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Goandup Salon" provides total support for your study in Japan!

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In today's globalized society, studying abroad is an important opportunity for career advancement and personal growth, and studying in Japan is a major goal for many foreigners.

However, it is also true that there are many barriers before you can realize your dream of studying in Japan. Are you facing various barriers such as school selection, enrollment procedures, visa acquisition, and anxiety about life in unfamiliar Japan?

For all of you, "Goandup Salon" provides total support for your life in Japan by resolving all the worries and anxieties that prospective students have.

In this article, we will introduce what Goandup Salon is, what services we offer, and how we can help you realize your dream of studying in Japan.

What is Goandup Salon?

I want to study in Japan, but I don't know which school to choose..."
The study abroad process is complicated and I don't know how to apply for a visa..."
I have concerns about life and culture in Japan..."

Do you have any of these concerns about studying abroad? Many prospective students have similar concerns. But there is no need to worry. Goandup Salon" is an online salon to solve all these problems. We will address all your questions and issues related to studying abroad, from preparation before studying abroad, to life in Japan, to your career after graduation.

What is an online salon?

Online salons are closed membership communities operated via the Internet. Unlike a typical SNS, it is a gathering of people who share a specific purpose or interest. Members pay a membership fee to join, and are able to interact with their peers.

Online salons can take many forms. For example:

  • Learn practical skills from experts
  • You can talk to them about your problems.
  • Socialize with like-minded people, etc.

In this way, we offer a variety of learning and exchange opportunities tailored to the needs of participants.

About Goandup Salon

Goandup Salon" is an online salon connecting foreigners, Japanese companies, and Japanese language schools. By allowing the three parties to freely interact and share their experiences and knowledge, it will be easier for foreigners to find practical solutions to their problems.

To those who are considering studying in Japan, do you have any of these concerns or worries?

Goandup Salon" provides comprehensive support for foreigners who are considering studying in Japan and helps them succeed in their studies in Japan. But what exactly can "Goandup Salon" do for you?

Let's take a closer look at what kind of services we offer to foreigners, taking advantage of the online salon format.

I don't know which school is better!

There are many Japanese language schools in Japan, but which one should I choose? Are you having trouble choosing a school because there are few reliable sources of information? It is difficult for foreign residents to obtain reliable information on Japanese educational institutions.

Goandup Salon" provides centralized information on reliable Japanese language schools, allowing you to browse detailed information on curriculum, facilities, support system for international students, and more. In addition, real word-of-mouth information from current students and graduates is available to help you choose a school with confidence. Individual consultation services are also available to help you choose the school best suited to your needs and conditions.

I am worried about the complexity of the study abroad process...

How do I apply for a visa?" Are you worried about the complicated procedures involved in preparing to study abroad? You may be worried that you will not get the right information and that you will be delayed in the process.

Goandup Salon" provides support for both visa application and enrollment procedures. For visa applications, our experienced professionals will prepare and submit the application documents on your behalf. For enrollment procedures, our staff, who are familiar with the requirements of each school, will guide you through the process from preparation to submission of all necessary documents. Individual consultation services are also available, and we will work closely with you to ensure that the entire process, from application to enrollment, goes smoothly.

I'm worried about whether I can keep up with the classes with my current Japanese language skills...

Are you worried about academic difficulties because of your Japanese language skills?

Goandup Salon" provides level-specific Japanese language learning content and conversation lessons with native speakers to help students improve their Japanese.

Continuous Japanese language support is provided before and during your study abroad. Japanese language study contents by level are available and can be accessed online 24 hours a day. In addition, one-on-one lessons with native Japanese speakers are available to help students improve their practical Japanese language skills.

I do not understand Japanese culture and the manners in Japan that I should know!

Do you feel that Japanese etiquette is difficult to understand, or what are the rules of daily life in Japan, such as how to get on a train or bus? Do you feel uneasy about life in Japan because you are confused by the unique Japanese culture and manners?

Goandup Salon" provides content explaining Japanese culture and manners. We have prepared etiquette guides for different situations in daily life, as well as stories and practical advice from senior international students living in Japan. In addition, the site provides opportunities to interact with Japanese members, creating an environment where students can learn about Japanese culture in a practical way.

Concerns about finding housing and living infrastructure...

How do I rent a room?" How do I sign up for a cell phone or Internet service?" Are you worried about securing housing or maintaining the services necessary for daily life?

Goandup Salon" provides comprehensive support from finding housing to contracting living infrastructure. We have a wealth of information on properties for international students, and can also introduce you to real estate agents with multilingual capabilities. In addition, we provide guides on various procedures necessary for daily life, such as how to sign contracts for cell phones and the Internet, and how to open a bank account.

大丈夫 to find a part time job while studying abroad?

I'm not very good at Japanese, but can I still get a part-time job?" What kind of places do international students work?" Are you worried about finding a part-time job while you are studying abroad or about your financial situation?

Goandup Salon" offers a wide variety of part-time job information for international students, and you can search according to your Japanese level, desired working hours, location, and other conditions. In addition, there is also a wealth of word-of-mouth information, such as recommended part-time job sites by senior international students, and the common sense and precautions that should be known when working in Japan are shared along with the experiences of those who have worked in Japan.

I'm worried about my future after graduation...

Are you wondering if you will be able to find a job in Japan after graduating from a Japanese language school? Are you worried about your career path after graduation and unsure of your future prospects?

Goandup Salon" offers job hunting preparation courses and company information sessions for those who wish to work for Japanese companies, and matches them with companies that actively employ foreigners. In addition, through our alumni network, you can learn about actual job hunting and work experiences, as well as real word-of-mouth information such as recommended companies and companies to avoid, which will be a powerful help in choosing your career path.

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Steps to Study Abroad at Goandup Salon

To make your study in Japan a reality, start by registering with Goandup Salon. Registration is very easy. Immediately after registration, you can receive a free study abroad consultation and work with us to create a specific study abroad plan tailored to your needs and situation.

How to register for 【Goandup Salon]

  1. click hereAccess the official website from
  2. Click on the "Register" button.
  3. Enter your email address and password
  4. Receive confirmation email and click on the link
  5. Enter required information
  6. Registration Complete
  7. Free Study Abroad Consultation

After completing registration, you will receive a free consultation with a study abroad advisor. Here, we will listen to your hopes and conditions, and together we will come up with the best study abroad plan for you.

In addition, by utilizing the various services of the Goandup Salon, it is possible to make steady progress in each of the preparations.

We fully support your dream of studying in Japan. Together with "Goandup Salon", we will help you on your way to study abroad!

Safety and Reliability

We, "Goandup Salon", have taken the following measures to ensure the safety of our users:

  • Strict control of personal information
  • Data encryption and regular security checks
  • Adoption of highly reliable payment systems
  • End-to-end encryption of messages
  • Implementing the latest security technologies
  • Regular system updates


Q1: What is the What services does Goandup Salon offer?
A1: A2: A3: A4: A5: A6: A7: A8: A9 Goandup Salon" offers a wide range of services as an online salon connecting foreigners, Japanese companies, and Japanese language schools:

  1. Support for studying abroad: selection of a Japanese language school, enrollment procedures, visa application, Japanese language study support, daily life support, provision of part-time job information, career planning after graduation, etc.
  2. Job hunting support: Providing job information for foreigners who wish to work for Japanese companies, matching them with companies, holding job hunting preparation courses, etc.
  3. Services for companies: Assistance in hiring foreign personnel, advice on how to create a diverse workplace, and training programs for foreign employees.
  4. Services for Japanese-language schools: support for attracting international students, job placement support for graduates, and dissemination of school information.
  5. Community functions: Exchange among members, exchange of information, holding events, etc.
  6. Information: Provides up-to-date information on the work environment, labor market, and daily life in Japan.

Through these services, Goandup Salon aims to enrich the lives of foreigners in Japan and promote the internationalization of Japanese society. For more informationclick hereSee the article on the

Q2: What is the How much does the Goandup Salon cost?
A2: A2: A2: A2: A2 Please check the official website for the latest information on Goandup Salon fees. There are free membership and paid membership plans, each with different services available.

Q3: What is the What are the benefits of registering with Goandup Salon?
A3: A3: A3: A3: A3: A3: A3 By registering for the Goandup Salon, you can receive free consultations with study abroad experts, access to a wealth of information, advice from senior international students, and access to a wide range of support services, from preparation for study abroad to career support after graduation.

Q4: What is the Can I use "Goandup Salon" even if my Japanese is not very good?
A4: A4: A4: A4: A4 Yes, it is available. Goandup Salon" provides learning support according to your Japanese level. We also provide multilingual support, so even those who are not fluent in Japanese can use the service with confidence.

Q5: What is the What are the requirements to study in Japan?
A5: A5 In order to study in Japan, students must obtain a college student visa after obtaining a certificate of eligibility as a student from the Japanese Immigration Bureau. This is applied for by the Japanese language education institution on behalf of the prospective student.

Q6: What is the Are there any requirements for obtaining a college student visa?
A6: A6: A6: A6: A6 To obtain a college student visa, the following requirements must be met

  • To enroll and receive education at a Japanese educational institution
  • Sufficient funds (assets) for living expenses while studying abroad
  • Japanese language proficiency required to study abroad (requirements differ for students studying at vocational schools, universities, and graduate schools).

Q7: What is the What does "possess the Japanese language skills necessary to study abroad" mean?
A7: A7. To obtain a college student visa, you must have Japanese language proficiency equivalent to JLPT N5. This means being able to read and understand typical expressions and sentences written in hiragana, katakana, and basic kanji, listen to and understand conversations about topics commonly encountered in daily life and in class, and pick up necessary information from short conversations spoken slowly. A total of approximately 150 hours of Japanese language study is the standard for N5. (If you have graduated from a "university," "junior college," or "graduate school" in your home country or other countries and submit a "graduation" form, you will not be required to submit documents related to your Japanese language proficiency.)

Q8: What is the What is the level of Japanese language proficiency required by the school for studying abroad?
A8: A8: A8: A8 Japanese language proficiency requirements vary depending on the institution and program of study. Many institutions do not pre-require a specific level of Japanese language proficiency for admission to their Japanese language schools. Curricula are designed to allow students of all levels, from beginner to advanced, to enroll. The goal is to improve your Japanese language skills from zero, which will help you enter an institution of higher learning or find employment in the future. N2 on the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is required for admission to universities and vocational schools.

Q9: What is the What are the costs involved in enrolling in a Japanese language school?
A9: A9. First, an advance payment is required at the time of application for admission, which includes the screening fee and the cost of documentation and translation to the Immigration Bureau. After your Certificate of Eligibility is approved, you will pay the enrollment fee, tuition, and other fees to the school. You will also need to pay the initial cost of signing a housing contract. Depending on the residence, you may be required to pay the first three months' rent in advance. In addition, you will need funds to apply for a visa in your home country and to purchase an airline ticket. After arriving in Japan, living expenses will also be incurred.

Q10: What is the How much are the "necessary expenses for living during study abroad" as stated in the requirements for obtaining a college student visa?
A10: A10: A10: A10 Although the Immigration Bureau does not announce official amounts in detail, many Japanese language schools indicate that applicants need between 2,000,000 and 3,000,000 yen (approximately $18,100 to $27,200, assuming $1 = 110 yen) as a rough estimate.

Q11: What is the How do I find housing?
A11: A11: A11: A11 Goandup Salon" supports foreigners in their search for housing. We have a wealth of information on properties that are OK for foreigners, and introduce real estate agents who can provide multi-lingual support. In addition, you can refer to word-of-mouth information from senior international students, so you can look for a home with peace of mind.

Q12: What is the Can I have a part-time job while studying abroad?
A12: A12: A12: A12: A12 With a student visa, you can work up to 28 hours per week, subject to approval by the Immigration Office.

Q13: What is the Is there an age limit for obtaining a college student visa?
A13: A13: A13: A13 There is no specific age limit. However, there are several conditions, one of which is that the application must be submitted within 5 years of the last school graduation. If it has been more than 5 years since you graduated from school, you will need to submit an essay explaining why you wish to enroll in a Japanese school.

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Do you want to make your life in Japan more enjoyable and fulfilling? Goandup Community is a place where you can meet and connect with others who have similar experiences, and your life in Japan will become much more enjoyable.

A wealth of resources, reassuring support, and a diverse network await you here.

Visit the Goandup Salon website here.Goandup Salon

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