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How can foreigners obtain a credit card in Japan?

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If you are a foreigner who has only recently lived in Japan, you may have an impression that applying for a credit card in Japan is difficult.

Even if you are a foreigner, it will be easier to obtain a credit card in Japan if you know what is important in the screening process. It's also good to know how to get a credit card as part of your financial knowledge.

We would like to introduce Japanese credit cards that we recommend to foreigners. We will explain how difficult it is for foreigners to get a credit card in Japan, and the items that are important in the screening process.

By the end of reading the article, you will understand how to apply for a credit card in Japan.

Japanese credit cards that are easy for foreigners to obtain

The following Japanese credit cards are easy for foreigners to obtain.

  • rakuten credit card
  • EPOS card

Let's take a look at the features and recommended points of each.

Features of Rakuten Card

Rakuten Card has no annual fee. This is a credit card that we recommend getting as there are many benefits when you become a member.

Also, the return rate is as high as 1%. Depending on the time of year and the presence or absence of campaigns, the return rate may increase, making it even more profitable.

Rakuten credit cards are said to be relatively easy to apply for, even for foreigners and international students.

You can apply for a Rakuten credit card online. There is an English-speaking guide, so even those who are not comfortable with Japanese can feel at ease. If you follow the steps in the English guide, you will be able to create one.


Features of EPOS card

EPOS cards can be created even by foreigners. It is also worth noting that the membership fee and annual fee are free for a long time.

EPOS cards are automatically covered by overseas travel accident insurance. This card is highly recommended for people who frequently travel overseas while living in Japan.

Additionally, it can be issued on the same day you apply at the earliest. (Please note that it cannot always be issued on the same day.)

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that there is no guidance in English. Applying for an EPOS card would be suitable for those who can speak Japanese.


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Is it difficult for foreigners to obtain a credit card?

It is said that it is not easy for foreigners who have moved to Japan to obtain a credit card in Japan. This is because there are concerns about whether or not there is a stable income.

In particular, those who have moved in less than a year may be more likely to think that their income is unstable.

If it passes the examination, some companies may be able to issue it on the same day. (Please note that it is not always possible to issue the certificate on the same day.) If the examination passes, please ask each bank for details on how long it will take to issue the certificate.

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How to make it easier for foreigners to obtain a credit card in Japan

Items that are important in credit card screening

What specific points should I pay attention to in order to more easily pass the examination? For foreigners, it will be easier to pass the examination by understanding the main points. Let's take a look at the items that are particularly important during the review.

The following two items are particularly examined during creation.

  • Is your identity clear?
  • Can I expect stable income?

In particular, it is considered more reliable to have multiple ID cards rather than just one. Examples of IDs you should bring with you when applying for a credit card include:

  • passport
  • Health insurance card
  • driver's license
  • Copy of resident record

It is also a good idea to bring proof that you can expect a stable income.

You can prove that you have a stable income by having pay slips and tax withholding records. If you have a stable income, it is easy for the bank to understand that you have a high ability to repay the money.

Although you may not always be required to provide proof of stable income, some banks may require it. Even if submission is optional, please bring as many proofs as possible. Your credibility with that person will increase.

How foreigners can obtain a credit card and required documents

To obtain a credit card, foreigners must first create a bank account. Think carefully about which bank you would like to open an account with and get a credit card from.

Once you have created a bank account, you can apply for a credit card.

To apply for a credit card, you must submit identification. For more information, please refer to the website of the bank where you would like to obtain a credit card. Also, please note that you cannot create a credit card without a bank account number.


We will introduce important points from our explanation of how to apply for a credit card in Japan.

  • For foreigners, it will be easier to apply for a credit card if you can prove a stable income.
  • When applying, it is advisable to have multiple forms of identification and proof of stable income.

When applying for a credit card in Japan, it will be easier if you meet certain conditions.

Also, after opening an account at a bank, you will need to create a credit card. Remember that you have to open an account first.

Please acquire financial knowledge and live a comfortable life in Japan.

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