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5 foreigner-friendly social apartments in Tokyo!

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Among the recently popular "social apartments", there are properties where many foreigners live, and they are recommended for foreigners who are starting to live in Tokyo. In this article, we will introduce five foreigner-friendly social apartments in Tokyo.

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Introducing foreigner-friendly social apartments!

If you live in Tokyo, social apartments are recommended!

For foreigners to live alone in Tokyo, they must first rent a room. However, for foreigners living in Japan for the first time, finding a room in Japan can be difficult.

For foreigners living in Tokyo, we would like to recommend:social apartment”This is an apartment. Social apartments are easy to live in even for foreigners, and you can rest assured that there are many foreigner-friendly properties that speak English.

What is a social apartment?

What is a social apartment?An apartment with a lounge where residents can interact with each otherIt means. It feels like living in a shared house, and you can easily make friends with other residents.

Each social apartment property has its own concept.People with similar hobbies and goals gather togetherIt is characterized by There are also social apartments where people who want to study English or want to meet foreigners gather, so foreigners can also enjoy living here.

The charm of social apartments

Social apartments are not as well known as shared houses, so some people may not know what their appeal is. What is the appeal of social apartments?

Meet people with similar hobbies and goals

Social apartments are a place where people with similar hobbies and goals gather, such as music lovers, movie buffs, and people who want to study English. If you gather people with the same interests as you, your interactions will naturally become deeper.

A stylish and fun lounge

The Social Apartment has a stylish lounge where you can feel relaxed and happy just by spending time there. Additionally, there is a private theater for movie buffs and a gym for exercise buffs, so you can enjoy your hobbies to the fullest.

Unlike a share house, you can have privacy

The appeal of a share house is that you can interact with the residents, but the downside is that it is difficult to maintain privacy, as the rooms are shared and there are few bathrooms and toilets. On the other hand, with a social apartment, you can secure your privacy in a room similar to a regular apartment.

Maintain an appropriate distance from residents

In a shared house, there is a lot of interaction between residents, so even if you like spending time with other people, it can be a hassle. On the other hand, if you live in a social apartment, you only have to go to the lounge when you want to socialize, so you can maintain a reasonable distance from other residents.

Disadvantages of social apartments

The disadvantages of social apartments are that, unlike shared houses,Rent is not cheapThere is a point. Also, the relationships between residents are not as strong as in a shared house, so shy people may have a hard time interacting with each other until they get used to it.

5 foreigner-friendly social apartments in Tokyo

Here, we will introduce five foreign-friendly social apartments in Tokyo that are recommended for foreigners.

1.World Neighbors Ebisu

World Neighbors Ebisu is a new social apartment that was just opened in March 2020. It is popular as a foreigner-friendly property where people of various nationalities and professions gather. Ebisu has very good access to the city center, and being able to go to popular areas right away is also attractive.

Reference: World Neighbors Ebisu

2.World Neighbors Gokokuji Temple

World Neighbors Gokokuji is a stylish social apartment with a cafe in the lounge. People from various countries live here, making it a very foreign-friendly property. Gokokuji Temple is located in Bunkyo Ward, which is a perfect area to live reasonably close to the city center.

Reference: World Neighbors Gokokuji Temple

3.World Neighbors Kiyosumi Shirakawa

World Neighbors Kiyosumi Shirakawa is a foreigner-friendly social apartment located in Koto Ward. There is also a cafe in the lounge, and you can take out and eat at a nearby park. We have the latest coin laundry facilities, so it's also recommended for people who want to wash their futons and rugs regularly.

Reference: World Neighbors Kiyosumi Shirakawa

4.Social Apartment Azabu Juban

Social Apartment Azabu-Juban is a well-located social apartment located a 2-minute walk from Azabu-Juban Station. Approximately 30% of the residents are foreigners, making it a very foreign-friendly property. The number of rooms is 28, which is one of the smallest among social apartments. If you want to live here, be sure to check the available rooms frequently.

Reference: Social Apartment Azabujuban

5.Social Apartment Harajuku

Social Apartment Harajuku is a very foreign-friendly social apartment with nearly half of the residents being foreigners. There are lots of books in the lounge, so you can relax and read in a stylish space. You can go to Shibuya and Shinjuku right away, so it's very convenient.

Reference: Social Apartment Harajuku


Foreigner-friendly social apartments are recommended as a new option for foreigners to live in Tokyo. Enjoy your life in Tokyo in a space that is completely different from an ordinary apartment or share house.

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