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What anime and manga do you recommend for studying Japanese? Study methods and tips are also introduced.

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Many people may find it difficult to learn Japanese. Especially when the language systems of Japanese and one's native language differ greatly, the differences can be bewildering.

But don't worry. There is a natural way to improve your Japanese language skills through content that anyone can enjoy. That is the Japanese language learning method that utilizes anime and manga.

This article details an effective way to learn Japanese using anime and manga. We will tell you how to choose anime and manga that are appropriate for your Japanese level, introduce works that are useful for learning, and give you tips on how to ensure that you acquire the language. In addition, we have also picked up some free online teaching materials.

Why don't you try to improve your Japanese language skills while having fun with anime and manga? We are sure that you will enjoy learning Japanese even more.

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How to study Japanese using animation?

Watching anime is a very effective way to learn Japanese. Here we will introduce three specific ways to learn using anime.

(1) Utilize subtitles

It is recommended to turn on Japanese subtitles while watching anime. By listening to the dialogue and reading the subtitles at the same time, you will naturally learn vocabulary, expressions and grammar. Even if there are parts you don't understand, you will be able to deepen your understanding by watching the subtitles. Subtitles are a strong ally for learning Japanese.

(2) Repeating

Repeating is the process of listening to lines from an anime repeatedly. By listening to the lines over and over again, your ears will naturally become accustomed to the Japanese language. Not only does this improve your listening comprehension, but it is also good practice for speaking. Find your favorite lines and practice saying them out loud over and over again. By imitating the lines from the anime, you will learn the pronunciation and intonation that are typical of Japanese.

(3) Shadowing

Shadowing is the process of imitating the dialogue of an animated cartoon by saying it out loud at about the same time. It is a developed version of repeating. By shadowing, you can develop your speaking skills as well as your listening skills. The trick is to start with slower lines and gradually increase the speed. Pretend to be the characters in the anime and say the lines out loud. You can improve your Japanese language skills while having fun.

How to choose anime for Japanese language study?

Choosing the right anime for learning Japanese is another shortcut to progress. For beginners, we recommend anime with a lot of daily conversation and a relatively slow speaking speed. Anime that depicts the everyday life of a family, such as "Chibimaruko-chan" and "Sazae-san," are ideal for learning the basics of the Japanese language.

Intermediate and advanced students should try anime in which more specialized vocabulary appears. For example, anime with strong fantasy and suspense elements, such as "Shinkage no Kyojin" and "Tokyo Ghoul," contain a lot of vocabulary and expressions used not only in daily conversation but also in various other situations.

Choosing an anime suitable for your level and purpose will lead to effective Japanese language study. In the following section, we will introduce 9 recommended anime for Japanese language study by genre.

【 9 recommended anime for studying Japanese by genre 】

We introduce three genres of anime that are useful for learning Japanese. We have selected three works from each of the following three genres: anime for learning simple everyday conversation, anime with rich fantasy elements, and anime with strong drama elements.

Animation to learn simple everyday conversation.

Here are three anime that are ideal for learning everyday conversation. These anime are recommended for beginners as they use simple vocabulary and grammar.

(1) Chibi Maruko-chan

."Chibi Maruko-chan (Japanese cartoon series)is an animation depicting the daily life of an elementary school student Maruko and her family and friends. The children's casual conversations and warm family interactions are expressed in simple language. This work not only provides a glimpse into the lives of Japanese elementary school students, but also teaches basic daily conversation.

(2) Sazae-san

."sazae-sanis a national anime about a three-generation Japanese family. The relaxed daily life of Sazae-san and her family is depicted with a Showa-era atmosphere. Through family conversations, viewers can learn about traditional Japanese values and customs. You will also naturally learn everyday language and polite words.

(3) Crayon Shin-chan

."Crayon Shin-chanis a gag-filled anime centered on five-year-old Shinnosuke Nohara and his family. Shin-chan's word play and the humorous interactions between the family members make this work a fun way to experience the Japanese language. You will be able to learn the language peculiar to children and the conversation between parents and children. However, Shin-chan's use of language is a bit peculiar, so it is probably best to avoid imitating it.

Animation rich in fantasy elements

Next, we will introduce three anime that are rich in fantasy elements. These anime allow students to learn vocabulary and expressions used in various situations as well as in daily conversation. Recommended for intermediate level students and above.

(4) Blade of Demon's Destruction

."scorched-earth swordis a story about a swordsman who fights demons in the Taisho Era. The story centers on the main character, Sumijiro Kamakado, and his sister Priestess Nezuko, who has turned into a demon, and the bonds and battles they share with their friends. Powerful language is used in the action scenes, and the power of the Japanese language can be felt. In addition, the delicate language used to express the emotions of the characters is ideal for learning the depth of the Japanese language.

(5) The Progressive Titans

."The Titans of Progressis a dark fantasy about mankind's battle threatened by giants. In this epic story, the characters express a variety of emotions through words. Their words contain the complex psychology of human beings, including fear, anger, sadness, and hope. Learning these words will enhance your ability to express yourself in Japanese. However, since a lot of specialized vocabulary appears in this work, it is suitable for intermediate and advanced students.

(6) Fullmetal Alchemist

."Fullmetal Alchemistis a fantasy anime about the adventures of brothers in a world where alchemy exists. The main characters, Edward and Alphonse, face various difficulties in order to regain what they have lost. Their strong beliefs and the language used to describe their friendship with their friends are a beautiful example of the Japanese language. Also, technical terms related to alchemy will appear, which will help you improve your vocabulary.

Anime with strong drama elements

Lastly, we would like to introduce three anime with strong drama elements. These anime focus on human relationships and psychological portrayals, allowing you to learn the subtle nuances of the Japanese language.

(7) Tokyo Ghoul

."Tokyo Eclipseis a dark fantasy about the conflict between humans and "eaters" in Tokyo, a city where "eaters" exist and feed on human flesh. The main character, Ken Kaneki, is half-human and half-eater, and struggles between the two. The language used to express his feelings and the complex relationships between the characters show the depth of the Japanese language. However, there are many cruel expressions, so those who do not like grotesque descriptions should be careful.

(8) Death Note

."Death Noteis the story of a genius high school student, Tsuki Yagami, who has obtained the Notebook of the God of Death. He uses his power to make people whose names are written in the notebook die to bring criminals to justice. The psychological battle between the mind of Getsu Yagami and the detective L, who is pursuing him, is a spectacle to behold. The characters' intelligent conversations are perfect for learning advanced Japanese expressions. It is also a work that will make you think about your view of life and death.

(9) My Hero Academia

."My Hero Academiais an anime about a boy named Izuhisa Midoriya, who aspires to become a hero in a world where people have supernatural abilities called "individuality. Deku's hard work, courage, and bonds with his friends will move the hearts of those who watch it. The characters' heartfelt words will make you feel the warmth and strength of the Japanese language. It is also a work that will make you think about heroes.

These are the 9 recommended anime works for learning Japanese. Please try to choose the work suitable for you according to the genre and difficulty level.

To actually watch these anime, it is convenient to use Japanese streaming services. ".Introducing recommended video streaming in Japan! Also explains how to watch TV you missed!compares popular streaming services in Japan and introduces their features and usage.

How to study Japanese using manga?

Next, we will introduce a method for learning Japanese using manga. Manga, along with anime, is an indispensable tool for learning Japanese. Here we will list three specific learning methods that utilize manga.

(1) Think up your own lines

Look at the panels of the manga and come up with your own lines for the characters. By creating lines that fit the situation, you can improve your ability to express yourself in Japanese. Think about how you would say it as if you were the character in the story. By choosing the right words and phrases, you will improve your sense of Japanese.

(2) Write a description of the scene

Choose a scene from a comic book and describe the scene in words. You are to put into words what is expressed in the picture, such as the actions of the characters, their facial expressions, and the background. This is an exercise in verbalizing visual information. You will acquire the ability to explain situations in detail in Japanese. You will also develop an objective eye for manga.

(3) Consider the feelings of the characters

Imagine the feelings of the characters and express them in words. You can read the emotions of the characters from their facial expressions and actions. This is a good way to practice expressing various emotions, such as joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure, in Japanese. Also, by gaining a deeper understanding of the psychology of the characters, you will be able to enter more deeply into the world of the story. You will also acquire the ability to sense the delicate nuances of the Japanese language.

We have introduced three methods for learning Japanese using manga. In all of these methods, it is important to have an attitude of actively reading manga. It is important not to read passively, but to add your own interpretation and express yourself in words.

Three Advantages of Using Manga for Japanese Language Study

Here are three advantages of using manga for learning Japanese. Manga is the best tool for learning Japanese while having fun.

(1) Vocabulary acquisition

Manga contains a great variety of vocabulary, ranging from everyday conversation to specialized terminology. A wide variety of expressions are used not only in conversational sentences, but also in emotional descriptions and monologues. By being exposed to these words, you will naturally acquire vocabulary. You will enjoy expanding your vocabulary by looking up the meanings of new words and observing how they are used.

(2) Cultural understanding

Many works of manga depict Japanese culture and society. The lifestyle, values, and relationships of the characters are a true representation of Japan's unique culture. By reading manga, you will be able to understand the way of thinking and behavior patterns of the Japanese people. In addition, some manga are based on history, traditions, and customs, providing a clue to the depth of Japanese culture.

(3) Improve motivation for language learning

Manga can keep your motivation for learning Japanese high because of its storytelling and visual appeal. You will be drawn in by your favorite characters and stories, and you will naturally spend more time in contact with the Japanese language. Also, as you read through the manga, you will be able to feel your Japanese improving, which will further increase your motivation to learn. Manga will be your reassuring ally in continuing your Japanese language study.

By using manga, students can expect to improve their Japanese vocabulary, understand Japanese culture, and increase their motivation to learn. Manga can be a very useful tool for learners of Japanese.

Three recommended manga for Japanese language learners

Here are three manga that are useful for learning Japanese. We have selected works recommended for beginner to intermediate level learners.

Here are three manga that are useful for learning Japanese. We have selected works recommended for beginner to intermediate level learners.

(1) Doraemon

."Doraemon (dwarf planet)is one of Japan's most popular national cartoons. It depicts the heartwarming daily life of the main character Nobita-kun and Doraemon, a cat-shaped robot from the future. It features simple language and easy grammar, and is recommended for beginners of Japanese. The mysterious secret tools that come out of Doraemon's four-dimensional pocket will also be a good topic for learning Japanese.

(2) Naruto

."naruto (Nullis hrysuensis)is an adventure battle manga that depicts the growth of the main character, Uzumaki Naruto, in the world of ninja. Naruto's cheerful and positive personality and the bonds he forms with his friends make this an appealing work. Another interesting aspect of the manga is its exposure to ancient Japanese culture, such as ninja and jutsu. The powerful language used in the battle scenes is perfect for improving your Japanese language skills. This work is recommended for intermediate level Japanese language learners.

(3) One-piece

."dressis a very popular manga about the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who aspires to become the Pirate King. It is a fascinating work with unique characters and an epic storyline. The language used by the characters is unique, but it is a good teaching tool to feel the diversity of the Japanese language. It also depicts many touching themes such as friendship with friends and adventurous spirit. This work is recommended for intermediate to advanced students of Japanese.

These are three manga recommended for learning Japanese. All of them are national works that have been loved in Japan for many years. Enjoy the stories and feel the richness of the Japanese language.

Extra: Japanese Language Learning Materials for Foreigners

Besides anime and manga, finding effective learning materials is an important issue for foreigners learning Japanese. Here we introduce three Japanese language learning materials that we recommend to foreigners.

1. everyone's japanese

."Minna no Nihongois a comprehensive Japanese language study material provided by the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship. Aimed at beginner to intermediate level learners, it covers a variety of skills including grammar, vocabulary, conversation, listening, and reading. The materials also come with teacher's manuals and audio data, making them ideal for independent study. It also helps students prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

2. Official Question Book for the Japanese Language Teaching Proficiency Test

."Japanese Language Teaching Competency Testis a certification exam that measures the knowledge and teaching methods required to become a Japanese language teacher. The official question booklet for this exam is a useful resource for students of Japanese. The question booklet contains questions that test overall proficiency in Japanese, including grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and listening comprehension. You will be able to learn the rules of the Japanese language and how to use the language systematically.

3. duolingo

."Duolingois a popular learning application that allows users to learn a language while having fun with a game-like experience. Japanese language courses are also provided, allowing you to learn basic vocabulary, grammar, conversational expressions, etc. for free. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets, so you can easily learn anytime, anywhere.

In addition, there are Japanese language learning applications recommended for vocabulary improvement and pronunciation practice. You can use the app to learn Japanese by clicking on "Recommended apps for studying Japanese by type (vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, etc.)In the "Apps" section, we introduce carefully selected apps by purpose.

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If you master the Japanese language learning method utilizing anime and manga, you can effectively improve your Japanese language skills while having fun at the same time. By selecting works that match your Japanese level and repeatedly watching and reading them, you will gain a deeper understanding of the meanings, nuances, and cultural background of the language.

Find the learning method and materials that suit you best and continue learning Japanese. You will surely find the Japanese language more and more fascinating through the world of anime and manga.

Furthermore, in addition to anime and manga, there are many other effective learning materials available, such as novels, applications, and Japanese language learning websites. In the following article, we have carefully selected and recommended study materials for foreigners, so please take a look at them.

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