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5 recommended unlimited pocket Wi-Fi in Japan for foreigners!

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Many pocket Wi-Fi plans in Japan have limited data capacity, but there are some that offer nearly unlimited data. In this article, we will introduce 5 unlimited pocket Wi-Fi services in Japan that are recommended for foreigners.

What is Unlimited Pocket Wi-Fi?

As of 2022, there are very few pocket Wi-Fis in Japan that are completely unlimited, and even if they are written as "unlimited,"In reality, there are often some restrictionsis. First, in this chapter, we will explain what unlimited pocket Wi-Fi means.

Unlimited monthly total capacity

The most common type of unlimited pocket Wi-Fi is the type where the total monthly capacity is unlimited, but the amount of data per day or three days is limited. With this type, if you use too much capacity in one day, your speed will be restricted for a certain period of time.

Large capacity virtually unlimited for most people

The next most common type has a very large capacity, such as 100G per month, so most people never run out of capacity and can use it virtually unlimitedly. This actually has an upper limit, so it has a different meaning from a completely unlimited limit like fiber optic lines.

Unlimited within a fixed area

Rakuten Mobile's Wi-Fi uses a system that is unlimited only when using Rakuten's line. Rakuten's Wi-Fi also uses other companies' lines, so there are restrictions only when using other companies' lines.

What is the price range for unlimited pocket WiFi in Japan?

The price of unlimited pocket WiFi varies greatly depending on the plan, but rentals start at around 1,000 yen for one day, and can go as low as 300 yen per day if rented for a longer period, such as 30 days.

Monthly plans vary depending on the provider, but low-cost plans can cost around 3,000 yen a month, and expensive ones can cost around 7,000 yen.

5 Recommended Unlimited Pocket Wi-Fi in Japan for Foreigners

Here, we will introduce five unlimited pocket Wi-Fi services in Japan that are recommended for foreigners.


NINJA WIFI is a pocket Wi-Fi recommended for foreigners who come to Japan for a short period of time for travel or business trips. The unlimited plan costs 990 yen per day and allows you to use SoftBank's high-speed internet. There is no capacity limit on the unlimited plan, but if you use more than 3G per day, you may enter slow mode.

You can pick it up at the airport or by mail, but in addition to major airports such as Narita, Haneda, and Kansai International Airport, you can conveniently pick it up at nine airports in Japan, including Chubu Centrair International Airport and New Chitose Airport.

Click here to contact NINJA WIFI!

2.Japan Wireless

Japan Wireless is an unlimited pocket Wi-Fi service for foreigners with support from English-speaking staff. The official website for the unlimited plan says, ``No matter how much you use it, there will be no speed limit.''

The premium plan costs 1,428 yen for one day rental, and 8,142 yen for 30 days. Although it is a bit expensive, it has the advantage of foreign language support and no speed limits, so it is recommended for short-term stays who want a convenient internet environment even if it is expensive.

Click here to contact Japan Wireless!

3.Sakura Mobile

Sakura Mobile is an unlimited pocket Wi-Fi with extensive foreign language support. There is also an unlimited plan, but the speed will be limited if you use 10GB for 3 consecutive days. There are plans that allow you to rent by the day, which is recommended for short-term stays, and monthly plans that allow you to rent for a long period of time.

Click here to contact Sakura Mobile!

4.Rakuten Mobile

Rakuten Mobile's pocket Wi-Fi is unique in that it uses Rakuten's own line. This method uses both Rakuten's line and another company's line, so when you use Rakuten's line, there will be no speed limit no matter how much you use it. Rakuten's network covers a wide range of urban areas, so it is recommended for foreigners living in urban areas.

The fee is a system that changes depending on the amount of data used, from free up to 1G to 3,278 yen for 20G or more.

Click here to contact Rakuten Mobile!

5.Pupuru WiFi

Pupuru WiFi is a brand that provides rental pocket Wi-Fi. You can choose between au and Softbank lines, and both have unlimited data usage.

Click here to contact Pupuru WiFi!

List of unlimited pocket Wi-Fi in Japan

This is a list of unlimited pocket Wi-Fi in Japan recommended for foreigners.

providerPopular planscommunication speedFeeInitial cost
NINJA WIFIunlimited plan4G LTE: Maximum downlink 187.5Mbps, maximum uplink 37.5Mbps4G: Maximum uplink 165Mbps, maximum downlink 10Mbps990 yen per day (tax included)none
Japan WirelessPremium Wi-Fi planUp to 187 Mbps download1,428 yen per day, 8,142 yen for 30 days (tax included)Inquiry required
Sakura Mobileunlimited planMaximum download speed: 150Mbps, maximum upload speed: 50MbpsMonthly fee: 7,128 yen (tax included)3,300 yen
rakuten mobileRakuten UN-LIMIT VI PlanMaximum download speed: 150Mbps, maximum upload speed: 50MbpsUp to 1G: Free Up to 3G: 1,078 yen (tax included) Up to 20G: 2,178 yen (tax included) 20G and above: 3,278 yen (tax included)none
Pupuru WiFiWi-Fi rental planau: Maximum download speed 75Mbps Softbank: Maximum download speed 187.5Mbpsau: 900 yen per day, 9,800 yen for 30 days Softbank: 1,000 yen per day, 9,800 yen for 30 daysInquiry required


It is important to note that Japan's unlimited pocket Wi-Fi often has some kind of restrictions, so you need to understand these before using them. Some providers have extensive support for foreigners, so choose a provider that suits you.

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