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What is the size of tatami mat? Also explains the meaning

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  • “How big is a tatami mat?”

    "How big is a 6 tatami room?"

    Many foreigners come to Japan and want to know about tatami, the traditional Japanese room floor. In particular, some people may have trouble figuring out how big a tatami is, even though a real estate agent has told them that their room is 6 tatami.

    This time, we will introduce the meaning of tatami (jo), the size of tatami, and the dimensions of 1 tatami. Please take a look at our explanation of how big a 6 tatami room is, which is often referred to as a 6 tatami room.

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    What does jo (tatami) mean?

    In Japan, expressions such as a 6-tatami (jo) Japanese-style room are used. Tatami (jo) is a unit used to express the size of a room. This unit is used to express the size of a Japanese-style room, so keep it in mind.

    The size of each tatami is fixed. The size that can be viewed at a real estate agent is determined to be 1 tatami = 1.62 square meters or more. 1 square meter is used interchangeably with 1 square meter.

    In other words, 1.62 square meters has the same meaning as 1.62 square meters.

    Next, if you find out how many tatami mats are used in one room, you will be able to understand the size of the room. For example, if you have a Japanese-style room with 6 tatami mats, it means that 6 tatami mats are used to form one room.

    So, how big is 1 tatami in units other than meters?

    mosquito. We will introduce this in the next chapter.

    How many feet is a tatami mat? How many inches?

    In Japan, the size of 1 tatami is 1.62 square meters (㎡). We will also introduce units for countries other than Japan, so please take a look. The dimensions in feet and inches are as follows:

    1.62 square meters (square meter) = 17.43753 ft² (square feet)

    1.62 square meters (square meter) = 2511in² (square inch)

    Reference site: Metric system conversion

    How big is the "6 tatami room"?

    So, you might want to know specifically how big a 6 tatami room is. The size of the 6 tatami room is as follows.

    Since 1 tatami is 1.62 square meters (㎡), 6 tatami is calculated as follows.

    1.62 square meters (㎡) x 6 tatami mats = 9.72 square meters (㎡).

    9.72 square meters is 15066.03in² in inches and 104.6252ft² in feet.

    Once you know how big a 6 tatami room is, many people may feel that it is too small to live in a 6 tatami room. In Japan, many people live alone in a 6-tatami room. If you are concerned about the size of the rooms when looking for a home, please consult with a real estate agent when choosing a home. You can also tour the house, so it's a good idea to see it and decide.

    What are the key points to living comfortably in a 6 tatami room?

    We will introduce some points that will help you live comfortably when you actually end up living in a 6 tatami room. It may seem like a small space to live in, but if you choose and arrange your furniture carefully, you can live comfortably. Let's take a look.

    Choose the right size furniture

    Furniture also comes in various sizes, but please avoid buying anything larger than necessary.

    It is a good idea to make sure that the size of your desk and chairs is not too large and that they do not take up too much space.

    Choose furniture with storage

    Consider choosing furniture with storage. For example, when placing a bed, it would be a good idea to choose one that has the ability to store various items under the bed. Also, even if the bed does not have a storage function, it is a good idea to choose a design with a height so that you can store things under the bed.

    Think about furniture placement

    Additionally, tatami mats are susceptible to moisture and moisture and are easily damaged. Dust mites are sensitive to sunlight and dryness, so make sure that sunlight can easily enter and that there is good ventilation. To prevent dust mites, it is a good idea to be careful about where you place your furniture, such as by not placing things near windows to allow more sunlight to enter, and by creating an air passage.

    Choose by furniture color

    Thinking about the color of your furniture can also help make a room appear larger. White furniture is visually appealing and helps make a room look larger. White curtains and furniture will give your room an open feel. There are many things you do in Japan for the first time, so you may feel confused, but once you get used to it, you will be able to spend your days easily and comfortably.

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    Below is a summary of the points you should keep in mind in this article.

    • A guide to knowing the size of a room is the number of tatami mats. For example, a 6 tatami Japanese room has 6 tatami mats.
    • The general size of 1 tatami mat is 1.62 square meters.
    • 1 tatami is 17.43753 ft² (square feet) and 2511 in² (square inches).
    • In order to live comfortably in a 6-tatami room, you should be careful when choosing and arranging furniture.

    Traditional Japanese rooms in Japan differ from those in other countries in many ways, and many people may be confused by the cultural differences. In particular, tatami mats are familiar to all Japanese people, so it's good to know about them.

    This time, we introduced the size of tatami, how big it is in feet and inches, and the size of a 6 tatami room. Please learn about Japanese-style rooms and enjoy a comfortable life in Japan.

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