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What does "展開する (tenkaisuru)" mean in Business x Japanese? Paraphrases and thesauruses

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Japanese in the business world often has meanings other than those found in dictionaries. This article introduces the meaning of the term "展開する (tenkaisuru).
Let's learn how to read "展開する" and its meaning, how to use it in business situations, and example sentences, as we explain it in detail.

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How to read "展開する (tenkaisuru)" and what it means

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"展開する" reads "tenkai suru."
It is often used to mean the following

  • To spread out or unfold widely.
    →Example sentence: ”目の前には原っぱが展開されている” (A field stretches out before my eyes)
  • To let things unfold.
    →Example sentence: 言い合いが展開される" (An argument unfolds)
  • To take things to the next step.
    →Example sentence: "事件は思わぬ方向に展開した" (The incident took an unexpected turn)

Meaning of "展開する (tenkaisuru)" in business situations and example sentences

In business, the meaning and usage of the word changes slightly from the meaning explained. As an example, check the following sentences.

  • Example sentence 1: "いただいた資料は関係者に展開します" (I will share the received materials with the relevant parties)
  • Example sentence 2: "プロジェクトの情報はみなさんに展開しておきました" (I have distributed the project information to everyone)

In this case, "展開する" has the meaning of "to share" or "to communicate," which is slightly different from the original meaning of the word 「展開する」, but it is also used in this way in business situations.

How to say "展開する (tenkaisuru)" in English

"展開する" can be expressed in English as follows

  • to develop
  • to expand

It is an English word meaning "to expand" or "to extend."

However, when "展開する" is used in business situations, it means "to share" or "to communicate. It does not apply to "to develop" or "to expand. When "展開する" is used in business situations,"to share"is the closest English.

Paraphrases and synonyms of "展開する (tenkaisuru)" and their meanings

Dictionary page looking up the term "展開する

In business settings, certain words can have specific meanings, and the term "展開する" is one example. Here are some paraphrases and analogies that are equivalent to "展開する" as a business term, and their respective meanings are explained.

General Meaning of "展開する (tenkaisuru)" Paraphrases and Analogies

In everyday life, "展開する" can be paraphrased as follows

  • 広げる (to spread out/expand)
  • くりひろげる (to unfold/develop)
  • 進む (to move forward/advance)
  • 進行する (to proceed/carry on)
  • 進展する (to make progress/develop)

Such as.
These are the synonyms and analogues of "展開する" when it is used as an everyday term.

Paraphrases and synonyms of "展開する (tenkaisuru)" in business contexts

In business communication, "展開する" can be paraphrased as follows

  • 伝える (to convey/inform)
  • 伝達する (to communicate/relay)
  • 共有する (to share/have in common)
  • シェアする (to share/distribute)
  • 渡す (to hand over/pass on)

Such as.
These are words that are appropriate for the meaning of "展開する" in business settings, such as "sharing information and materials."

Earlier, we told you that "展開する" in business situations is represented by "to share". Therefore, words similar to "展開する" in business situations are "to convey."

Paraphrasing the example sentence "展開する (tenkaisuru)"

Next, let's look at some example sentences using the "展開する" paraphrases introduced so far.

  • Example sentence 1: "いただいた資料は関係者に展開します" (I will share the received materials with the relevant parties)
  • Example sentence 2: "プロジェクトの情報はみなさんに展開しておきました" (I have distributed the project information to everyone)

It is possible to rephrase these statements as follows

putting in other words

  • Example sentence 1: "いただいた資料は関係者に共有しておきます" (I will share the received materials with the relevant parties)
  • Example sentence 2: "プロジェクトの情報はみなさんに伝えておきました" (I have conveyed the project information to everyone)

When "展開する (tenkaisuru)" should not be used

Woman with hands extended in front of her face

There is no particular scene where "展開する" should not be used. However, it is hard to say that the expression is used a lot among Japanese. Therefore, it can be said that the word is fine even if you do not use it willingly.

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In this article, we provided a detailed explanation of the various meanings of the expression "展開する (tenkaisuru)" in Japanese and its usage in business contexts. While it generally carries nuances of "to spread out" or "to move forward" in everyday usage, in business contexts it is commonly used to mean "to share" or "to convey". Also, while in English "to develop" or "to expand" have similar meanings, in business settings "to share" is the most appropriate expression.

In Japanese business, nuances of language are important, and understanding these nuances goes a long way in achieving smooth communication. In addition, it is important to deepen your knowledge of business developments in order to understand Japanese business culture.

Through this article, you will understand the subtle nuances of the Japanese language and aim for smooth communication in business situations.

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