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A must-see for Japanese language learners! Become fluent in Japanese at "Goandup Salon"!

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Learning Japanese has become an important skill that opens up new possibilities. However, for many foreigners who are learning Japanese, the road is not an easy one. They may not know which materials to choose, they may not have many opportunities to actually use Japanese, or they may not be able to achieve the level of Japanese needed to find a job.... It is very difficult to face these challenges alone.

Goandup Salon" is an online salon that provides comprehensive support for these Japanese language learners. From fun learning resources and opportunities to interact with native speakers to business Japanese that is directly related to finding a job, we provide total support for your Japanese language study.

In this article, we will introduce the unique services of Goandup Salon and how they can support your Japanese language learning. Why not maximize your language skills and potential with "Goandup Salon," a new form of Japanese language learning?

What is Goandup Salon?

Where do I start learning Japanese?"
It's hard to continue studying alone..."
I'm having trouble finding opportunities to actually speak Japanese."

We understand these worries and concerns about learning Japanese. It is really tough for foreigners to find an effective way to learn Japanese and to continue to do so.

But don't worry! Goandup Salon" will solve all these problems for you. High-quality learning resources, practical conversation practice with native speakers, and connections with other students who share your goals. Goandup Salon" provides comprehensive support for your Japanese language study, making it effective and fun.

What is an online salon?

Online salons are closed membership communities operated via the Internet. Unlike a typical SNS, it is a gathering of people who share a specific purpose or interest. Members pay a membership fee to join, and are able to interact with their peers.

Online salons can take many forms. For example:

  • Learn practical skills from experts
  • You can talk to them about your problems.
  • Socialize with like-minded people, etc.

In this way, we offer a variety of learning and exchange opportunities tailored to the needs of participants.

About Goandup Salon

Goandup Salon" is an online salon connecting foreigners, Japanese companies, and Japanese language schools. By allowing the three parties to freely interact and share their experiences and knowledge, it will be easier for foreigners to find practical solutions to their problems.

To those of you who are studying Japanese, do you have any of these problems?

Goandup Salon" provides comprehensive support for Japanese language learning to foreigners who are struggling to learn Japanese. But what exactly can Goandup Salon do?

Let's take a closer look at what kind of services we offer to Japanese language learners by taking advantage of the online salon format.

I can't find a Japanese resource that I enjoy learning!

Japanese language resources are kind of stuffy and boring, and I wonder if there isn't a way to learn Japanese in a more fun way." It's hard to find Japanese language resources that are interesting and fun to learn, isn't it? For foreign residents, traditional Japanese language school classes and textbooks can be boring, and you may find it difficult to stay motivated.

Goandup Salon" offers a wealth of resources to help you learn Japanese effectively while having fun. We offer a wide variety of content that will keep you coming back, such as learning materials using popular anime and J-POP, discussions on the latest Japanese trends, and grammar quizzes that you can learn as if you were playing a game. In addition, virtual trips to Japan and fun workshops on Japanese culture are held regularly. Goandup Salon will definitely make you look forward to learning Japanese everyday!

I don't know how to proceed with the study!

Where should I start studying Japanese? What is the best way to learn Japanese for my level? Do you want to improve your Japanese language skills? For foreign residents, it can be difficult to find an effective way to learn Japanese that suits you.

Goandup Salon" offers a wide variety of learning resources tailored to your level and objectives. We offer a wide range of levels, from basic courses for those living abroad and just starting their studies, or for beginners who have just arrived in Japan, to business Japanese courses for advanced students who are looking to find a job in Japan. It is possible to efficiently improve your Japanese language skills according to your level and goals.

Communication in Japanese is difficult!

Are you struggling with actual communication in Japanese? It is really difficult for foreigners to use the Japanese they have learned in actual conversation.

Goandup Salon" provides an environment to improve practical Japanese communication skills. Online conversation lessons with native speakers teach you how to use natural Japanese, and regular social events with Japanese members give you the opportunity to communicate in Japanese. You will learn live Japanese that you cannot learn from textbooks, and you will be able to communicate with Japanese people with confidence!

Business Japanese is difficult! I'm worried about my Japanese language skills needed to find a job...

Are you worried about how to acquire the Japanese language skills you need to find a job? Are you worried that you don't know how to work in a Japanese company, the culture, or the language? For foreign residents, it is really tough to acquire the Japanese language skills necessary to find a job.

In fact, when seeking employment in Japan, many companies require Japanese language proficiency at the JLPT N3 level or above. This is also true for foreign-affiliated companies. Goandup Salon" offers a wealth of content to help you acquire this N3 level or higher Japanese language ability and business Japanese. The site is full of practical resources such as keigo practice for use in business situations and content to learn about Japanese workplace culture and business etiquette.

I can't stay motivated to learn! I have a hard time with loneliness...

Are you struggling to keep motivated to study Japanese? For foreign residents, it is lonely and hard to continue studying alone and silently.

Goandup Salon" is an environment where members can connect with other members who share the same goals, through online and offline exchange events, and communication through the bulletin board. The strength of "Goandup Salon" is that you can continue to enjoy learning Japanese while engaging in friendly competition and sharing information with your peers without feeling lonely!

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How to register for Goandup Salon and pricing plans

Joining the Goandup Salon is easy! Simply register as a member on the official website and select the plan of your choice.

Free membership:
Access to basic learning resources
Participation in social events

Paid membership ($9/month):
Full access to all learning content
Online conversation lessons with Japanese
Browsing of word-of-mouth information by foreigners residing in Japan on bulletin boards
Individual consultation and support for Japanese language study

  1. Visit the official website: click hereGo to the official Goandup Salon website at
  2. Click on the "Register" button.: Click the "Member Registration" button on the upper right corner of the site top page.
  3. Enter your email address and passwordPlease enter your e-mail address and password in the registration form and press the "Submit" button.
  4. Receive confirmation email: You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you registered with. Click on the link in the email to proceed to the next step.
  5. Enter required informationPlease click on the link and enter the necessary information for registration.
  6. Registration Complete: Once you have entered the required information and clicked the "Register" button, your registration is complete and you will have access to the service as a free member of the Goandup Community.
    *Paid members are required to make a payment after registration.

Safety and Reliability

We, "Goandup Salon", have taken the following measures to ensure the safety of our users:

  • Strict control of personal information
  • Data encryption and regular security checks
  • Adoption of highly reliable payment systems
  • End-to-end encryption of messages
  • Implementing the latest security technologies
  • Regular system updates


Q1: What is the Can beginners participate in Goandup Salon?
A1: A2: A3: A4: A5: A6: A7: A8: A9 Yes, of course. We have content for all levels of learners, from beginner to advanced. You can learn at your level.

Q2: What is the Can I prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)?
A2: A2: A2: A2: A2 Yes, we provide study content for each level of the JLPT (N5 to N1). We also have a full range of content for N3 level and above, which is important for employment.

Q3: What is the How many opportunities do you have to interact with Japanese people?
A3: A3: A3: A3: A3: A3: A3 We hold social events once or twice a month. You can also communicate with Japanese members at any time through the bulletin board.

Q4: What is the Do you provide support for job hunting?
A4: A4: A4: A4: A4 Yes, we offer a full range of services. We provide comprehensive support for skills needed to find employment in Japan, including resume writing instruction and business Japanese language courses.

Q5: What is the How often should I study?
A5: A5 Although it depends on individual goals and lifestyle, we recommend studying three times a week for 30 minutes to an hour each time.

Q6: What is the Can I use my smartphone?
A6: A6: A6: A6: A6 Yes, it is also compatible with smartphones. You can study anytime and anywhere, using your commute or spare time.

Q7: What is the What is your pricing plan?
A7: A7. We offer free plans and paid plans, each with different services available.

Q8: What is the I am considering studying in Japan, do you offer support?
A8: A8: A8: A8 Yes, Goandup Salon offers support for those who wish to study in Japan. We offer a variety of services related to studying in Japan, from advice on choosing a school to assistance with enrollment procedures and visa applications. For more information, please contactclick hereSee the article on the

Join the Goandup Salon now!

Do you want to make your life in Japan more enjoyable and fulfilling? Goandup Community is a place where you can meet and connect with others who have similar experiences, and your life in Japan will become much more enjoyable.

A wealth of resources, reassuring support, and a diverse network await you here.

Go to Goandup Salon's website here:: Goandup Salon Goandup Salon

This is your chance to enjoy life in Japan to the fullest. Click on the link now to meet your new friends!

  • We, "Goandup", will continue to promote the charm of Japan to the world.

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