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5 foreigner-friendly share houses in Osaka!

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Are there any foreigners who have decided to live in Osaka for work or study abroad, but are worried about where to live? In this article, we will introduce 5 foreigner-friendly share houses in Osaka, so please use them as a reference when choosing a room.

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If you live in Osaka, we recommend a foreigner-friendly share house

Osaka is the second largest region in Japan after Tokyo, and many foreigners live in Osaka for work or study abroad purposes. To live in Osaka, you must first rent a room, but in Japan, there is not a sufficient support system for foreigners to rent a room, and there are cases where people are turned away because they are a foreigner. Says.

On the other hand, foreigner-friendly share houses will happily accept foreigners, and the rent will be cheaper than renting an apartment. If you are a foreigner living in Osaka, we recommend finding a foreigner-friendly share house.

What are the advantages of living in Osaka?

I think most foreigners who come to Japan live in the capital, Tokyo, but what are the advantages of living in the regional Osaka?

many friendly people

Compared to Tokyo, Osaka is said to have many people who like to talk and are friendlier. Osaka is also known as the city of comedy, and its appeal is that there are many people with funny personalities. If you want to interact with Japanese people and make friends in a share house, Osaka is a recommended place.

Cheap prices

In Japan, Tokyo has the most variety of things and is convenient, but the high cost of rent and other things is a problem. On the other hand, prices in Osaka are lower than in Tokyo, and the rent for a shared house is about 20,000 yen cheaper on average. Osaka is a recommended place for foreigners who want to save money and live in Japan.

What should you be careful about when living in Osaka?

Foreigners who are not good at Japanese should keep in mind when living in Osaka that Osaka people speak a dialect called the Kansai dialect. What you learn in Japanese language schools and textbooks is "Standard Japanese," the way of speaking that is used in places like Tokyo, but Kansai dialect's words and intonation are slightly different from Standard Japanese.

Therefore, even if you can speak standard Japanese to some extent, it may be difficult to understand the Kansai dialect for the first time. However, the grammar is all the same as standard Japanese, so once you get used to it, you will be able to understand it.

5 foreigner-friendly share houses in Osaka

Here we will introduce five foreign-friendly share houses recommended for foreigners who want to live in Osaka.

1. Borderless House

Borderless House is a company that mainly operates foreigner-friendly share houses in Tokyo, but also operates some share houses in Osaka. Half of the residents are foreigners, so being able to interact with people from various countries is appealing. Locations include Bentencho, Tsuruhashi, and Toyonaka, all of which have quick access to Umeda and other centers.

reference:borderless house

2.C's(Si:s) share

C's(Si:s) share is located in Osaka and Kobe.Women-only share houseis. Recommended for women who want to live in a shared house but are worried about having a man around. There are regular share houses where Japanese people live, but we also operate some share houses that are friendly to foreigners.

The number of residents is usually around 10 people, so it is recommended for people who want to live slowly and prioritize their privacy, rather than interacting with a large number of people.

reference:C's(Si:s) share

3.J&F House

J&F House is a very international share house in Osaka, with half of the residents being foreigners. Recommended for those who want to meet many people and those who want to interact with Japanese people and study Japanese. There seem to be a lot of events and parties going on here, so if you have a cheerful personality, I'm sure you'll have a good time.

reference:J&F House Osaka

4. Osaka English House

Osaka English House is a share house for Japanese people who want to study English, and we actively accept foreign residents. A feature of this share house is that even people who don't live in a share house can come and learn English as if they were in an English conversation class. If you live here, you will be able to meet many Japanese people who are interested in English.

reference:Osaka English House

5. Space Green Aikawa

Space Green Aikawa is a share house located in a very convenient location, just 1 minute walk from Hankyu Aikawa Station. This is a renovated property, and the interior is very stylish and looks like a new building. Foreigners are also welcome to move in, and couples and friends can also move in. It's also nice that there are pet-friendly rooms.

reference:space green aikawa

Points to consider when choosing a foreigner-friendly share house

When choosing a foreign-friendly share house, you should check not only the low rent and facilities such as bathrooms, but also how many residents there are and whether there are any events such as social gatherings. is.

The more residents you have, the more people you can interact with, but if you live in a large share house with over 100 people, the relationships between the residents may become weaker.

Also, if you live in a share house where many events and parties are held, it is easier for the residents to get along with each other.


Although there are fewer share houses in Osaka than in Tokyo, you can still find many foreign-friendly share houses if you search. Osaka has low prices and many friendly people, so you can enjoy a life that is completely different from Tokyo.

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