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List of Prepaid SIM & SIM Cards with Unlimited Data in Japan for Foreigners

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Prepaid SIM cards and smartphones

When coming to Japan on vacation or staying in Japan for work or study, it is important to have a proper Internet environment, such as a smartphone. A variety of prepaid and contract SIM cards are available in Japan, and among these, services that offer unlimited data plans with no limit on data communication are gaining popularity.

This article introduces unlimited data prepaid SIM cards and contract SIM cards in Japan for foreigners. Unlimited data prepaid SIM cards are recommended for short-term stays, while monthly SIM cards with high-capacity data plans are recommended for long-term stays. We encourage you to choose the SIM card that best suits your style of stay.

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3 recommended prepaid SIM cards with unlimited data

Prepaid SIM cards with unlimited data are convenient for short-term stays in Japan. A prepaid SIM card is a SIM card that can be used up within a predetermined period of time, making it easy to sign up and start using the Internet immediately.

They can be purchased at tourist attractions, convenience stores, and electronics retailers, and are recommended for those who want to use the Internet as soon as they arrive in Japan. Below are two prepaid SIM cards with unlimited data that we recommend for foreigners.

1. Sakura Mobile

Sakura Mobile" is a prepaid SIM card for foreigners living in Japan and foreigners traveling to Japan. You can enjoy high speed and stable communication as it uses docomo's line which has the widest reception range in Japan. Another great advantage of this service is that you can use your smartphone just as you would at home, without roaming charges.

The service is compatible with a wide range of 4G devices, including iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Nexus, and Blackberry, so you can use it directly on your smartphone. A wide range of plans are available for 8, 15, 30, 45, 60, and 90 days, with rates starting at 4,500 yen. From short-term trips to long-term stays, you can freely choose the plan that best suits the number of days you will be using the device, making it convenient.

In addition, the website is provided entirely in English, making the service easy to use for non-Japanese who are not comfortable with the Japanese language.

For more information and to purchase Sakura Mobileclick here!

2. docomo Prepaid SIM for Japan

docomo Prepaid SIM for Japan", which can be easily purchased on Amazon, is a prepaid SIM card recommended for foreigners visiting or temporarily returning to Japan. docomo's line is used, so unlimited capacity is available within the prepaid SIM's validity period, and there is no daily limit There is no daily limit. Tethering is also supported, so it can be used as a Wi-Fi router.

The SIM card is available in three sizes (Standard SIM, Micro SIM, and Nano SIM) and can be used with a variety of devices by using the included SIM adapter and SIM pin. It can be used with a variety of devices, including docomo SIM-locked devices (smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, tablets, etc.).

In addition, a 365-day telephone hotline in Japanese, English, and Chinese is available to provide support for foreign visitors to Japan.

For more information and to purchase docomo Prepaid SIM for Japanclick here!

3. HIS mobile

HIS mobile is a prepaid SIM card provided by HIS, a Japanese company well known for its travel agency services, etc. With three plans to choose from (8, 16, and 30 days), it can meet a wide range of needs, from short-term travel to long-term stays.

Another great feature of this service is that you can choose either Softbank or docomo line. The SoftBank line covers a wide area, while the docomo line offers high-speed communication, so you can choose the one that best suits your usage style.

Prices are reasonable, starting at 2,500 yen, but prices may vary depending on campaigns and the time of year, so it is recommended that you check the latest information before purchasing. For reference, an 8-day plan costs 2,500 yen, a 16-day plan costs 3,400 yen, and a 30-day plan costs around 4,300 yen. Also, you can easily purchase the product on Amazon as well as on the official website.

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In addition, recommended and inexpensive SIMs, regardless of unlimited data, are also listed in the following article. Please refer to the article for a detailed explanation of how to choose a prepaid SIM and its advantages and disadvantages.
Where can I buy a prepaid SIM in Japan? Recommended SIM cards for foreigners are also introduced.
I want to use the cheapest SIM card in Japan! Introducing Recommended SIM & Prepaid SIM

Two recommended monthly unlimited data SIM cards in Japan

For those who plan to stay in Japan for an extended period of time for work or study, we recommend a monthly SIM card that can be contracted over the Internet or in stores. In addition to being less expensive than a prepaid SIM, these cards offer high-capacity data plans, making them ideal for those who use a lot of data traffic, such as watching videos.

However, only two companies, Rakuten Mobile and mineo, currently offer unlimited data plans in Japan. Let's take a look at the features of each.

1. Rakuten Mobile

The most attractive feature of Rakuten Mobile's "Rakuten Saikyou Plan" is unlimited high-speed data communication. The fee structure is simple, with one affordable plan where you pay only for what you use.

Rates are automatically adjusted according to usage: 2,980 yen/month (excluding tax) for unlimited usage beyond 20 GB, 1,880 yen/month (excluding tax) for 3 to 20 GB, and 880 yen/month (excluding tax) for up to 3 GB.

With the Rakuten Link application (English menu available), domestic calls are free (some numbers are not covered), and up to 2GB of data is free overseas. A variety of discount programs are also available, including family discounts and student discounts.

In addition, while you are a Rakuten Mobile subscriber,Rakuten MarketAll customers receive 5X points every day for shopping at the store, and the points earned can be used to pay for the phone.

The fact that the company has been ranked No. 1 in the Oricon Customer Satisfaction® Survey for mobile carrier rate plans for three consecutive years is another indication of its high reliability.

For more information on Rakuten Mobile, please visitclick here!

2. mineo

On the other hand, mineo's "MySoku" plan is not a high-speed plan, but it features four different speed plans that can be selected to suit your lifestyle.

There are four types to choose from: Premium (up to 3 Mbps), Standard (up to 1.5 Mbps), Light (up to 300 kbps), and Super Light (up to 32 kbps), with reasonable monthly charges ranging from 250 yen to 2,200 yen. There are dual type (voice call + data communication) and single type (data communication only).

There is a speed limit at 12:00 on weekdays (maximum 32 kbps) and a speed limit when using 10 GB or more in 3 days, but the limit can be temporarily removed with the 24-hour unlimited data usage option (198 yen/time).

Unlimited time calling (1,210 yen/month) and unlimited 10-minute calls (550 yen/month) are also available as calling options, and are recommended for frequent callers.

For more information about mineo, please visitclick here!

While there are a limited number of low-cost SIMs that offer unlimited data plans, Rakuten Mobile and mineo each offer different features. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and enjoy a comfortable mobile life.

(data) itemRakuten Mobilemyo
Plan NameRakuten's Best Planmiped
data communication speedHigh speed (unlimited)
*Speed restrictions apply depending on conditions.
Low speed (max. 3 Mbps to 32 kbps)
rate structureOne plan to pay only for what you use
Over 20GB: 2,980 yen (excluding tax)
3-20 GB: 1,880 yen (excluding tax)
~3GB: 880 yen (excluding tax)
Choose from four speed plans
Premium (up to 3 Mbps): 2,200 yen
Standard (up to 1.5 Mbps): 990 yen
Light (max. 300 kbps): 660 yen
Super Light (max. 32 kbps): 250 yen
Calling OptionsFree domestic calls with Rakuten Link app
(There is a number that is not covered.)
Unlimited time unlimited calling: ¥1,210/month
Unlimited 10-minute calls: 550 yen/month
Data Communication AbroadFree up to 2GB
Discount ProgramsFamily discount, student discount, etc.
Other Features5X points for shopping at Rakuten Ichiba
No. 1 in Oricon Customer Satisfaction® Survey for 3 consecutive years
24-hour unlimited data usage option: ¥198/time

Useful information and support for living in Japan

Living in Japan is fascinating, but it is not uncommon to face many challenges due to language barriers and cultural differences. For example, you may encounter difficulties in all aspects of life, from using keigo (honorific expressions) in everyday and business situations, to difficulties in finding housing, using public services, preparing for the JLPT exam, and even meeting new friends and loved ones.

At such times, Goandup Salon will be your reliable partner!

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  • Jobs & CareersRegarding the "what if" section, we can help you find a job, change jobs, and understand Japanese business etiquette and workplace culture, which are key to a successful career in the workplace.
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If you have any questions or concerns about life in Japan, Goandup Salon is here to help you! We will wholeheartedly support you to make your life in Japan smoother and more enjoyable.

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A variety of unlimited data SIM cards are available for foreigners in Japan. Prepaid SIM cards with unlimited data are recommended for short-term stays, while monthly high-capacity data plans are recommended for long-term stays. Compare price plans, coverage areas, and application methods to choose the SIM card that best suits your needs.

Renting a pocket Wi-Fi is also a convenient option for long-term stays in Japan. Pocket Wi-Fi is a contract-free mobile Wi-Fi router that allows you to use the Internet without inserting a SIM card. Some models offer high-capacity data communication plans, which are recommended for those who have a large communication volume.
▶︎ If you are planning to stay in Japan for a long period of time, rent a pocket Wi-Fi!

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