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The Complete Guide to Mobile Plans in Japan! Mobile Phone Companies and Rate Plans for Foreigners

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There are numerous mobile carriers in Japan, each offering a variety of plans and services. For foreigners living in Japan, this abundance of choices is very attractive, but at the same time, you may be wondering which plan, carrier, or SIM card to choose.

This article is a complete guide to mobile plans in Japan, detailing recommended cell phone companies and rate plans in Japan. We have compiled easy-to-understand information to help foreigners smoothly complete their cell phone contracts in Japan, including points to keep in mind when signing contracts, how rates work, information on special offers, and even FAQs to resolve common questions and concerns that foreigners may have. Please use this guide to make your communication life in Japan more comfortable.

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Introduction of Major Mobile Carriers in Japan

The Japanese mobile telecommunications market is comprised of three major carriers and numerous MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), or low-cost SIM providers. Here we explain the characteristics and strengths of each.

big three carriers

  • docomo
    • Features: -Features: -Features It was the first carrier to launch services in Japan. It provides a solid communication environment not only in urban areas but also in rural areas.
    • Strengths: 1. Extensive handset lineup. A full range of international roaming services, making it easy to use when traveling abroad.
  • au (KDDI)
    • Features: -Features: -Features It is known for its high-speed data transmission and advanced handset handling. It is characterized by stable communication quality over a wide area within Japan.
    • Strengths: 1. It offers a wide range of unique entertainment content, including music and video streaming services.
  • SoftBank (Japanese telecommunications company)
    • Features: -Features: -Features Customer-focused services and campaigns are attractive. We provide stable, high-speed communications nationwide.
    • Strengths: 1. Special plans and promotions for students and families abound, and we carry a full line of Apple products.

MVNO (low-cost SIM provider)

  • MVNOs are companies that use the networks of major carriers to provide telecommunications services under their own brand.
  • Prices are lower than those of major carriers, and plans are offered to meet a variety of needs, including short-term contracts and data-only SIMs.
  • Typical MVNOs include Rakuten Mobile, Y!mobile, and UQ Mobile.

Rate Plan Basics

Japanese mobile companies offer a wide variety of rate plans to suit different usage scenarios and user lifestyles. This section details the basic structure of these plans.

basic charge

  • Basic Monthly Fee
    • This is the basic cost of using a cell phone or smartphone. Data communication charges and call charges are usually added to this.

data communication fee

  • flat-rate packet system
    • This plan allows you to use data communication for a fixed monthly fee. Several plans are available depending on the amount of data communication.
  • pay-for-use
    • This plan charges a fee based on the amount of data used. This plan is suitable for those who use only a small amount of data.

charge for a telephone call

  • Flat-rate calling plan
    • This plan offers a fixed monthly rate and a fixed amount of calling time.
  • pay-as-you-go call
    • This plan is based on the time and number of calls made.

Main Special Offers

  • family plan
    • This plan offers discounts on calls and data charges between family members and is a good deal when all family members use the same carrier.
  • student discountplan
    • This discount plan is designed for students and young adults. Eligible ages and conditions vary by carrier.
  • Senior Plan
    • Discount plans for people over a certain age, often with lower basic rates and calling charges.
  • Wi-Fi Set Plan
    • This is a plan that offers a discount for subscribing to a set of fixed broadband (e.g., fiber optic line) and mobile communications for home use.
  • First Contract Discount
    • This plan offers free or discounted rates for the first month when signing up for a new carrier.
  • Long-term Contract Discount
    • This plan offers a discount on the monthly fee if you sign a contract for a certain period of time or longer.
  • Other company transfer discount
    • By switching from another carrier, you will receive a discount on your monthly fee for a certain period of time or receive a special offer.
  • Data Sharing Plans
    • This plan allows multiple devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets) to share a single data allowance.

Enhance your life in Japan! 10 Recommended Mobile Companies

Choosing a reliable and service-oriented mobile company to support your comfortable life in Japan is very important. Here weGoandup Pickshas carefully selected mobile companies recommended especially for foreigners, based on its many years of experience and the opinions of many users. These companies are highly rated in many aspects, including service quality, price plans, and support systems, and are all safe for foreigners to use. Find the best mobile company and enhance your life in Japan!

1. J:COM Mobile: Attractive low-cost smartphones and SIMs starting at 980 yen/month!

I think what you are looking for is a cost-effective phone and SIM card.J:COM MobileThen, if you have onlyStarting at 980 yen per month (1,078 yen including tax)This is an astonishingly low price. The same 1GB of data capacity is also available for 980 yen, which is truly a price breakthrough.

Especially in combination with other services,5GB of data is 980 yen per monthThe service is compatible with au's 5G/4G LTE, so you can enjoy comfortable communication anywhere in Japan. It is also attractive that you can switch from other companies without changing your phone number or handset.

In addition, the company offers a full range of support services, including easy online procedures and a 365-day call center.J:COM MobileThen, you will be able to save even more money by taking advantage of the many promotions and special offers available only for web applications.

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Official site:J:COM MOBILE is the best smartphone for you.

2. Rakuten Mobile:Incredible value for a smartphone!

High-speed data communication throughout JapanlimitlessI could have used it in the2,980 yen/month (3,278 yen including tax)The surprisingly attractive price ofRakuten MobileThe contract is valid for one year from the date of signing. Furthermore, there is no initial cost at the time of contract, and the contract cancellation fee is 0 yen. Of course, there are no contract term restrictions, so even foreign residents can easily start using the service.

In addition, Rakuten's own service, the Rakuten Link application, allows unlimited domestic calls free of charge. In addition,Rakuten MobileIf you take advantage of theRakuten MarketThe points you get when you shop atUp to 3 timesTo! This is a super deal because of Rakuten's service.

A new mobile life,Rakuten MobileLet's start with

Click here for more information▼.

Official site:Rakuten Mobile

3. AHAMO: A simple plan, with everything you want condensed into a single package!

Have you ever been confused about choosing a smartphone plan...?ahamo."is a simple one-plan plan initiated by docomo, one of the three major carriers, that catches the needs of users. For only 2,970 yen/month, you get an amazing 20GB of data and free 5-minute domestic calls. Plus, for those who want to use a lot of dataAHAMO Large serving."allows for use of up to 100 GB.

And because it uses docomo's high-quality 5G/4G (LTE) network, the area and communication stability are excellent. Regardless of the time of day, you can always enjoy a comfortable Internet environment.

Online procedures are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it easy to sign up quickly and easily, even in the midst of a busy schedule.ahamoTake the first step toward starting a new smartphone life with

Click here for more information▼.

Official site:ahamo

4. Excite Mobile: The industry's cheapest low-cost SIM that can be selected according to usage!

Excite Mobileis a mobile service operated by BB.excite, which has 19 years of experience in the broadband business. The best feature of this service is,industry's lowest price leveland two rate plans that you can choose according to your own usage.

The first, the Fit Plan, istiered ratesThe second plan, the "Flat Plan," is a reasonable plan in which you pay only for what you use.fixed amount (e.g. fare)So it is perfect for those who want a stable monthly fee with a fixed monthly rate.

Another major attraction of this service is that up to five SIM cards can be used under one contract.Excite Mobileis highly recommended for families and multiple devices, and for those who value savings.

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Official site:Excite Mobile

5. Y!mobile:Hassle-free mobile contract with delivery in as little as 5 days

The perfect choice for those who want to save money on their monthly cell phone bill, theY!mobile"Is. New contract or from another companyY!mobileIf you switch to theUp to 20,000 yen cash backYou can enjoy the benefits of the

You can either purchase a new device or sign up for a SIM only contract. Either way, you can get the maximum return on your investment.Y!mobileThis is the charm of the Moreover,No need to come to the storeSo there is zero waiting time! You can sign up anywhere in Japan using only the web procedure, and you will receive your new handset in as little as 5 days.

Of course, if you have any questions, you can easily consult with us through our website.

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WEB SITE:Young Mobile(Y!mobile authorized dealer)

6. NURO Mobile:Simple & Easy(used with suffix -san or -sama) endearing term for unrelated older man or womanCommunication Services!

Dear foreigners, have you heard of SONY, a leading Japanese brand that is expanding internationally? SONY is offering a new service that is getting a lot of attention.NURO MobileIt is.

NURO MobileThen, the starting month of use isBasic monthly fee is 0 yenYou can get it for half the price! Calling charges are also half price, and there are no cancellation fees, MNP transfer fees, or any other fees that you may be concerned about. In addition, data capacity can be carried over to the next month, so you can use your data every month without wasting it.

In addition, the AI technology developed by the Sony Group is utilized to maximize communication efficiency. Smooth communication is guaranteed.Discount on basic monthly fee for 6 monthsWe are also running a great campaign that will make it possible to

If you are considering a second smartphone or are looking for a simple and cost-effective communication service,NURO MobayI recommend that you use a "L" for the first time!

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7. LIBMO:Connect! Fast! High quality!

Wouldn't you like to save on communication charges while not compromising on quality? We can make those wishes come true.LIBMO."is also recommended.

The attraction is that the 20 GB plan isindustry's lowest priceof 1,991 yen! In addition, we are now offering a 30GB plan for ¥2,728, a price rarely found at other MVNOs and major carriers. In addition, most major carrier plans offer only 20GB, LIBMOoffers a wide range of plans from 1GB to 30GB of small capacity to suit your lifestyle and needs.Flexibility to change plansIt is.

We are confident in the stability of our communications! Actual,LIBMOIn an independent survey, 93.41 TP9T of users are satisfied with the speed and connectivity of their communications. Support is also meticulous, ranging from online chat to telephone support. For those who want to keep communication costs low but also want to maintain quality,LIBMOis the perfect service.

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WEB SITE:20 gigabytes 1991 yen (1810 yen without tax) [LIBMO].

8. Anyone can get a mobile phone without screening!

Foreigners, have you ever had trouble passing the screening process at a major carrier? For those who have, we recommendAnyone MobileYou can easily have a smartphone in your name without screening.

Anybody Mobileis available to anyone over the age of 18 with an ID and a bank account.Anyone can sign upAnd the low cost compared to expensive rental phones is also a key feature.

All plans include unlimited calling, and since communications use the trusted docomo network, you can be assured of connection quality.

Click here for more information▼.

WEB SITE:Mobile phone

9. otegaru mobile: Anyone can sign up without screening!

followingTegaru MobileYou can also easily sign up for a rental phone with no screening required. Those who cannot sign up for a smartphone with a major carrier for various reasons use rental smartphones with high monthly fees. Without a smartphone, one's life would be unfeasible.

this (something or someone close to the speaker (including the speaker), or ideas expressed by the speaker)mobile phone that can be used for mobile phone callsAnyone can easily obtain a smartphone in his/her own name with only an ID and bank account, and can use comfortable service with low rates with unlimited calling and the stable docomo network.

Are you currently struggling with the high cost of renting a phone, or are finding it difficult to sign up with a major carrier? ThisAnyone Mobile,Tegaru Mobileto use your smartphone more economically and with peace of mind.

Click here for more information▼.

WEB SITE:Otegaru Mobile

10. SunsyscomHybrid of: rental cell phone and MVNO low-cost SIM

For those who have been blacklisted and find it difficult to sign up with a major carrier or a low-cost SIM, a service that shines a light onSunsyscon."Is. Amazing track record, 15,000 people assisted in 8 years.

Sunsyscomstarts as a rental phone, and after 6 months, you can switch to a low-cost SIM line under your own name, and of course, there is no contract review. And the initial cost is low, with no handset rental fee for the first 6 months! After that, the handset is given to you and does not need to be returned when you cancel the contract.

As a campaign for the first contract,Offering iPhone and Android devices for as little as $1!The payment methods are also varied, from bank transfers to convenience store payments. A variety of payment options are available, from bank transfers to convenience store payments, so you can choose the method that best suits your lifestyle and situation. In addition, the web application is completed in 5 minutes! Once the initial fee is paid, products are delivered as soon as the next day.

Click here for more information▼.

WEB SITE:[Rental cell phone MVNO Sunsyscon

[Extras.Mobile Insurance" for peace of mind during your mobile life in Japan

Smartphones and tablets are indispensable tools for daily life, work, and communication in Japan. However, repair costs due to sudden breakdowns or accidents can be expensive. The only insurance that protects your valuable smartphone from such risks isMobile Insurance.It is.

700 yen per monthMobile Insurancecovers all devices that can connect to Wifi, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles, and covers the cost of repairs.Guaranteed up to 100,000 yenThe company will do this for you. Amazingly, up to three devices are guaranteed under one contract,Only 234 yen per unitIt is a cost-effective solution. Even if you change your model or MNP, you can easily change your registered devices so that your latest devices are always protected.

In addition, you can receive cashless, high-quality repair services at affiliated repair stores, including authorized Google Pixel service providers. Foreigners often do not know the exact cost of smartphone repair in Japan, but with this insurance, they can enjoy their mobile life with peace of mind.

For those starting out in Japan, those already using another coverage service such as mobile carrier coverage or Apple Care, or those with numerous mobile devices, thisMobile Insuranceis strongly recommended. It will be the best choice for you if you are looking for peace of mind and cost-effectiveness.

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WEB SITE:Full repair cost guarantee [Mobile Insurance].

Cautions for foreigners signing a contract

Signing a cell phone contract in Japan involves some unique procedures and documentation requirements for foreigners. Listed below are some of the major points to consider when signing a contract for a foreigner.

Required documents and identification

  • A resident card
    • It contains the status and duration of stay in Japan and is required by most mobile companies at the time of signing a contract.
  • passport
    • It is often required as proof of identity, especially for short-term visitors.
  • Address in Japan
    • Many mobile companies require a Japanese address. Some carriers may accept a hotel or temporary address, but it is important to check in advance.

Residence card expiration date and contract term notes

  • contract period
    • Mobile companies generally require a two-year contract, but if your residence card is valid for less than two years, you may be required to sign a contract for that period.
  • Notes on renewal
    • You are required to report to your carrier as soon as possible when you renew your residence card. Please note that contract termination or penalties may occur due to forgetting to renew.

What to do if you don't have a credit card

  • debit card
    • Unlike credit cards, these cards can only be used to the extent that actual funds are in the account. Many mobile companies also accept debit card payments.
  • direct debit
    • A method of payment by automatic monthly debit from a bank account in Japan. Available at most mobile companies if you have an account.
  • bill payment
    • Some mobile companies and plans offer the option of paying monthly usage fees by bill, which can be paid at convenience stores.

Don't worry about data limits! Wi-Fi Environment in Japan

Many people may be concerned about whether they will have enough data depending on their rate plan. In Japan, a variety of Wi-Fi options are available to comfortably use the Internet without worrying about cell phone data usage. We recommend the following Wi-Fi environments to use your smartphone or tablet without waste.

Free Wi-Fi access points in urban areas

  • public facilities
    • Free Wi-Fi is provided in many public facilities such as city halls, libraries, and community centers.
  • shopping mall
    • Free Wi-Fi spots are available in major shopping malls and department stores.
  • Cafe & Restaurant
    • More and more local cafes and restaurants as well as major chains such as Starbucks and McDonald's are offering Wi-Fi.

Home Wi-Fi

  • fixed line
    • If you are considering mainly using it at home, a fixed-line contract such as optical fiber or ADSL is recommended. You can enjoy a fast and stable connection.
  • Mobile Wi-Fi router
    • Mobile Wi-Fi routers are ideal for those who need Internet access anywhere, at home or outside. They are useful in a variety of situations because they can be used with multiple devices and are easily portable. In addition, mobile companies sometimes offer combination plans with cell phone contracts that offer great deals.

pocket WiFiIf you are looking for arecommendationOh my god!!!

FAQs about Mobile Contracts in Japan

Signing a mobile contract in a new country can be a daunting and uncertain experience. Here we will address and answer some of the most common questions that foreigners have about signing a mobile contract in Japan.

Q1: What documents are required for a mobile contract in Japan?

A1: A2: A3: A4: A5: A6: A7: A8: A9 Mainly, you will need your residence card, passport, and documents proving your address in Japan (e.g., a copy of your residence card).

Q2: Can I continue to use my country's smartphone in Japan?

A2: A2: A2: A2: A2 You can do so, but it is important to check in advance that the smartphone you will be using is compatible with the Japanese mobile network. In particular, check that the frequencies and bands you use are compatible. In addition, carriers in some countries have SIM locks on their smartphones. Before using a Japanese SIM card, you will need to unlock it if it is locked.

Q3: What if I leave Japan during the contract period?

A3: A3: A3: A3: A3: A3: A3 If you cancel your contract in the middle of your stay, you will often be charged a penalty fee. However, some mobile companies and plans offer a temporary suspension service for extended stays abroad, so check with your mobile company.

Q4: What is the service area of mobile carriers in Japan?

A4: A4: A4: A4: A4 In general, all carriers cover large cities and areas along major transportation routes. However, coverage may vary in mountainous areas and remote islands, so we recommend checking the official website of each mobile company for specific area information.

Q5: Are calling and data charges in Japan high?

A5: A5 Compared to other countries, you may find that calling and data usage charges in Japan are somewhat high. However, with a variety of plans and promotions available, it is possible to use services without wasting money by choosing a plan that suits your usage style.

Mobile Plans in Japan: A Complete Guide Summary for Foreigners

When starting out in Japan, choosing among the numerous mobile companies and rate plans can seem daunting, especially for non-Japanese. Japanese mobile companies are characterized by their rate plans, service offerings, communication speed, and area coverage.

When starting a new telecommunication service or switching services in Japan as a foreigner, it is important to understand the features and strengths of each mobile company and make the choice that best suits your usage and lifestyle.

We hope you will use this guide to enhance your communication life in Japan.

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