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What is Japanese American School “ASIJ”? Explaining the charm and career path etc.

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  • American International School in Japan (ASIJ) is one of the most popular international schools in Japan. In this article, we will explain the appeal of ASIJ, the career paths of graduates, admission requirements, and tuition fees.

    What is American International School in Japan (ASIJ)?

    American International School in Japana (ASIJ) is a Japanese international school located in Tokyo, and is written as "American School in Japan" in Japanese.

    It is the oldest international school in Japan and is a full-time co-educational school. The school ranges from nursery school to high school, with a total of about 1,500 students.

    Most of the students are American, but there are also foreigners of other nationalities and Japanese returnees. ASIJ is recommended for those who want to receive a high-level American-style education in Japan.

    [Basic information about ASIJ]

    address1-1-1 Nomizu, Chofu City, Tokyo (Chofu Campus)
    6-16-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Early Learning Center)
    telephone number0422-34-5300 (Chofu Campus)
    03-5771-4344 (Early Learning Center)
    Official siteThe American School in Japan
    courseNursery school/kindergarten/elementary school/junior high school/high school

    The charm of ASIJ

    In addition to being able to receive high-quality American-style education in Japan, ASIJ is also attractive for its extensive facilities and various events.

    You can receive high-quality American-style education in Japan.

    At ASIJ, many of the teachers are graduate school graduates, the facilities and curriculum are extensive, and you can receive a high-quality American-style education. The appeal of this school is that it not only teaches in the classroom, but also exposes students to the latest technology, art, and culture, and develops their individuality.

    Fully equipped

    ASIJ's facilities are among the top in Japan, with night game facilities, a field with artificial turf, three gymnasiums, a pool, a dance/wrestling studio, a fitness gym, and a cafeteria.

    Academic ability is top class

    ASIJ's academic performance is among the top among international schools in Japan, and many of our students go on to top universities. After graduation, many students go on to universities overseas, including in the United States, but it is also possible to go on to top universities in Japan from ASIJ.

    There are various events

    ASIJ hosts a variety of events, including the ever-popular Summer Day Camp. Through annual events such as welcome events, Halloween, and school trips, as well as volunteer activities, we refine the individuality of our students and nurture their hearts.

    Career path after graduation

    ASIJ graduates go on to top universities in the United States and other countries. Students have a track record of going to universities such as Harvard University, Stanford University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, Cambridge University and Oxford University in the United Kingdom, and Waseda University, Keio University, and Sophia University in Japan.

    How to enter ASIJ?

    ASIJ gives priority to American nationals, but people of other nationalities can also enroll, and it is possible to enroll even if your English proficiency is not that of a native speaker.

    However, detailed admission conditions are said to vary from year to year, so please contact ASIJ directly for detailed conditions.

    The examination consists of document screening and screening session.

    ASIJ's entrance examination consists of document screening and a screening session, and there is no entrance exam like in Japanese schools. Document screening will include report cards, letters of recommendation from teachers, SSAT and other test results, and student essays.

    take a standardized test

    There is no academic ability test for admission to ASIJ, but instead students must take a standardized test such as the ISA Test and submit their results. If you have not taken any standardized tests, you may be asked to take the SSAT, an American academic achievement test.

    Parent's English proficiency

    ASIJ communicates with parents in English, so one of the parents must be able to speak English.

    How much does tuition cost?

    ASIJ tuition fees are shown in the table below. However, tuition fees may change depending on the year, so if you are enrolling next year or later, please check the tuition fees for that year. Also, please note that ASIJ's grades are American-style, so a sixth grader in Japanese elementary school is a first year student in junior high school, and a third year student in junior high school is a first year student in high school.

    Payment is only accepted in Japanese yen, and can be paid by bank transfer or credit card. Scholarship systems and installment payments are also available.

    [ASIJ tuition fees (2022-23)]

    At the time of admissionApplication fee: 20,000 yen
    Registration fee: 300,000 yen
    Building maintenance fee: 1,025,000 yen
    Annual tuition feeNursery school: 2,635,000 yen
    Kindergarten/elementary school: 2,680,000 yen
    Junior high school: 2,783,000 yen
    High school: 2,830,000 yen
    Other costsCapital Assessment: 250,000 yen
    School bus fee: 350,000 yen


    ASIJ is a school where you can receive top-class education among international schools in Japan. This school is highly recommended for those who want their children to receive an American-style education in Japan.

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