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Change your travel experience with GO! All about the next-generation taxi dispatch app

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For modern people with smartphones in their hands, freedom and comfort of movement are an important part of daily life. A taxi app was developed to meet this need. GO《Go》is. This innovative app allows users to easily book taxis using their smartphones and is aimed at making travel smoother and more efficient, especially in urban areas.

In this article, we will introduce the taxi app GO《Go》We focus on its features, usage, user experiences, safety, and comparative analysis with other similar services. As the use of taxis as a means of transportation in urban areas increases, GO《Go》We will delve into the appeal of how it is useful in daily life.

Download the app here ▶︎ GO is an app that allows you to call a taxi.

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What is the GO app? – A partner who changes your daily life

Basic overview of GO – What kind of app is it?

GO《Go》is an app that allows you to easily reserve a taxi using your smartphone. Use GPS to quickly find the nearest taxi and check arrival times in real time. Especially when traveling in urban areas, this greatly reduces waiting time for taxis and reduces stress for users.

Easy to use – step-by-step guide

Just open the app, check your location, enter your destination and we'll show you the best routes and available taxis. Price estimates are provided in advance and payment can be completed within the app, so you don't have to worry about having cash on hand. Additionally, you can use the reservation function to arrange a taxi in advance.

Features and benefits of GO – Differences from other taxi apps

Speed ​​and convenience – easily book anytime, anywhere

GO《Go》will significantly reduce waiting time and help you find a taxi even during busy times. This quickness is very useful, especially when you are in a hurry or in bad weather.

Safety and reliability – from our users

We have introduced a driver identification and evaluation system to provide high safety and reliability. Users can check the driver's evaluation, so they can use the service with peace of mind.

Real testimonials from users who have used GO – Actual experiences

User experience stories

actuallyGO《Go》The real testimonials from users who have used the app speak volumes about the true value of this app. Here, users GO《Go》I would like to share my actual experiences with you through this process.

  • Young businessman's experience
    • For transportation from the airport to hotels and conference centers during business trips.GO《Go》use. You can save time and move more efficiently. Especially during peak seasons and times when traffic congestion is expected. GO《Go》Our reservation system is highly praised for its ability to secure a taxi.
      ``I was able to quickly arrange a taxi even during the busy morning hours, making it easier to get to work.'' is a comment we often hear from business people, especially those working in urban areas. The advantage is that you can use it with confidence even in places you are unfamiliar with.

  • Tourist impressions
    • As a way for foreign tourists to easily use taxis beyond the language barrierGO《Go》Take advantage of. ``Even though I don't speak Japanese, the app was intuitive and easy to use, and it was very convenient to get around while traveling.'' The multilingual interface is very effective for international users. is shown.
      In addition, for accessing tourist spots and moving to hidden local attractions,GO《Go》is helpful and makes travel planning more flexible and comfortable.

How to use it for foreign tourists

GO《Go》is designed to be very easy to use even for foreign tourists. The app is available in multiple languages ​​including English, Chinese, and Korean, making it easy for foreign tourists to book taxis in their own language.

Furthermore, it is extremely convenient for international users as it supports overseas-issued credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, and other mainstream digital payment services. This allows you to enjoy traveling within Japan without the stress of language barriers or different payment methods.

User suggestions and feedback

GO《Go》The app takes user feedback seriously and is constantly working hard to improve the quality of its services, including adding new features.

Below are examples of specific feedback received from users and how we have improved our services based on that feedback.

  1. Reservation system improvement proposal
    • User feedback: "The reservation process is complicated and I can't understand how to use it right away."
    • Improvement: Redesigned the user interface to make the reservation process faster. In particular, we've simplified the process of entering destinations and added the ability to save frequently visited places as "favorites."

  2. Improved transparency of price estimates
    • User feedback: “Prices are difficult to understand in advance”
    • Improvement: Enhance the fare estimation function to provide more accurate fare predictions before boarding. This makes it easier for users to understand the fare before boarding.

  3. Reduced waiting time
    • User feedback: “It takes a long time to wait for the taxi to arrive.”
    • Improvement: Optimize the driver matching system to reduce waiting time. We also introduced real-time taxi tracking, allowing users to see the current location of their taxis.

  4. Enhanced multilingual support
    • User feedback: "I wish it would be easier for foreign tourists to use."
    • Improvement: Added multilingual support to the app and started providing services in major languages ​​such as English, Chinese, and Korean. This has made it easier for foreign tourists to use the app.

  5. Addressing safety concerns
    • User feedback: "I'm concerned about safety when riding at night."
    • Improvements: Introducing new guidelines to strengthen driver background checks and provide a safe riding experience. We have also added safety features to the app that allow you to quickly respond to emergencies.

Comparison of GO and other companies' services

Comparison of GO and Uber

In the taxi app market,GO《Go》andUberEach has its own characteristics and strengths. Specialized for movement within Japan GO《Go》and is an international brand.UberBy comparing our services, we help users make the best choice for their needs.

  • GO《Go》
    • It is a service specialized in Japan, and features detailed route guidance and Japanese language support for each region. The service is provided by drivers who are familiar with Japan's road conditions and culture, and is especially optimized for movement within Japan.
  • Uber
    • It is an international brand and has an extensive service area all over the world. With a wide selection of vehicles and support in multiple languages, including English, it is very convenient for international users.

Advantages and disadvantages for users

When choosing a taxi app, it is important for users to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each service and make a choice that suits their needs.GO《Go》andUberEach has different advantages and disadvantages, and by comparing them, users can make a more informed choice.


  • merit
    • This is a service that specializes in moving within Japan, and provides community-based support. Another big advantage is that you can use customized services tailored to Japanese culture and customs.
  • Demerit
    • The service area is limited to Japan, so it cannot be used overseas.


  • merit
    • It has international availability and its services are available in many cities around the world. Another attractive feature is that you can choose from a wide variety of car models, including luxury cars and large cars.
  • Demerit
    • The quality of service and available car models vary depending on the region, which may be inconvenient if you expect consistent service.

GO Usage Scenarios – From everyday life to special occasions

taxi appGO《Go》makes our daily lives more comfortable and convenient. This app is useful in a variety of situations, from commuting to work or school to traveling to special events, making our travels smoother and more comfortable.

Here, in various situationsGO《Go》Let's explore how to use it.

How to use it in daily life

  • Commuting/School
    • This is especially useful during busy times such as the morning. For example, on mornings when you are likely to be late or on days when you have an important meeting, GO《Go》can help you arrive on time. Also, on rainy days, you no longer need to carry an umbrella while moving, and you don't have to worry about getting your suit or uniform wet. It also makes moving easier on days when you have a lot of luggage, such as presentation materials or sports equipment.

  • shopping
    • After purchasing home appliances and large amounts of food, it can be difficult to travel by bus or train.GO《Go》Then you can save yourself the trouble of carrying heavy luggage when returning home after a big shopping trip. Also, even if you live far from a shopping mall, GO《Go》With , you can get home without worrying about transportation, so you can enjoy your shopping even more.

As a means of transportation for special days

  • weddings and parties
    • When attending a wedding or party,GO《Go》makes traveling in formal attire more comfortable. Traveling on public transport can be difficult, especially when wearing high heels or long dresses. GO《Go》Then you can move door to door, so you don't have to worry about what to wear. Also, by making a reservation in advance, you can arrive at the ceremony or party venue on time.

  • Visiting tourist spots
    • If tourists are unfamiliar with local transportation,GO《Go》By using this, you can efficiently visit tourist spots. Especially for those who want to visit multiple sightseeing spots in one day, or for foreign tourists who cannot read maps. , GO《Go》will save you time and make your trip stress-free. You can also get tourist information from a local driver, making your sightseeing experience even more fulfilling.

Safety and reliability of GO – Reasons why you can use it with confidence

Ensuring safety

GO《Go》We place the safety of our users as our top priority and have implemented robust safety measures to achieve this. Passenger safety is one of the most important considerations when using taxi apps. GO《Go》has implemented multifaceted safety measures, from driver selection to vehicle status to real-time tracking systems, to ensure passengers can use our services with peace of mind.

  • Driver background check
    • All drivers undergo rigorous background checks and regular training. This ensures that only drivers who meet high safety standards serve our customers, ensuring the safety of our passengers.

  • real time tracking
    • While riding, you can check the taxi's current location in real time through the app. You can also share this tracking information with family and friends, providing peace of mind, especially when using it at night or in a new location.

reliable service

GO《Go》We are committed to not only providing transportation, but also reliable service. Service reliability is important for users when choosing a taxi app. GO《Go》provides an environment where users can choose services with confidence through user reviews and 24-hour customer support.

  • user review
    • We publish ratings and reviews by other users, which can be helpful for new users when choosing a service. This makes our services more transparent and allows you to make reliable choices.

  • 24time support
    • 24-hour customer support is available in case of any problems or inquiries. By providing quick and accurate responses, we can minimize user concerns and allow you to use our services with peace of mind.

The future and prospects of GO – contributing to sustainable mobility

Innovation and service expansion

GO《Go》is improving the quality of its services and expanding its scope. The taxi app industry is rapidly evolving. GO《Go》We are actively implementing the latest technology to adapt to this change and stay ahead of the curve. For example, we aim to provide environmentally friendly and efficient services by utilizing AI technology and introducing electric taxis.

  • Utilization of AI technology
    • GO uses AI technology for efficient route guidance and demand forecasting. This saves passengers time by providing the best route according to traffic conditions in real time. In addition, demand forecasting allows us to reduce driver waiting time and dispatch vehicles more efficiently, contributing to improving the overall quality of service.

  • Introduction of electric taxis
    • We are working to reduce CO2 emissions by introducing environmentally friendly electric taxis. This not only contributes to sustainable mobility, but also to improving air quality in urban areas.

long term vision

GO《Go》We don't just deliver today, we shape the future of mobility with a long-term vision. Aiming to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, we are aiming to solve urban traffic problems and expand globally.

  • Solving traffic problems
    • GO actively contributes to alleviating traffic congestion in urban areas. Through an efficient dispatch system, we aim to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and create a more comfortable travel environment.

  • Global expansion
    • With an eye on future overseas expansion, we aim to provide services around the world. Through this, we aim to provide GO's high-quality services to people all over the world and establish our position as a global means of transportation.

Summary – A new era of mobility begins with GO

GO is a powerful tool that makes everyday transportation more comfortable, safe, and efficient. Its convenience and safety are supported by many users, and we aim to further improve our services while continuing to innovate. Upgrade your travel experience with GO.

Download the app here ▶︎ GO is an app that allows you to call a taxi.

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