors, and colleagues is highly valued.
  • work period: Continuous service is considered important in the Japanese workplace. Leaving after a short period of time is not viewed favorably and may be a negative factor the next time you seek employment. Be willing to work as long as possible.
  • Shifts: Shift Many part-time jobs are shift-based and require negotiation and flexible adjustment of shifts. It is important to communicate and confirm your availability and preferences in advance.

Successful Part-time Work Experience in Japan! 10 recommended sites

When a foreigner begins a part-time experience in Japan, it is very helpful to know reliable websites and services to gather information.

Here,Goandup PicksHere are 10 recommended websites carefully selected by "CareerCross Asia, Inc." to help you have a successful part-time job experience in Japan. Some of the sites not only search for jobs, but also provide a wide range of information such as how to write a resume and prepare for an interview, so by using these sites, your search for a part-time job in Japan will definitely go even smoother. Make your part-time job experience in Japan a meaningful one!

1. shigoto in

You also want to know what information is available to help you find a part-time job in Japan.Sigoto recommended.

Sigoto inhas approximately 600,000 jobs nationwide, and you can search by detailed criteria such as job type, salary, duration, area, as well as time zone and special points of interest. You can efficiently find part-time job information that meets your needs.

Further,Shigoto.inNow, based on the opinions of interviewers at the companies listed,Resume writing and interview tipsIt also introduces The greatest appeal of this site is that it is full of helpful information for foreigners who are unfamiliar with looking for part-time jobs in Japan and preparing to apply for them.

Helping you find a part-time job in JapanSigoto into find the perfect part-time job for your needs!

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:Sigoto in


When looking for a part-time job, don't you think that trust and a proven track record are also important? We are a pioneering human resources company with 36 years of experience since its establishment.KOSMO."is recommended.

KOSMOhas built strong relationships of trust with major companies in the Osaka area and has dispatched many excellent human resources. We have an abundance of office work, call center, and receptionist positions, which are particularly attractive to women. People from various backgrounds, including single women and housewives, are working for us.Work with dependents,Full-time employmentandAcquisition of PC skillsFor a wide variety of reasons, includingKOSMOhave been selected.

The name recognition is still in its infancy.KOSMOHowever, our track record and reliability are second to none. With many projects from major companies and a wide range of positions to choose from, foreigners are sure to be satisfied with our services.

You too,KOSMOWhy not take the first step in your new career with

Click here for more information▼.
Official site:KOSMO

3. CaSy

You usually do housework at home, why don't you use your skills to get a high hourly wage? Cloud Housekeeping ServiceCaSy."and turn your daily chores into jobs that enrich your wallet.

The biggest attraction is the high hourly wage.CaSyoffers attractive hourly compensation ranging from 1,500 yen to 1,860 yen per hour. And flexible work hours are available, starting at 2 hours once a week. Some staff members earn 300,000 yen per month by making use of their everyday housework experience.

This job is especially popular among housewives who have finished raising children, women in their 20s to 50s who want to work as double workers, and foreigners who are not confident in their Japanese language skills. You can make effective use of your free time and earn income at your own pace.

Compared to typical part-time and part-time jobs,CaSyThe quality of the conditions offered by the company is obvious. This is the perfect opportunity for those who want to put their housekeeping skills to work.

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Official site:Make the most of your spare time. Housekeeping jobs starting at 1,500 yen per hour.

4. alpha resort

For foreigners seeking a new culture and experience while working in one of Japan's beautiful resorts.Alpha recommended.

A part-time job in which you live and work in a resort area throughout Japan is called a resort job (or risoba for short), and its main attraction is..,Free dormitory fee, utilities, and meals includedThe most important thing is to be able to work in a

Alpha Resorthas over 500 short and long-term resort job openings throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, for those who want to work in traditional Japanese kimonos or put their language skills to use,Alpha ResortThe "MIA" is a perfect fit for you. There are a wide variety of positions available, including waitress, hotel receptionist, cook, restaurant hostess, and other leisure, marine sports, and skiing positions.

Especially for international students and working holidaymakers,Best place to learn Japanese culture and languageIt is also recommended as a great way to experience the beautiful scenery and culture of Japan in depth while working at a resort job. It is also possible to save money in a short period of time, and many people have saved 500,000 yen in two months and 1,000,000 yen in six months.

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Official site:Alpha Resort is the place to go for resort jobs!

5. dive

For foreigners seeking a resort work experience,Dive."is also recommended.

underwater diveis a recruiting service that introduces resort job seekers and has introduced more than 250,000 people to the best resort jobs over the past 20 years. The number of official LINE friends isIndustry TOPThe ability to introduce jobs and make inquiries through LINE is a proven track record and reliability,underwater divefeatures. We also offer a refer-a-friend benefit for friends and couples who want to work together.

The work period is mainly from 1 to 3 months, with short-term assignments of 1 week to 10 days available during travel seasons such as year-end and New Year's holidays and GW. This is a great opportunity for foreigners who want to further enjoy life in Japan, as it allows them to experience a trial migration for a few months before making a full-fledged move.

Working part-time at a resort is a great opportunity for cross-cultural exchange. You can make Japanese friends and learn everyday English conversation. For foreigners seeking a new experience in Japan,Alpha Resort.,Dive."Why don't you start a great adventure with

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Official site:Dive is a leading provider of resort job search and introduction services in Japan!

6. pecorich

If you are looking for opportunities in the Japanese food and beverage industry,Pecorich."is recommended.

pecorichis a national food industry and restaurant job site. We offer unique restaurant jobs that you won't find on other major sites. Each company'sJob Description by PositionThe most attractive feature of the site is the job page, which details the following information, and supports your job search with a wealth of information not found on any other site. More than 100 new jobs are added every month, ranging from major chains to individual, upscale, and specialty stores.

In addition, we offer free consultations with dedicated advisors who will support your job search and suggest a work style that is tailored to each individual's needs,pecorichis recommended not only for part-time job applicants, but also for those seeking a full-time job change.

Find your next step in the Japanese food and beverage industry!

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Official site:Let's get a benefit from looking for a part-time job【PECO RICH】.

7. Factory Job Navi

For foreigners who have just arrived in Japan and want to find a job right away, we recommendFactory Job NavigatorIt is.

Aggregated job information specific to the factory and manufacturing industry.Factory Job Naviis operated by NISSO Kosan, a pioneer in manufacturing-related human resource services with over 50 years of experience.Strong ties with major manufacturersThe company also offers a wide range of information on its job openings, taking advantage of theFor those seeking a permanent position.It also offers many opportunities for

We offer a wide variety of jobs with good conditions, including dormitory facilities, no dormitory fees, weekends off, entry-level jobs, and even jobs that require no experience to start. You can find a job that meets your needs in terms of location and income.

We also have a nationwide support system in place, and our staff is ready to help you get started. Make a new start in Japan,Factory Job Naviwill be a boost.

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Official site:Factory-based job information job siteFactory Job Navigator


If you are having trouble finding what you are suited for or can't find a job you want to apply for, please contact us.Hataraku-Yorokobi.comis recommended.

Hataraku-Yorokobi.comis a manufacturing and industrial job site that supports a variety of work styles. The volume of information is overwhelming. From specialized jobs such as factory and periodic work to dormitory-based work, there is a wealth of job information to suit your needs, anywhere in the country.

And it is especially useful forJob search by professional staffIt is. Just enter the necessary information on the site, and a professional will pick up jobs that match your conditions and suggest them to you. If you are not interested in the type of work you want to do, you will not miss out on the best job opportunities.

Hataraku-Yorokobi.comFind the right job for you with the attentive support of

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Official site:I'm going to work.

For foreigners seeking a career in Japan

There are countless job sites and recruitment agencies in Japan, and finding the best service or agent for you among the vast number of options can be a daunting task. Foreigners looking for part-time jobs, permanent employment, or even a career change may find themselves asking, "How do I find a job in Japan?" Which company is right for me? Which job site should I use? "Which agents will provide me with the best support? You may have questions and concerns such as "How do I find a job in Japan?

We are committed to helping you find a job in Japan! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime using the contact form below.

In order to help you achieve the career path you are pursuing, we provide support not only in job hunting, but also in part-time work and career change. We sincerely hope that we can assist you in finding your ideal workplace and succeeding in your career in Japan.

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Finding a Job in Japan: A Compilation of Complete Guides for Foreigners

The Japanese labor market offers many opportunities for non-Japanese of all backgrounds, from recent graduates to experienced professionals. Japanese companies recognize the value of foreigners with a global perspective and are taking steps to increase diversity.

  • For newly graduated foreign students:Japanese companies are increasingly looking to hire new graduates from other countries as their international operations expand. You can improve your chances of success by providing appropriate assistance and information and promoting your own skills.
  • For non-recent graduates:The Japanese labor market offers many positions for foreigners with experience and different career backgrounds. In particular, foreign language skills and work experience can be utilized to advance your career in a Japanese company.
  • For those considering a career change:The job search market in Japan is active, and many agents and websites are available to help foreigners find new jobs. The key is to choose the right agent and to effectively showcase your experience and skills.
  • For those who wish to work part-time:Japan's part-time job market offers many attractive options for foreigners. Knowledge of hourly wage standards, visa restrictions, how to find a part-time job, and the Japanese part-time work culture will help you have a better experience.

Working in Japan can be a new challenge for a foreigner, but with the right information and preparation, you can make it a success. Use this guide as a step toward furthering your career in Japan.

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