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5 foreigner-friendly share houses in Yokohama!

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There are probably many foreigners who want to live in Yokohama, which has good access to Tokyo and a stylish atmosphere. This time, we will introduce 5 foreigner-friendly share houses in Yokohama.

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What kind of city is Yokohama?

Yokohama is a city located slightly south of Tokyo and is the central city of Kanagawa Prefecture. It is a city with a different atmosphere from Tokyo, with its location facing the sea and Chinatown. It has a very large population of approximately 3.7 million people, making it a city with a larger population than Osaka City.

What are the benefits and charms of living in Yokohama?

Yokohama isGood access to Tokyo and SaitamaThe advantage is that you can easily go to major places in the Kanto area by train. Even if your workplace or school is in Tokyo, it is quite possible to live and commute to Yokohama. Yokohama is very prosperous and has many commercial facilities and tourist spots. There are many fun placesIt is also attractive. Also, Yokohama Actively supporting childcare, etc.Therefore, it is a recommended city to live with your family.

Points to consider when choosing a share house

There are many foreigner-friendly share houses in Yokohama, so it is important to choose the property that suits you. So here we will introduce some points to consider when choosing a share house.

concept and atmosphere

Most of the people living in foreign-friendly share houses have a purpose, such as interacting with other residents or studying English. When choosing a share house, check whether the concept of the share house matches your purpose.

Another point to check is the overall atmosphere of the share house. Check to see if the atmosphere is lively and lively, or if the atmosphere is quiet and people value privacy.


In a share house, facilities such as baths and toilets are shared, so be sure to check that the facilities are well-equipped. If you live in a shared house with few facilities such as baths, toilets, and washing machines, you may not be able to use them when you want.

Also, many share houses have set rules and times for using the facilities, so be sure to ask the manager about these rules.

Number of residents

Some share houses have only about 5 residents, while others are large and have over 100 residents. Choose a share house with the number of people that suits you depending on whether you want to interact with lots of people or live quietly.


Even though Yokohama is simply called Yokohama, the central area such as Naka Ward and the surrounding areas such as Aobadai are quite different. When looking for a share house, narrow down what area in Yokohama you want to live in.


Of course, the rent is something you should check. Shared houses are attractive because of their low rent, but depending on the location and facilities, it may not be that cheap. Also, the rent varies depending on the room even in the same shared house. Also, check whether there is a security deposit or key money, and how much the security deposit is.

5 recommended share houses in Yokohama for foreigners

Here, we will introduce five recommended foreigner-friendly share houses in Yokohama.

1.ARDEN Fujigaoka

ARDEN Fujigaoka is a foreigner-friendly share house located just a short walk from Fujigaoka Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line. The residents are all Japanese who want to learn English and foreigners who want to learn Japanese, so you can naturally make friends and learn while communicating together. Fujigaoka can go to Shibuya without changing trains, so its convenient transportation is also appealing.

Source: ARDEN Fujigaoka

2. Yokohama Bay City

Yokohama Bay City is a foreigner-friendly share house located right next to Sorimachi Station. We keep the proportion of foreigners at 30%, and the appeal is that you can meet people from various nationalities. Yokohama Station is also within walking distance, making it a very convenient location for transportation. Exchange events between residents are held every month, so it is recommended for foreigners who want to make more friends.

Source: Yokohama Bay City

3. Urban Terrace Fujigaoka

Urban Terrace Fujigaoka is a foreigner-friendly share house with plenty of facilities such as a gym. The common spaces include a gym, theater room, and fitness room where you can practice yoga, so you can enjoy your hobbies to your heart's content. There are 86 rooms, so it's great that you can meet a variety of people.

Source: Urban Terrace Fujigaoka

4.Share Style Aobadai

Share Style Aobadai is a share house located in a quiet residential area, 7 minutes walk from Aobadai Station. There are only about 10 people living in this house, so it is recommended for people who don't like living in a shared house with a large number of people. The location is far from the center of Yokohama, so even those who don't like living in the center of Yokohama will find it convenient.

Source: Share Style Aobadai

5. Premier Minato Mirai

Premier Minatomirai is a conveniently located share house right near Sakuragicho Station. The atelier-like hideaway atmosphere is appealing, making it perfect for those who want to live in a relaxed atmosphere. It has good access to the city center, so it is also recommended for those who work in Tokyo but want to live in Yokohama.

Source: Premier Minato Mirai


This time we have summarized some foreigner-friendly share houses in Yokohama. Each share house in Yokohama has its own concept and characteristics, so be sure to choose one that matches your desired lifestyle.

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