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Sending foreign students through "Goenup": a strong ally of Japanese language schools!

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The world is changing at a dizzying pace, and in order to ride the wave of change, cross-border experiences have become invaluable. Study abroad is one of the best opportunities to provide just that experience. For students, studying abroad means more than just learning in a foreign country. It is a great opportunity to absorb a new culture, hone language skills, and develop a broader view of the world. International students will gain an appreciation for the values of different cultures and develop global skills that will serve them well wherever they may be in the future.

However, the road to study abroad is not always smooth. Institutions, including Japanese language schools, face a variety of challenges in attracting and retaining students. These challenges include intense competition, unclear information, and cultural and linguistic barriers. These further complicate finding the perfect match between school and student.

Therefore, this article describes how Goenup Inc. solves these challenges, opens up new possibilities for Japanese language schools, and supports the dreams of international students. We offer a unique service that bridges the gap between students and schools, offering solutions to problems faced by both. Through this article, we will share with you how our services can benefit both Japanese language schools and international students.

Challenges in recruiting international students and Goenup's solutions

Challenges and Solutions for International Student Recruitment

Attracting students from all over the world, Japanese language schools play an important role in teaching Japanese language and culture to international students from diverse backgrounds. These schools aim to provide students with a quality education and enrich their study abroad experience. However, the road is not always easy.

Do you have any of these issues?

  • Competition with other schools is fierce and it is difficult to attract students!
    • With the growth of the global education market, competition to attract students is intensifying.
  • It's hard to see the appeal of schools...
    • Prospective students may not have easy access to the information they need when selecting a school.
  • School operating costs are increasing...
    • The increasing cost of providing quality education and support is putting a strain on school operations.
  • It is difficult to support international students in their daily lives!
    • International students need support not only in terms of language but also in terms of daily life in order to adjust to their new environment.

Solutions provided by Goenup

Goenup looks at Japanese language schools facing these challenges and helps them attract and retain international students. Our services benefit both international students and schools in the following ways

  • Improved access for international students
    • In response to the intense competition and difficulty in attracting students in the global education market, we reach out to Japanese language learners and prospective students around the world through our company. This approach allows our partner schools to promote their educational programs internationally and appeal to a wider range of students.
  • Providing information transparency
    • In order to effectively communicate the appeal of our schools and address the lack of information that students face, we provide detailed school-specific information. This allows students to easily access the transparent and accurate information they need when choosing a school.
  • Reduction of school operating costs
    • To address the increased costs associated with providing quality education and support, we help schools streamline their marketing and student recruitment processes. By leveraging our platform, schools can allocate resources more effectively and maintain the quality of their educational services while reducing costs.
  • Strengthen support for international students
    • We provide comprehensive support for international students in response to their need for assistance in their daily lives, starting prior to their study abroad. Through online Japanese language study, Japanese culture introduction programs, and local living support, we help international students adjust smoothly to their new environment.

Our goal is to help Japanese language schools overcome these challenges and provide quality educational opportunities to more international students. Through us, schools can promote themselves internationally and become an attractive option for international students.

Goenup's service lineup for foreigners

Goenup's service lineup for foreigners

As a bridge between foreign students and Japanese language schools, Goandup offers a wide range of services that address various issues in the education market. Our service lineup for foreigners is supported by three main axes: Goandup Nihongo+, an online platform for effective Japanese language learning; Goandup Study, which provides support for realizing the dream of studying abroad; and Goandup Salon, which provides full support for a new life in Japan. Goandup Salon," which provides comprehensive support for new life in Japan. Through these services, we are able to meet the various needs of each international student and support a more fulfilling study abroad experience.

In addition, Japanese language schools can reach out directly to foreigners who utilize these services. This method allows schools the opportunity to efficiently attract international students and promote their educational programs and uniqueness to the world.

Goandup Nihongo+ (Goenup Nihongo Plus)

Goandup Nihongo +" is an online service that allows you to learn Japanese in the comfort of your own home. The service is especially focused on the N5 and N4 levels of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), and aims not only to fulfill the requirements for applying for a student visa, but also to ensure that foreigners improve their language skills so that they can confidently take on the challenges of daily life and academic work in Japan.

  • vocabulary learningBasic vocabulary: approximately 800 words at the N5 level and 1,500 to 2,000 words at the N4 level.
  • Grammar studyN4 level: Start with basic grammar and learn more complex grammatical structures at the N4 level.
  • studying kanji through the kana syllabaryN5: Learn about 100 Kanji characters in N5 and about 300 characters in N4 to develop reading and writing skills for daily life.
  • listening comprehension practiceN4: Starts with everyday conversation and aims to understand more complex information at the N4 level.

Detailed service details can be found here▼.

Goandup Study

Goandup Study" provides services that meet the needs of each individual international student, from preparation before studying abroad to support for daily life in Japan. We provide full support for your study abroad preparation and help you get off to a smooth start in your study abroad life.

  • Study Abroad ConsultationFree initial consultation: We offer a study abroad plan tailored to each individual student.
  • Japanese Language SchoolJapanese language school introductions tailored to individual needs
  • Application agent for college student visasSupport for the necessary procedures to obtain a college student visa

Detailed service details can be found here▼.

Goandup Salon

Goandup Salon" is a subscription-based online community that provides support for new life in Japan not only before arriving in Japan, but also after arrival. Foreigners can get direct advice from experienced people (foreign and Japanese residents in Japan) on any questions or problems they may have regarding life in Japan.

  • Lifestyle SupportSupport for all aspects of life in Japan, including: Japanese culture and customs, opening a bank account, cell phone contracts, etc.
  • Follow-up on Japanese language studyJapanese listening and learning consultation and sharing of effective learning strategies
  • Part-time job searchProviding practical advice on: how to find a part-time job, how to prepare for an interview, etc.

Detailed service details can be found here▼.

Goenup's marketing support

Goenup's marketing support

Goenup offers a service in which we write an article LP on the attractiveness of your school and post the created LP on our media (Goandup Picks), which boasts approximately 100,000 PV per month. This service is offered at a monthly fee of 0 yen, and the submitted articles remain on the media semi-permanently. This allows for an efficient marketing strategy, as a single submission guarantees exposure over a long period of time. Furthermore, through automatic translation into the top six languages in which most students study in Japan, and page generation in each language, the service is also displayed in Google search results in each country, making it possible to widely communicate the school's appeal to potential international students around the world.

Top 10 countries in user base, by countryJapan, U.S.A., China, Poland, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, Korea, Thailand, CanadaThe first two are the following.

In addition, we will use our SNS account (total followers: approx. 16,000) to further promote the school's appeal. Our followers are mainly foreigners interested in learning Japanese and Japanese culture, and many are looking to live and build their careers in Japan. Reaching this specific follower base is an important way for schools to efficiently attract quality international students.

Goenup's Service Proposal Menu

Service CategoryProposalChargeremarks
Marketing SupportInitial: Creation of article LPFrom 100,000 yenCommunicate your company's appeal to the world
Monthly: Creation of article LPFrom 100,000 yenRevision, SNS planning, posting, and operation
International Student Referral AssistanceFull enrollment pay-for-performanceFrom 100,000 yenAfter a prospective student actually decides to enroll and transfers the enrollment fee, the referral fee is paid.
Reward per visitorFrom 10,000 yenPayment after interview is confirmed by prospective students referred by us.

Differences between Goenup and study abroad agents

Differences between Goenup and study abroad agents

The services Goenup provides to Japanese language schools go beyond just introducing foreign students. We offer unique solutions to the various challenges faced by Japanese language schools. At the core of our services is an efficient system for sending international students, comprehensive marketing support, and personalized study abroad assistance tailored to each individual student.

When using a study abroad agent

  • Not attracting quality students
    • Japanese language schools tend to focus on quantity rather than quality, especially by accepting many students from developing countries. Improvements are needed to attract high quality students.
  • Few inquiries from developed countries
    • We receive many inquiries from developing countries, but few inquiries from developed countries, and we lack a strategy to attract students from developed countries.
  • Lack of resources to attract customers
    • Japanese language schools are not devoting the necessary resources to attract students. They are spending a lot of resources on follow-up with students and are not investing enough in attracting new students.
  • High reliance on study abroad agents
    • Many Japanese language schools depend on and pay high fees to study abroad agents, who provide visa application support but are reluctant to communicate the school's appeal.
  • Lack of brand strength
    • Since there is no difference in brand strength among Japanese language schools and it is difficult for students to decide which school to choose, an effective branding strategy that conveys the uniqueness and attractiveness of the school is needed.
  • There is information opacity.
    • Since information about schools is opaque, making it difficult for international students to select the most suitable school, it is important to increase transparency in the provision of information and to assist students in selecting the appropriate school.

When to use Goenup

  • Attracts high quality students
    • By combining our online platform with personalized support, we send high-quality international students who meet the school's requirements. This provides strong support for schools' internationalization strategies and differentiates them from their competitors.
  • Increase in inquiries from developed countries
    • We fill this gap by developing marketing strategies specifically for foreigners from developed countries and attracting access especially from developed countries. Our international promotional efforts attract foreigners from developed countries.
  • Optimization of resources to attract customers
    • Through enhanced use of digital marketing and social networking, we will be able to recruit students more efficiently and optimize our investment in attracting new students.
  • Breaking Dependence on Study Abroad Agents
    • By placing us between the international student and the school and communicating the school's appeal directly to the international student, we reduce dependence on agents and achieve more effective communication. This allows us to more clearly highlight the school's features and advantages without paying a high fee.
  • Strengthening Brand Strength
    • Through international promotion utilizing our SNS and media, we will effectively communicate the attractiveness of our Japanese language school to the rest of the world. This will enhance the school's brand value and attract the attention of more international students.
  • Improvement of information transparency
    • We propose a branding strategy that brings the uniqueness and attractiveness of the school to the forefront and increases transparency of information so that foreigners can easily find the best school for them.

Through these strategies, we help Japanese language schools solve their challenges, attract quality students, and strengthen their brand. We also aim to increase satisfaction for both students and schools through effective access and ongoing support for international students.


Goenup's Mission

Through this article, we hope that you have gained an understanding of the value that Goenup Inc. brings to Japanese language schools and international students. We provide practical solutions to the challenges schools face and help international students enrich their study life in Japan.

Our mission is to help schools welcome new international students and expand their educational opportunities. Join us and together we will build the future of our school.

Goenup will continue to serve as a bridge between Japanese language schools and international students, and is committed to providing the best possible service to both parties.

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Goenup Corporation

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  • Vision:We at Goandup are committed to providing a service that brings together foreigners who wish to live and work in Japan and Japanese companies who wish to hire foreigners, and turn them into "karma".
  • Business Description:Online Japanese language study support for international students, support for international students, support for daily life support for international students, support for employment of international students
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  • We, "Goandup", will continue to promote the charm of Japan to the world.

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