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A must-see for foreigners! 5 Unlimited Pocket Wi-Fi Services Available for Rent in Japan

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Foreign woman with her phone and wifi connected.

While most pocket Wi-Fi plans in Japan generally have limited data capacity, there are some services that offer virtually unlimited data.

In this article, we will introduce five unlimited pocket Wi-Fi companies in Japan that are recommended for foreigners. In order to use the Internet comfortably in Japan, we will explain in detail the services, price range, and rental method of the pocket Wi-Fi, so please take a look at them.

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What is Unlimited Pocket Wi-Fi? How the service works explained

As of 2024, most Japanese pocket Wi-Fi services do not offer completely unlimited plans, and in most cases, even when the term "unlimited" is used, there are actually some restrictions in place. Therefore, this section will first provide a detailed explanation of the reality of unlimited pocket Wi-Fi services in Japan and the meaning of the claims made in advertisements.

Unlimited total monthly capacity

The most common type of unlimited pocket Wi-Fi is the type that has unlimited total monthly capacity but a limit on the amount of data per day or per 3 days. With this type, if you use too much capacity in a day, the speed will be limited for a certain period of time. However, there is no limit on the total monthly capacity, so there is no problem if you use a little data communication every day.

High-capacity plans offer virtually unlimited use.

The next most common type is one in which the capacity is so large, such as 100 GB per month, that most people never run out of capacity and can use it as if it were virtually unlimited. Unless you are a frequent video streaming user, 100GB per month is sufficient capacity. This also has an upper limit, so it is not the same as a completely unlimited service like an optical fiber line, but for general use, it can be used without any problems.

Unlimited only within a defined area

The system used by Rakuten Mobile Wi-Fi is unlimited only when using Rakuten's line. Rakuten's Wi-Fi is also used in conjunction with other companies' lines, so you will only be limited when using other companies' lines. In other words, you can use it as much as you want as long as you are within the Rakuten line area, but be aware that your traffic will be counted once you go outside the area.

What is the price range for unlimited pocket WiFi in Japan?

So here are five unlimited pocket Wi-Fi in Japan that we recommend for foreigners.

Prices for unlimited pocket WiFi vary widely depending on the plan, but rentals can be as low as 1,000 yen for one day and as high as 300 yen per day if rented for longer periods, such as 30 days.

Monthly plans vary from provider to provider, but a low monthly plan may cost as little as 3,000 yen and a high monthly plan may cost as much as 7,000 yen.

Five Japanese Unlimited Pocket Wi-Fi Recommendations for Foreigners

So here are five unlimited pocket Wi-Fi in Japan that we recommend for foreigners.

service namePopular Planscommunication speedFee (tax included)Initial cost
NINJA WIFIUnlimited Plan4G LTE:
Maximum downlink speed: 187.5 Mbps
Up to 37.5 Mbps
Up to 165 Mbps
Max. 10 Mbps downlink
990 yen per daynashi (Pyrus pyrifolia, esp. var. culta)
Japan WirelessPremium Wi-Fi PlanUp to 187 Mbps downstream1,428 yen per day
8,142 yen for 30 days
Please contact us.
Sakura MobileUnlimited PlanMax. 150 Mbps downlink
Up to 50 Mbps
7,128 yen per month3,300 yen
Rakuten MobileRakuten UN-LIMIT VI PlanMax. 150 Mbps downlink
Up to 50 Mbps
Up to 1G: Free
Up to 3G: 1,078 yen
Up to 20G: 2,178 yen
20G or more: 3,278 yen
nashi (Pyrus pyrifolia, esp. var. culta)
Pupuru WiFiWi-Fi Rental PlansAU:
Max. 75 Mbps downlink
Maximum downlink speed: 187.5 Mbps
900 yen per day
30 days 9,800 yen
1,000 yen per day
30 days 9,800 yen
Please contact us.


NINJA WIFI is a pocket Wi-Fi recommended for foreigners coming to Japan for a short period of time for travel or business trips. The unlimited plan costs 990 yen per day and allows you to use high-speed Internet with SoftBank line. There is no capacity limit for the unlimited plan, but if you exceed 3G per day, you may be put into low-speed mode.

You can pick up your card at the airport or send it by mail. In addition to major airports such as Narita, Haneda, and Kansai International Airport, you can conveniently pick up your card at nine other airports in Japan, including Central Japan International Airport and New Chitose Airport. You can use the Internet as soon as you arrive in Japan from abroad, so your travel plans can proceed smoothly.

Contact NINJA WIFIclick here!

Japan Wireless

Japan Wireless is an unlimited pocket Wi-Fi for foreigners with support from English-speaking staff. The unlimited plan has "no speed limit no matter how much you use," according to the official website. Language support is very important for international travelers. The peace of mind of being able to immediately inquire about any problems that may arise is essential for a comfortable trip.

Rates are 1,428 yen for a one-day rental with the premium plan and 8,142 yen for 30 days. It is a little expensive, but with the advantages of foreign language support and unlimited speed, it is recommended for short-term visitors who want a convenient Internet environment even if it is expensive. If you consider it as an investment for a stress-free stay in Japan, you should be able to get a good return on your investment.

Contact Japan Wirelessclick here!

Sakura Mobile

Sakura Mobile is an unlimited pocket Wi-Fi with excellent foreign language support. It is popular among travelers from Asia, as inquiries can be made in Chinese and Korean as well as English. An unlimited plan is also available, but the speed will be limited if 10 GB is used for three consecutive days. However, 10GB is not much to worry about unless you watch a lot of videos.

There are two types of plans: a daily rental plan recommended for short-term stays and a monthly plan for long-term rentals. The monthly plan is suitable for long-term stays such as study abroad or expatriation since the minimum usage period is 3 months. It is attractive that you can choose flexibly according to your plan.

Contact Sakura Mobileclick here!

4. Rakuten Mobile

Rakuten Mobile's Pocket Wi-Fi is characterized by the use of Rakuten's proprietary line. This method combines Rakuten's line with another company's line, and no matter how much you use when using Rakuten's line, you will not be limited by the speed limit. Rakuten's line covers urban areas quite well, so it is recommended for foreigners living in urban areas.

The fee is based on the amount of data used, with no charge for up to 1 GB and a gradual increase to 3,278 yen for 20 GB or more. Since you only pay for what you use, you will be able to use the service without wasting money. However, please note that outside of Rakuten's service area, other companies' lines are used, so the amount of data will be added to your usage. Check the area map carefully before applying.

To contact Rakuten Mobile, please contactclick here!

5. Pupuru WiFi

Pupuru WiFi is a rental service that offers pocket Wi-Fi rentals with a choice of au or Softbank lines, both with unlimited data allowance. Both au and SoftBank lines cover a wide area, so they are also recommended for people who travel in rural areas.

Prices differ slightly between au and Softbank lines, but are reasonably priced at 9,800 yen for 30 days; it is nice to be able to use unlimited internet for less than 1,000 yen per day. Pupuru WiFi also offers a wide range of pickup options. In addition to home delivery and airport pickup, Pupuru WiFi can also be picked up at convenience stores and parcel lockers. For foreigners, being able to choose a convenience store they are familiar with is a source of peace of mind.

Contact Pupuru WiFi for more informationclick here!

Comparing Pocket Wi-Fi and SIM Cards|Wi-Fi is best for multiple devices

We have looked in detail at pocket Wi-Fi, but there is also the SIM card option, which plugs directly into your smartphone and does not require you to carry a separate device like pocket Wi-Fi. If mobility is important to you, you may want to consider a SIM card.

However, a SIM card can basically be inserted into only one device. If you use multiple smartphones, tablets, PCs, etc., you will need SIM cards for the number of devices, which will also increase the cost. When multiple people are using the same device, such as on a family vacation or business trip, pocket Wi-Fi is convenient because multiple devices can connect to the Internet with a single device. In total, pocket Wi-Fi will be cheaper.

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It is important to note that unlimited pocket Wi-Fi in Japan often actually has some restrictions, which must be understood before use. However, there are an increasing number of services that are easy to use from a traveler's perspective, such as excellent support for foreigners and a variety of ways to receive the service.

For short-term trips, we recommend a plan that allows you to rent by the day, but if you are staying for a month or longer, a monthly plan is definitely more economical. Choose the provider and plan that best suits your needs according to your purpose and duration of stay. Please make use of pocket Wi-Fi to make your stay in Japan more comfortable and fulfilling.

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