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5 foreigner-friendly share houses in Fukuoka!

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In Fukuoka, there are foreign-friendly share houses that actively accept foreigners, and many foreigners live alone. This time, we will introduce 5 foreigner-friendly share houses in Fukuoka.

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If you live in Fukuoka, we recommend a foreigner-friendly share house!

If you decide to live in Fukuoka for work or study abroad, you must first find a place to live. However, foreigners often feel anxious about living alone in Japan.

If you are like that,We recommend living together in a foreigner-friendly share If you live in a foreign-friendly share house, there are many foreigners who can speak English, and most Japanese people are also interested in English, so you won't have any trouble communicating.

What kind of place is Fukuoka? What's the charm?

There may be foreigners who know about Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, etc., but don't know much about Fukuoka.

Fukuoka is located in the west of JapanA prefecture located in a place called "Kyushu"Fukuoka City is the largest city in Kyushu. It is a land with both city and nature, and lots of delicious food. It is also attractive because it has convenient transportation, low prices, and many traditional festivals where you can experience Japanese culture.

Advantages of living in a share house

What are the advantages of a shared house compared to a regular rental apartment? Understand the benefits of a shared house and decide whether you should choose between a regular apartment and a shared house.

You can meet various people

Since many different people live together in a share house, it is easy to interact with each other and make friends. Some foreigners living alone in Japan may not have many friends yet, so a share house is a great place to meet people.

rent is cheap

In a shared house, you share a room with several people, so the rent is often cheaper than a regular apartment. In addition, there are many cases where security deposits and key money are free, which helps keep costs low.

Furniture and home appliances are often included.

The advantage of shared houses is that the rooms often come with furniture and home appliances, so you don't have to buy them yourself when you move. Refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, etc. are located in shared spaces, so new equipment is often installed to make it easier for everyone to use.

I don't feel lonely because there are always people around.

In shared houses, there is usually someone in the lounge, so even foreigners living alone will not feel lonely. However, you need to be careful as having other people can actually be a disadvantage if relationships deteriorate.

5 foreigner-friendly share houses in Fukuoka

Here we will introduce five recommended share houses in Fukuoka that are foreigner-friendly. Each share house has a different location and concept, so find a share house that suits you.

1.Discovery Hakata South

Discovery Hakata South is a share house for Japanese people who want to study English, and is one of the foreigner-friendly properties. There is a rule that English is spoken in the lounge, so even foreigners who are not good at Japanese can communicate with confidence. The building uses a lot of wood for its interior, giving it a calm and stylish atmosphere.

2.Discovery Meinohama South

Discovery Meinohama South is a share house with the same concept as Discovery Hakata South, which I introduced earlier. The location is Meinohama in Nishi Ward, where you can easily go to the city and enjoy nature. The lounge has a yoga room, a theater room, and a space where you can play mahjong and darts.

3.Share House Hidamari Ohori Koenmae

"Share House Hidamari Ohori Koen-mae" is a foreigner-friendly share house located in Ohori Park, a popular area in Chuo Ward. It has good access to Tenjin and convenient transportation.

Since it is a renovated property, the interior is well appointed and has a spacious and open atmosphere.

4.Share House Hidamari Nishishin

"Share House Hidamari Nishishin" is a foreigner-friendly share house located near Nishishin Station. Nishijin is an area with many students, and its appeal is that there are many used bookstores and miscellaneous goods stores. It is a house rather than an apartment, and although it has been renovated, the interior retains a bit of the Showa era atmosphere.

5.Sharely Style Hakata

Sharely Style Hakata is a very large share house with a capacity of 100 people. Of course, it is foreigner friendly and you can interact with people of various nationalities.

The location has good access, about 15 minutes to Tenjin and 20 minutes to Hakata Station. We actively hold events for socializing, so it's perfect for people who want to have fun living with a large group.

Source: Sharely Style Hakata


There are many foreigner-friendly share houses in Fukuoka, so if you are a foreigner living alone, why not consider them? There are many share houses in Fukuoka other than those introduced here, so be sure to find your favorite one.

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