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Visa Switching: Understanding the Visa Process for Foreign Staff

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Business owners and HR professionals often struggle with the complexities of visa procedures related to foreign employees. From different visa types, application and renewal processes, and pathways to permanent residence, these topics are essential information for businesses to stay compliant and grow with their foreign employees.

But don't worry. This article demystifies legal terminology and technical knowledge and provides a practical guide to help you navigate the visa process.

Types of visas and their characteristics: What you need to understand when hiring foreign staff

Visa switching is an important aspect of international business operations. In particular, when hiring foreign staff, it is important to understand the process and follow appropriate procedures. Understanding the types of visas and their characteristics can help companies obtain a high-quality workforce while ensuring legal compliance.

Visa diversity and regulations

The first thing to understand is the fact that not all visas are the same. Each country offers different types of visas, each with specific regulations and conditions. For example, some visas grant work permits, while others are only for short-term visitors or tourists.

Importance of individual visa selection

The next consideration is the individual background of the visa applicant. The most suitable visa type may change depending on the type of job the person will be working in, the country they are from, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a visa that suits each foreign staff member.

Time and effort of visa application process

Additionally, the visa application process is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Certain visa applications can take weeks or even months or more, so planning ahead can avoid unnecessary stress and delays.

Considering visa renewal and switching

Another point to consider is switching or renewing your visa. Certain visas may need to be renewed after a certain period of time, or you may be required to switch to a completely new visa.

expert consulting

Finally, seeking professional help is also an option. Immigration lawyers and experienced consultants can be very helpful in navigating the complex visa process. Also, Foreign recruitment support PROWe also recommend using .

Visa switching process for foreign staff: basic knowledge and steps

Visa switching is one challenge many companies face when hiring foreign staff. Particularly in today's global business environment, attracting talent from different countries is becoming increasingly important. However, the process is complex and requires understanding and management.

Visa basics

Let's start with some basic knowledge. A visa is basically a type of permit that gives a foreigner the right to visit or stay in a country. There are many different types, each issued for a specific purpose and time period. For example, tourist visa, student visa, work visa etc.

Importance of switching work visas

A work visa is one of the main visas for foreign staff to work in Japanese companies. Companies may switch visas for foreign employees to accommodate new positions or job descriptions. In this case, the employer must prove that the employee has the necessary qualifications and experience for the new role.

visa switchingsteps

This process varies by country and region, but generally involves the following steps:

Step 1: Check your current visa

First, check the type and expiration date of your employee's current visa.

Step 2: Prepare necessary documents

We will prepare the necessary documents for applying for a visa change. This often includes a new employment contract, a copy of your current visa, and a new job description.

Step 3: Submit a switch request

Once you have prepared your application documents, submit them to the relevant country's immigration bureau or related organizations.

Step 4: Waiting for review

The Immigration Bureau and related agencies will check and screen the submitted information and documents.

Step 5: Receive your new visa

Once the visa switch is approved, the employee will receive a new visa.

Visa validity period and points to note when renewing

When a new visa is approved, the employee will receive it. It is important to note here that the newly obtained visa will only become valid after the previous visa has expired. Therefore, it is essential for both employers and employees to accurately understand the visa validity period and renewal timing, and to proceed with the necessary procedures in a planned manner.

Problems you may encounter when switching visas and their solutions

Visa switching refers to changing from one existing visa to another. This process is especially important when hiring foreign staff or when they change roles. However, this process has various problems.

procedural complexity

Switching visas requires an accurate understanding of the requirements of the new visa and the terms of the previous visa. As a solution to this complexity, it is recommended that you seek the advice of an immigration lawyer or visa consultant. In addition, we are familiar with the foreign recruitment system. Calima!One way is to consult with.

language barrier

The documents required for switching are often written in the official language of the country. This can cause language barriers to become an issue. You can overcome this problem by using translators and multilingual experts.

Planning and coordinating visa switching

Switching visas can take time, and it can be difficult to predict whether the switch will be approved. Advance planning and flexible adjustment of new staff joining dates are required.

To ensure a smooth visa switch, it is important to understand the issues and implement appropriate solutions. With the right advice and support, you can navigate this complex process smoothly.

Case study: Successful example of visa switching for foreign staff

Visa switching is an important process for foreign staff, and its success can enhance a company's capabilities and efficiency. We will help you understand the process through success stories of visa switching.

Background of XYZ Company

XYZ Company, an IT company based in Japan, was growing rapidly and was leveraging the skills and knowledge of foreign engineers to strengthen its competitiveness. Of particular note among them are Mr. Amit from India and Mr. Li from China. Both are experts in AI technology and were conducting research activities in Japan on student visas.

Need to switch

"XYZ Company" wanted to employ Amit and Lee as full-time employees in order to formally utilize their skills in business. However, in order to switch from a student visa to a visa, I needed to understand the detailed requirements and procedures of the Immigration Bureau.

Advice from experts

During this process, "XYZ Company" consulted Mr. Tanaka, an experienced immigration lawyer. Mr. Tanaka clarified Amit and Lee's respective specialized skills, educational backgrounds, and job descriptions, and gave advice on applying for a change of residence status based on that.

Application process

As a concrete suggestion, Mr. Tanaka recommended that Amit and Lee prepare a document detailing their job descriptions and accomplishments. He also advised how to demonstrate their professionalism to the immigration authorities by attaching achievements such as their previous achievements and publications.

road to success

Through these preparations, Amit and Lee's visa conversion applications went smoothly, and they were ultimately able to successfully obtain resident status.

This case study shows that visa switching requires a planned and strategic approach. Collaboration with experts and a deep understanding of employee characteristics are key to success. By understanding this process and responding appropriately, companies can grow together with their foreign staff.


Visa switching for foreign staff is an important part of companies' international human resources strategies. This process involves many complexities and challenges, but with the right advice and support, these hurdles can be overcome effectively. In particular, specific guidance from experts such as immigration attorneys can help companies prepare the necessary documents and navigate the process smoothly. In addition, successful visa switching can bring significant benefits to a company's growth and utilization of foreign staff. Therefore, proper procedures and a strategic approach are essential for a company's international development.

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