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5 foreigner-friendly share houses in Yokohama! Rent rates also explained!

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Scenery of Yokohama

With its easy access to Tokyo and fashionable atmosphere, Yokohama is a popular destination for foreigners. With its abundant nature, historical buildings, and international cuisine, Yokohama is a comfortable place for foreigners to live. In addition, there are many English-speaking facilities and services available, making life in Yokohama safe and comfortable in terms of language as well.

In this issue, we will introduce five carefully selected share houses in Yokohama that are friendly to foreigners. Share houses are recommended for foreign residents who have just arrived in Japan, as rent is inexpensive and it is easier to pass the screening process when moving in compared to regular rental housing.

In addition, we will also provide detailed information on the rent rates for apartments for single people living in Yokohama, by ward. If you are a foreigner considering a new life in Yokohama, please take a look at this information.

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What kind of city is Yokohama? What are the advantages and attractions of living in Yokohama?

Yokohama is the central city of Kanagawa Prefecture, about 30 km southwest of Tokyo, and is easily accessible from central Tokyo, with JR and private railway lines serving the city, making it possible to reach Yokohama Station from Tokyo Station in as little as 25 minutes. Yokohama is also within an hour's train ride of major areas of Tokyo, making it an easy place to live for foreign residents who commute to Tokyo for work or study.

The city's atmosphere is attractive with its exotic landscape, as if it were an open port city with a history of more than 150 years. The Minato Mirai 21 district is lined with skyscrapers and dotted with popular date spots such as the world-famous Yokohama Landmark Tower, the historical Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, and Cosmo Clock 21, a giant Ferris wheel.

Chinatown is one of the largest and most popular areas in the world to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine. There are also traditional Chinese temples such as the Guantian Temple and the Mazu Temple, which offer visitors a taste of foreign culture.

On the other hand, a short distance away from the city center, there are healing spots surrounded by lush greenery, such as Yamate Park, an English-style garden, and Sankeien, a Japanese garden.

Thus, Yokohama is a city that combines urban stimulation with the healing power of nature, and is full of attractions that allow foreign residents to fully enjoy life in Japan. Furthermore, the government provides generous support for foreign residents, offering information and consultation services in multiple languages to create a safe and comfortable environment for foreign residents.

【 for single person 】 Yokohama rent prices by ward

Yokohama City is divided into 18 administrative wards. The characteristics of the city and rent prices vary considerably from ward to ward. Let's take a look at the rent rates for apartments for single people in Yokohama City by ward.

Nishi and Naka wards" are conveniently located near the city center

First, "Nishi" and "Naka" wards, located in the center of Yokohama City, are popular areas with high convenience. Many apartments are located near train stations and have good access to Yokohama Station and Sakuragicho Station, but rents are a bit high. The market price for a studio apartment is approximately 65,000 yen. If you walk a little further, you can find apartments for around 60,000 yen.

Kanagawa, Tsurumi, Kohoku and Konan wards are popular as bed towns.

The "Kanagawa," "Tsurumi," "Kohoku," and "Konan" wards are popular among those who commute to the city center for work or school. Many relatively inexpensive apartments can be found around major stations such as Shin-Yokohama Station, Kikuna Station, and Tsurumi Station. The market price is around 57,000 yen to 61,000 yen, and there is an abundance of cost-effective properties.

Aoba and Midori wards, where you can enjoy a relaxing and nature-rich lifestyle

Aoba-ward and Midori-ku, with their quiet residential areas, are easy living areas blessed with a natural environment. Although the area is a little far from the city center, rents are relatively reasonable, ranging from 52,000 yen to 57,000 yen for a one-room apartment. It is recommended for those who want to live comfortably in a peaceful atmosphere.

Isogo," "Kanazawa," "Totsuka," and "Sakae" wards, which are coastal areas and rich in nature

Isogo, Kanazawa, Totsuka, and Sakae wards in the southern part of the city are characterized by their seaside areas and abundant nature. Access to the city center is somewhat inconvenient, but rents are relatively inexpensive, ranging from 40,000 yen to 51,000 yen for a one-room apartment. It is an easy town to live in, where daily shopping is not inconvenient.

Tsuzuki Ward" offers a good balance of convenience and natural environment.

On the other hand, "Tsuzuki Ward" in the northern part of the city is known as a convenient bedroom community for those heading to central Tokyo for work or school. The area around Center Kita Station and Center Minami Station, in particular, offers a good balance of convenience and natural environment, and is popular among foreigners. The market price for a studio apartment is about 71,000 yen, which is high in the city. Still, it is reasonably priced compared to central Tokyo.

Below is a list of rent rates for properties for single occupancy in each ward in Yokohama City.

ward namemarket rent
Tsurumi Ward57,000 yen
Kanagawa Ward58,000 yen
western district65,000 yen
central district65,000 yen
south district52,000 yen
Hodogaya Ward45,000 yen
Isogo Ward40,000 yen
Kanazawa Ward47,000 yen
Kohoku Ward61,000 yen
Totsuka Ward51,000 yen
Konan District60,000 yen
Asahi District44,000 yen
Midori Ward (part of Tokyo)52,000 yen
Seya Ward37,000 yen
Sakae Ward51,000 yen
Izumi Ward (Shimane)56,000 yen
Aoba Ward57,000 yen
Tsuzuki Ward71,000 yen

As you can see, the atmosphere of the city and rent prices vary from ward to ward in Yokohama City. Whether you prefer the convenience of being close to the city center or an environment with a lot of nature, the direction of your property search will vary. The key to success in living alone in Yokohama is to find the area that best suits your needs.

Points to consider when choosing a share house

There are many foreigner friendly share houses in Yokohama, so it is important to choose the right one for you. So here are a few points to consider when choosing a share house.

Concept and atmosphere

Most foreigner-friendly share houses have some purpose, such as socializing with other residents or studying English. When choosing a share house, check to see if your purpose matches the concept of the share house.

Another point to check is the overall atmosphere of the share house. Check to see if the atmosphere is one where everyone is enjoying socializing together, or if it is quiet and private.


Since share houses have shared facilities such as bathrooms and toilets, make sure that they are well-equipped. If a share house has few bathrooms, toilets, and washing machines, it may be difficult to use them when you want to.

Also, many share houses have set rules and hours for using the facilities, so be sure to ask the manager about these rules as well.

Number of residents

Some share houses have only about 5 residents, while others are large with over 100 residents. Depending on whether you want to socialize with many people or live quietly, choose a share house with the right number of residents for you.


Even within the word Yokohama, there are quite a few differences between central areas such as Naka-ku and surrounding areas such as Aobadai. When looking for a share house, be sure to narrow down which area of Yokohama you would like to live in.


Rent is of course a point to check. The appeal of a share house is that the rent is still inexpensive, but depending on the location and facilities, it may not be that inexpensive. Also, rent varies from room to room even in the same share house. Also, check if there is a security deposit or key money, and how much the deposit is.

5 Share Houses in Yokohama Recommended for Foreigners

Let us introduce you to five recommended foreigner-friendly share houses in Yokohama.

1. ARDEN Fujigaoka

ARDEN Fujigaoka is a foreigner-friendly share house located a short walk from Fujigaoka Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line. All residents are Japanese who want to learn English and foreigners who want to learn Japanese, so you can naturally make friends and learn while communicating with everyone. Fujigaoka is also convenient in terms of transportation, as you can get to Shibuya without changing trains.

Reference:ARDEN Fujigaoka

2. Yokohama Bay City

Yokohama Bay City is a foreigner-friendly share house located just a short distance from Sorimachi Station. We keep the percentage of foreigners at 30%, so you can get to know people of various nationalities. Yokohama Station is also within walking distance, making the location very convenient for transportation. Exchange events with other residents are held every month, so it is recommended for foreigners who want to make friends.

Reference:Yokohama Bay City

Urban Terrace Fujigaoka

Urban Terrace Fujigaoka is a foreigner-friendly share house with a fully equipped gym and other facilities. The shared space includes a gym, a theater room, and a fitness room where you can do yoga, allowing you to enjoy your hobbies to the fullest. With 86 rooms, you can meet a variety of people.

Reference:Urban Terrace Fujigaoka

4. share style Aobadai

Share Style Aobadai is a share house located in a quiet residential area just a 7 minute walk from Aobadai Station. There are only about a dozen or so residents, so it's recommended for those who don't like large group share houses. The location is far from the center of Yokohama, so even those who don't like living in a crowded central area will find it easy to live here.

Reference:Share Style Aobadai

5. premier minato mirai

Premier Minato Mirai is a share house conveniently located near Sakuragi-cho Station. The share house has an atelier-like atmosphere that is perfect for those who want to live in a relaxed atmosphere. With easy access to central Tokyo, this share house is also recommended for those who work in the city but would like to live in Yokohama.

Reference:Premier Minato Mirai

Useful information and support for living in Japan

Living in Japan is fascinating, but it is not uncommon to face many challenges due to language barriers and cultural differences. For example, you may encounter difficulties in all aspects of life, from using keigo (honorific expressions) in everyday and business situations, to difficulties in finding housing, using public services, preparing for the JLPT exam, and even meeting new friends and loved ones.

At such times, Goandup Salon will be your reliable partner!

Our community provides support and information to help foreign residents in Japan to make their life in Japan richer and more comfortable.

  • Japanese Language Studywill meet the needs of all levels, from daily conversation to the use of keigo in business situations, to efficient Japanese language learning methods and preparation for the JLPT exam.
  • livingaspect of the program provides concrete advice and information on how to establish a foundation for living in Japan, including explanations of Japanese culture and rules, finding housing, and how to contract public services and living infrastructure.
  • Jobs & CareersRegarding the "what if" section, we can help you find a job, change jobs, and understand Japanese business etiquette and workplace culture, which are key to a successful career in the workplace.
  • Travel & Dining Guidewill introduce you to hidden gems in Japan, must-try gourmet information, and other unique local attractions to help you experience Japan more deeply.

If you have any questions or concerns about life in Japan, Goandup Salon is here to help you! We will wholeheartedly support you to make your life in Japan smoother and more enjoyable.

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How was it? In this article, we have carefully selected 5 share houses in Yokohama that are recommended for foreigners. All of the share houses welcome foreign residents and provide a comfortable living environment with language support and exchange events.

We also explained in detail the charm of Yokohama, the characteristics of each district, and the rent rates for properties for single residents. Rent and lifestyle will vary greatly depending on whether you choose a convenient location near the city center or a town with rich nature and a relaxed atmosphere.

Yokohama is an easy place for foreigners to live, combining the convenience of the city with the healing power of nature. It is also an attractive environment where you can fully enjoy the charms of Japan, such as historical buildings, exotic sightseeing spots, and international cuisine.

Living in a share house will allow you to overcome language and cultural barriers and start a fulfilling life in Japan through interaction with Japanese and other foreigners.

We hope this helps you in your search for a share house in Yokohama. We hope you will consider Yokohama as the place for your new life.

  • We, "Goandup", will continue to promote the charm of Japan to the world.

  • If you found this article useful or enjoyable in any way, we would appreciate your support to fund our operations.

  • We would appreciate donations of any amount via the PayPal link below.

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