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Cheap and comfortable! 10 Capsule Hotels in Osaka Recommended for Foreigners

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Capsule hotels, where you stay in a narrow capsule the size of one bed, are popular among foreigners as a unique Japanese culture. In this article, we will introduce 10 capsule hotels in Osaka that are recommended for foreigners.

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What is a capsule hotel?

What is a capsule hotel?A hotel where you sleep in a bedroom separated into a narrow space like a capsule.It means. Unlike regular hotels, there are no separate rooms for each guest, and each bed capsule provides a private space. Capsule hotels are rare outside of Japan, so foreigners sometimes stay there to enjoy Japanese culture.

The charm of capsule hotels

Capsule hotels are attractive because of their low accommodation costs and the ability to enjoy a different experience than a regular hotel.

Accommodation costs are low

The average cost for a night's stay at a capsule hotel is around 2,500 to 3,000 yen, with even more luxurious hotels costing around 4,000 yen. Business hotels can cost around 5,000 yen per night, so you can stay there very cheaply compared to that.

Enjoy a different feeling than a normal hotel

Capsule hotels have many capsules lined up on the floor, and the inside of the capsule feels like being in a spaceship. This unique atmosphere is the reason why it is popular with foreign tourists.

Things to note about capsule hotels

Capsule hotels are different from regular hotels, so be sure to understand the important points before using them. Please note that the capsule is very small and there is no lockable door.

capsule is very small

The capsule only has space for one person to lie down, so it will feel very small for tall foreigners. The ceiling is also low, so be careful not to hit your head.

There's no door with a lock

The capsule only has a curtain separating the entrance, and there is no door with a lock. Therefore, please be careful if you leave your luggage in the capsule as there is a risk that it will be stolen. It is recommended that you leave your valuables in a locker.

10 Capsule Hotels in Osaka Recommended for Foreigners

Here, we will introduce 10 capsule hotels in Osaka that are recommended for foreigners. There are many good capsule hotels in Namba and Shin-Osaka, so if you are a foreigner visiting Osaka for sightseeing or business, you will be able to find the perfect hotel.

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nine hours

Nine Hours is a highly recommended capsule hotel that is especially popular in Osaka. Nine hours means 9 hours, which means 1 hour for bathing, 7 hours for sleep, and 1 hour for getting ready after waking up. There are stores in Shin-Osaka and Namba.

To make a reservation for Nine Hourshere

first cabin

First Cabin is a capsule hotel with a luxurious feel and is fully equipped with amenities. Even though it is a capsule hotel, you can stay there like a regular hotel. There are stores at Kansai Airport, Namba, and Nishi-Umeda.

To reserve the first cabinhere


HOTEL THE ROCK is a luxurious capsule hotel located in Honmachi. The overall interior has a chic design, allowing you to spend your time in a calm atmosphere. In addition to capsules, there are also rooms with bunk beds, perfect for two people staying together.

For reservations at HOTEL THE ROCKhere


J-garden is a capsule hotel located in Shin-Osaka. The interior is stylish and has an open feel, allowing you to spend a relaxing time. In addition to capsules, we also have private rooms (for men only), which are recommended for those who want to stretch their legs and relax.

For reservations for J-gardenhere

Capsule Hotel & Sauna Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi

Capsule Hotel & Sauna Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi is a capsule hotel where you can take a relaxing bath in the sauna and public bath. We also have private rooms that can accommodate up to 4 people, so you can also stay with friends.

Click here to contact Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi!

Hotel Shinsaibashi Cargo

Hotel Shinsaibashi Carge is a capsule hotel featuring a Japanese-style design. It is recommended for foreigners who want to enjoy something uniquely Japanese. The bedroom is a little larger than a typical capsule, so it's safe even for people who don't like small spaces or who are tall.

For reservations at Hotel Shinsaibashi Cargohere

Y's CABIN Osaka Namba

Y's CABIN Osaka Namba is a capsule hotel located near Namba Station. The capsules are spacious so that even tall foreigners can sleep comfortably. Another attraction is that there is a large public bath, where you can take a relaxing soak to relieve your fatigue.

For reservations at Y's CABIN Osaka Namba,here

Hotel Shin-Imamiya

Hotel Shin-Imamiya is a capsule hotel located right near Shin-Imamiya Station. It is also close to tourist spots such as Namba and Tennoji, so it is recommended for foreigners sightseeing in Osaka. There are limited-time discounts, such as plans where you can get cheaper accommodation rates if you stay for multiple nights, so be sure to check them out before you plan to stay.

For reservations at Hotel Shin-Imamiyahere

A-Style Shinsaibashi

A-Style Shinsaibashi is a female-only capsule hotel located in Shinsaibashi. Most capsule hotels have a women-only floor, but this one's entire hotel is exclusively for women, so you can use it with more peace of mind. There are two types of bedrooms: traditional capsule and larger bedrooms.

Click here to contact A-Style Shinsaibashi!

Sauna & Capsule Amza

Sauna & Capsule Amza is a capsule hotel with a full range of saunas and baths. You can enjoy an open-air bath with a view of Osaka while soaking in the bathtub, and a radium bath that is good for your skin. The appeal of the capsule is that it's spacious and makes you feel like you're relaxing in a hotel.

Click here to contact Sauna & Capsule AMZA!

Other hotelsherefrom!


There are many different styles of capsule hotels in Osaka, so it's a good idea to find the one you want to go to and experience it for yourself. As of 2022, some stores may be closed due to the effects of the new coronavirus, so we recommend checking in advance to see if they are open.

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