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5 Hikari Internet (fiber optic line) in Japan recommended for foreigners!

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There are many providers of Hikari Internet (fiber optic line) in Japan, so foreigners who are not good at Japanese may have a hard time knowing which one to choose. In this article, we will introduce five recommended Japanese Hikari Internet providers for foreigners.

Difference between a line operator and a provider (ISP)

When researching Hikari Internet in Japan, you will find two types of providers: "line operators" and "providers". To use Hikari Internet in Japan, you need to know the difference between these two.

What is a line operator?

A line operator is a company that provides an Internet connection, such as an optical fiber line. It is important to note that they only provide lines and do not provide connection services. Major line operators in Japan include NTT, au, and Softbank.

What is a provider (ISP)?

A provider is a company that connects us to the Internet using an Internet connection from a line operator so that we can use the Internet. It is said that there are hundreds of providers in Japan, and each of them offers different services such as fees and transmission speed.

In Japan, you need to sign up for both a line operator and a provider.

In Japan, you cannot connect to the Internet by signing a contract only with a line provider, so you need to sign a contract with both providers. However, in most cases, the contract with the line provider and the provider are made as a set, so there are few cases where you have to go to the two providers separately to apply for the service, which can be troublesome.

5 recommended providers of Hikari Internet for foreigners

Here are five recommended Hikari Internet providers for foreigners.

1.GTN mobile

GTN mobile was introduced in detail earlier,Providers offering Hikari Internet exclusively to foreignersIt is. If you want to choose a place with excellent support for foreigners, it is the best choice.

Click here to contact GTN mobile!


SAKURA MOBILE is a provider of Internet services for foreigners in Japan, offering not only Wi-Fi and SIM, but also Hikari Internet. The fee is rather expensive at 7,128 yen per month including tax, but it is popular among foreigners who want to focus on support for foreigners.

Click here to contact SAKURA MOBILE!

3. au HIKARI

au HIKARI Internet is provided by au, Japan's leading cell phone company. au HIKARI is one of the major providers with excellent support for foreigners. When you subscribe to Hikari Internet, you can also use fiber-optic phones and multi-channel TV at the same time.

Click here to contact au HIKARI!

4. Asahi Net

Asahi Net is an expatriate provider of Hikari Internet over NTT lines. The contract is easier to understand and more affordable than conventional FLET'S Hikari. Hikari TV can be subscribed as an option, so it is recommended for those who like TV.

Click here to contact Asahi Net!

5.Assist Solutions

Assist Solutions is a Japanese Hikari Internet provider with excellent English support, offering NTT's Hikari Internet in a package that is easy for foreigners to understand.

Contact Assist Solutions for more information!

Hikari Internet Providers List

The following is a list of the most popular plans and rates for Hikari Internet in Japan introduced here.

ISPPopular Planscommunication speedMonthly FeeInitial cost
GTN mobilehome InternetUp to 1 GbpsInquiry requiredInquiry required (administrative fee is 3,850 yen including tax)
SAKURA MOBILESAKURA FIBER INTERNETUp to 1 Gbps7,128 yen including taxInquiry required
au HIKARIAlways Giga Value PlanDetached house:
Max Gpbs~10 Gpbs
(Depends on plan)
Up to 100Mbps~1G-bps
From 6,160 yen including tax
(Much Giga Value Plan)
New registration fee: 3,300 yen including tax
Installation fee, etc.: 41,250 yen including tax (discount system available)
Asahi NetAsahinet HikariUp to 1 Gbps5,698 yen including tax (detached house)Administration fee: 880 yen
Initial installation fee: 19,800 yen (cash back available)
Assist Solutions1Gbps FTTH Home typeUp to 1 GbpsFrom 6,000 yen including taxInstallation cost: 21,600 yen


There are several Hikari Internet providers in Japan that offer foreign language support. If you are a foreigner who is not fluent in Japanese, choose a provider with excellent foreign language support, such as GTN mobile.

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