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The Japanese cab dispatch app "GO 《GO》" will change the experience of transportation!

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Screenshot of the car dispatch application

Freedom and comfort of movement are essential for modern people. Everyone wants their daily transportation to and from work, school, shopping, leisure, and other activities to be stress-free and smooth. In this context, the revolutionary cab app GOis now available.

GOis a service that allows you to easily reserve a cab with your smartphone. It is the No. 1 cab app downloaded in Japan. It was developed with the goal of making urban transportation more comfortable, and its appeal is that you can call a cab at any time, regardless of traffic congestion or weather conditions.

In this article,GOfeatures, usage, user feedback, safety, and comparison with other companies' services are explained in detail. With the increasing use of cabs in urban areas,GOPlease enjoy the charm of the

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What is the GO 《GO》 application? - Your partner to change your daily life

GOis an application that will revolutionize cab dispatch services in Japan. The app aims to make travel smoother and more efficient, especially in urban areas, by providing an easy way to reserve a cab using a smartphone.

In this section,GOThis section provides a basic overview of the application and how to use it in an easy-to-understand manner.

Basic overview of GO 《GO》 - What kind of application?

GOis an application that makes it easy to book a cab using a smartphone, utilizing GPS to quickly locate the nearest cab and track its arrival time in real time. This greatly reduces the time spent waiting for a cab, especially in urban areas, and reduces stress for the user.

Ease of use - step-by-step guide

Simply open the app, check your current location, and enter your destination to see the best routes and available cabs. A fare estimate is also provided in advance, and payment is completed within the app, so there is no need to worry even if you do not have cash on you. Furthermore, the reservation function can be used to arrange a cab in advance.

Features and Advantages of GO 《GO》 - Differences from Other Taxi Apps

GOhas features and benefits that set it apart from other cab apps. In this section,GOThis section details the speed, convenience, safety, and reliability of the

Speed and Convenience - Easy Reservations Anytime, Anywhere

GOcan significantly reduce waiting time and help you find a cab smoothly, even in crowded areas. This quickness is especially helpful when you are in a hurry or in bad weather.

Safety and reliability - from user feedback

Driver identity verification and evaluation systems are in place to provide a high level of safety and reliability. Users can use the service with peace of mind because they can check the driver's evaluation.

Real voices of users who have used GO 《GO》 - real experiences

In this section, we present the real voices of users who use GO 《GO》 in various situations, such as businessmen and tourists.

User Stories

in practiceGOThe real testimonials from users who have used the application speak volumes about its true value. Here is what the users have to say about theGOHere are some real-life stories of what they experienced through the

Young businessman's experience
For transportation from airport to hotel and conference center when traveling on businessGOuse. It saves time and makes travel more efficient. especially during busy periods or when traffic congestion is expected,GOs reservation system is highly valued for its ability to reliably secure a cab.
Many businesspeople, especially those working in urban areas, have commented that they are able to get a cab quickly, even in the busiest morning hours, making their commute to work easier. This is a particularly common comment from businesspeople working in urban areas, and it also has the advantage of being a reliable means of transportation on business trips, even in unfamiliar geographic locations.

Tourist Impressions
As a means for foreign tourists to easily access cabs beyond the language barrier.GOThe company utilized the The user commented, "Even though I don't speak Japanese, the app was intuitive and easy to use, making it very convenient for me to get around during my trip." This is a very effective multilingual interface for international users.
In addition, it can be used to access tourist attractions and to travel to hidden local places of interest,GOis helpful and makes travel planning more flexible and comfortable.

How to use foreign tourists

GOis designed to be extremely easy to use for international tourists. The app is available in multiple languages, including English, Chinese, and Korean, allowing foreign tourists to easily book a cab in their own language.

Furthermore, the system is very convenient for international users as it supports foreign-issued credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, and other digital payment services that are mainstream in other countries. This allows users to enjoy traveling within Japan without the stress caused by language barriers or differences in payment methods.

User suggestions and feedback

GOThe app takes user feedback seriously and is constantly working to improve the quality of its service by adding new features.

Below are examples of specific feedback received from actual users and service improvements based on this feedback.

  1. Proposal for improvement of reservation system
    • User feedback: "The booking process is complicated and I don't immediately understand how to use it."
    • Improvements: Revised user interface to make the reservation process faster. In particular, we simplified the input of destinations and added the ability to save frequently used locations as "favorites.
  2. Improved transparency of fee estimates
    • User's voice: "It is difficult to know the fee in advance"
    • Improvement measure: Enhanced the fare estimation function to provide more accurate fare projections prior to boarding. This makes it easier for users to know the fare before boarding.
  3. Reduced waiting time
    • User's Voice: "Long wait for cab to arrive"
    • Improvement measure: Optimized the driver matching system to reduce waiting time. In addition, a real-time cab tracking function was introduced to allow users to check the current location of their cab.
  4. Enhanced multilingual support
    • User's Voice: "Please make it easy for foreign tourists to use."
    • Remedial action: Added multilingual support to the app and began providing services in English, Chinese, Korean, and other major languages. This allows foreign visitors to easily use the app.
  5. Addressing Safety Concerns
    • User's voice: "Concerned about safety when riding at night."
    • Improvements: enhanced driver background checks and new guidelines to provide a safe riding experience. Also, added safety features to the app that allow for quicker response to emergencies.

Comparison of GO 《GO》 and other companies' services

In addition to GO, there are many other services in the cab app market. This section compares Uber, which is used around the world, and GO, which is a Japan-specific service, and explains the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each.

Comparison of GO 《GO》 and Uber

In the cab app market,GO,UberEach of these companies has its own unique characteristics and strengths. Specializing in mobility within JapanGOand the international brandUberservices to help users make the best choice for their needs.

  • GO《Go》
    • This service specializes in Japan and features detailed regional route guidance and Japanese language support. The service is provided by drivers who are familiar with Japanese road conditions and culture, and is especially optimized for travel within Japan.
  • Uber
    • It is an international brand and has an extensive service area worldwide. It offers a diverse selection of vehicles and support in multiple languages, including English, making it very convenient for international users.

Advantages and disadvantages for users

When choosing a cab application, it is important for users to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each service and make the right choice for their needs.GO,Uberhave different advantages and disadvantages, and comparing them allows the user to make a more informed choice.


  • Advantages
    • This service specializes in mobility within Japan and provides localized support. Another major advantage is the availability of customized services tailored to Japanese culture and customs.
  • demerit
    • The service area is limited to Japan and cannot be used overseas.


  • Advantages
    • International availability allows for service in many cities around the world. Another advantage is the variety of vehicle types to choose from, including luxury cars and large vehicles.
  • demerit
    • The quality of service and available vehicle types vary from region to region, which can be inconvenient if you expect consistent service.

Situations of use of GO 《GO》 - From daily life to special occasions

Cab AppGOtransforms our daily lives into something more comfortable and convenient. From commuting to work or school to traveling to special events, this application makes our transportation smoother and more comfortable.

Here are some of the many situations in whichGOLet's explore the use of

Applications in daily life

  • Commuting to work and school
    • This is especially useful in the morning or at other busy times of the day. For example, on mornings when you are running late or on days when you have an important meeting,GOto arrive on time. It also eliminates the need to carry an umbrella on rainy days, and there is no need to worry about getting your suit or uniform wet. It also makes travel easier on days when you have a lot of luggage, for example, presentation materials or sports equipment.
  • shopping
    • After buying appliances and a large amount of groceries, though, it is difficult to travel by bus or train,GOThen you don't have to carry heavy bags when you go home after a big shopping trip. Also, even if you live far from a shopping mall,GOallows you to go home without worrying about transportation, making shopping more enjoyable.

Transportation for special occasions

  • Weddings and parties
    • When attending a wedding or party,GOmakes traveling in formal attire more comfortable. especially when wearing high heels or long dresses, although public transportation can make getting around difficult,GOThen you can travel door to door and don't have to worry about what to wear. Also, by making reservations in advance, you can arrive at the ceremony or party venue on time.
  • touring around tourist attractions
    • If the tourist is unfamiliar with local transportation,GOallows you to visit tourist attractions efficiently. Especially for foreign tourists who want to visit multiple sightseeing spots in one day or who cannot read a map.GO 《GO》saves time and makes travel stress-free. You can also get sightseeing information that only a local driver can provide, making for a more fulfilling sightseeing experience.

GOis a convenient way to avoid the hassle of calling a cab, but even if you don't use an app, there are ways to make good use of cabs in Japan.

If you want to know the basic manners and commonly used terms and phrases when riding in a cab, please refer to this article "How to call a cab in Japan? Cab terms and phrases are also introduced!See also.

Safety and Reliability of GO 《GO》 - Why you can use it with peace of mind

Safety and reliability are essential factors when using a cab application. This section details the safety measures and reliable service provided by GO 《GO》.


GOplaces the safety of its users as a top priority and has solid safety measures in place to ensure this. Passenger safety is one of the most important matters when using a cab app.GOhas implemented multifaceted safety measures, from driver selection to vehicle condition to real-time tracking systems, to ensure that passengers can use the service with peace of mind.

  • Driver background check
    • All drivers undergo rigorous background checks and regular training. This ensures that only drivers who meet high safety standards provide service and ensure passenger safety.
  • Real-time tracking
    • While riding, the current location of the cab can be checked in real time through the app. This tracking information can also be shared with family and friends, providing peace of mind, especially at night or in new locations.

Reliable Service

GOis focused not only on providing a means of transportation, but also on providing a reliable service. Reliability of service is important to users when choosing a cab app.GOprovides a safe environment for users to select services through user reviews and 24-hour customer support.

  • User Reviews
    • Ratings and reviews by other users are available to help new users choose a service. This allows for greater transparency and reliable selection of services.
  • 24Hourly Support
    • 24-hour customer support is available in case of any problems or inquiries. The prompt and accurate response minimizes users' anxiety and allows them to use the service with peace of mind.


GO 《GO》 is a powerful tool that makes everyday mobility more comfortable, safe, and efficient. Upgrade your mobility experience with GO.

Click here to download the app.▶︎ GO 《GO》, an application that allows you to call a cab.

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