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Introducing foreigner-friendly social apartments!

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Social apartments are becoming increasingly popular as a new form of living as an alternative to shared housing. In this article, we will introduce social apartments in Tokyo that are recommended for foreigners, and explain the appeal and precautions of social apartments.

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5 foreigner-friendly social apartments in Tokyo!

What is a social apartment?

Social apartments are a new type of condominium operated by a company called Global Agents. There is a lounge where residents can interact with each other, and you can enjoy communication there just like in a share house.

Another feature of social apartments is that people with the same interests gather together. People who like movies and music gather here, so you can expand your circle of people.

What's different from a share house?

At first glance, social apartments look similar to shared houses, so many people may not be able to tell the difference. Although social apartments and shared houses have some similarities, they are fundamentally different.

In a shared house, everyone lives together in one residence, but in a social apartment, each person is assigned a room, just like in a regular apartment, and it's like an apartment with a lounge.

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The charm of social apartments

A social apartment is like a combination of the best features of a regular apartment and a shared house. You have a private room just like a normal apartment, and you can interact with the residents like you would in a shared house.

Understand the appeal of social apartments and enjoy a lifestyle that cannot be enjoyed in a regular apartment.

Privacy can be ensured

Some share houses have private rooms, but they can be small and you can easily hear the noise from your neighbors. In comparison, social apartments have rooms that feel more like regular apartments, allowing you to have more privacy.

You can interact with people with the same hobbies

Each social apartment property has its own concept, and people with the same goals gather together, such as movie lovers and people who want to interact with foreigners. It's similar to living in a share house, and the appeal is that you can talk to the people in the lounge, interact with them, expand your network, and make more friends.

The lounge is stylish

Social Apartment has stylish lounges where residents can interact with each other, and you can feel relaxed just by being there. The lounge has a private theater and a cafe, so you can expand your circle of friends while enjoying your hobbies in a stylish space.

Points to note about social apartments

Social apartments have many appeals, but there are some things you should be aware of, especially when it comes to rent and the area you can live in. Be aware that there are more restrictions than in a shared house.

Rent is not cheap

Social apartments are apartments for socializing, and are not intended for cheap living like shared houses. Therefore, the rent can be about the same as a regular apartment, or even higher if it has a luxurious lounge.

There are limited areas where you can live

As of 2021, the only areas with social apartments are Kanto, Kansai, Sapporo, and Fukuoka. Please note that while shared houses can be found almost anywhere in the country, social apartments are only available in limited areas.

However, new social apartments are increasing rapidly, so it may be possible to live in areas where there are no social apartments in the future.

3 foreigner-friendly social apartments in Tokyo

In the social apartmentThere are also properties where people who want to interact with foreigners gather.Therefore, if you are a foreigner and want to live in a social apartment, we recommend looking for properties like this.

Here we will introduce three particularly recommended properties among foreigner-friendly social apartments.

1.World Neighbors Gokokuji Temple

World Neighbors Gokokuji is a social apartment with many foreign residents. There is a cafe in the lounge, where you can interact with people from various countries in a stylish space.

Reference: World Neighbors Gokokuji Temple

2. World Neighbors Ebisu

World Neighbors Ebisu is a new social apartment that was just opened in March 2020. Just like World Neighbors Gokokuji, it is foreign-friendly, so you can interact with people of various nationalities. The location is very convenient as you can walk to Meguro and Daikanyama.

Reference: World Neighbors Ebisu

3.World Neighbors Kiyosumi Shirakawa

World Neighbors Kiyosumi Shirakawa is a social apartment located in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Koto Ward. Although it is located a little far from the city center, the laid-back atmosphere of the downtown area is appealing. It is characterized by the latest coin laundry, where you can wash futons and rugs.

Reference: World Neighbors Kiyosumi Shirakawa


The appeal of social apartments is that you can interact with people like in a shared house, yet the rooms are as solid as a regular apartment. There are many foreigner-friendly properties, so it is recommended for foreigners living in Japan.

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