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A must-see for foreigners who want to work in Japan! 10 Recommended Jobs with High Salary

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  • An increasing number of foreigners are coming to Japan because they want to work in Japan and earn higher incomes than they would in their home country.

    There are also many foreigners who would like to work for a Japanese company to advance their career.

    This time we will introduce some high-paying jobs in Japan.

    We have also summarized how to find a job in Japan and the qualifications that are advantageous to have, so please refer to it if you want to work in Japan.

    10 Highly Paying Jobs in Japan for Foreigners

    Here we will introduce 10 types of jobs in Japan that have relatively high salaries and are suitable for foreigners.

    • IT professional
    • English teacher
    • Sales & Marketing
    • business analyst
    • engineer
    • Customer service
    • Interpretation and translation
    • mechanic
    • neurosurgeon
    • Internet banking

    IT professional

    IT professionals, who require a high level of expertise and responsibility, have a variety of jobs, including system engineers, programmers, and server engineers.

    The job content varies depending on the job type, but the job involves software design, development, and network system construction.

    <Average annual income> Approximately 5 million yen to 6 million yen

    English teacher

    My job is to teach English at private and public schools and companies in Japan.

    In Japan, there is a high demand for English teachers and their assistants, and many foreigners are actively working there.

    <Average annual income> Approximately 3 million yen to 4 million yen

    Sales & Marketing

    I work in the marketing and sales department of a Japanese company, and my work includes a wide variety of tasks, including market research, sales, and new product development.

    <Average annual income> Approximately 5 million yen ~

    business analyst

    Business analysts, who are experts in business analysis, can visualize current business operations, analyze issues, and mediate communication, so their work can be said to be an important role in leading a project to success.

    <Average annual income> Approximately 5.4 million yen to 6 million yen


    Japan is known for its high technological capabilities, and there are many jobs available for engineers.

    There are software engineers, mechanical engineers, etc., and depending on your skills and experience, you can earn a high salary.

    <Average annual income> Approximately 4.5 million yen to 5 million yen

    Customer service

    If you have sufficient Japanese language skills, it is possible to get a job in customer service at hotels, restaurants, airports, etc.

    If you can speak two or more languages, you will have more job options and it will be easier to find a job.

    <Average annual income> 3 million yen to 3.8 million yen

    Interpretation and translation

    Interpreters and translators who translate Japanese into multiple languages ​​are also jobs that are in high demand.

    Our main work includes interpreting internal meetings and business negotiations, interpreting external events and symposiums, and translating contracts.

    <Average annual income> Approximately 3.4 million yen


    Mechanics are responsible for maintaining and inspecting vehicles such as cars and airplanes.

    This is a job that requires specialized knowledge, and the higher the level of technical ability and work, the higher the salary tends to be.

    <Average annual income> Approximately 4.3 million yen to 6 million yen


    This job involves diagnosing, preventing, and treating patients with cranial nerve diseases.

    Specializing in the brain, spinal cord, and nerves, it requires extremely high surgical skills.

    <Average annual income> Approximately 15 million yen

    Internet banking

    If you have experience in banking, you can also get a job in internet banking.

    There is very little service work involved, including construction and development of internet banking systems.

    <Average annual income> Approximately 4 million yen to 5 million yen

    3 popular part-time jobs for foreigners with high salaries in Japan

    It is also possible to earn a high salary with part-time work in Japan.

    Here we will introduce three part-time jobs that are popular among foreigners and have relatively high hourly wages.

    • restaurant
    • Convenience store/supermarket
    • Hotel


    Work at a restaurant involves mainly serving customers, taking orders and delivering food and drinks.

    Since you will also be working at the cash register, this position is suitable for people with strong Japanese communication skills.

    Some stores may also be hiring dishwashing and cooking staff.

    <Average hourly wage> Approximately 1,000 yen

    Convenience store/supermarket

    Many foreign staff work at convenience stores and supermarkets, handling cash registers, displaying products, and cleaning the store.

    It is a relatively easy job to start as it does not require any special knowledge.

    <Average hourly wage> Approximately 840 yen to 1,000 yen


    The main duties include hotel reception work, cleaning guest rooms, serving customers at the hotel restaurant, and cooking.

    Hotel staff are required to have advanced customer service skills, so they have the advantage of finding employment in the hospitality industry in the future.

    <Average hourly wage> 1,000 yen to 1,400 yen

    How to find a high-paying job in Japan 

    The following methods are recommended for foreigners to find high-paying jobs in Japan.

    Hello Work (Public Employment Security Office)

    Hello Work's Foreign Employment Service Center provides employment placements for foreigners who want to work in Japan according to their status of residence.

    There are some places where foreign language interpreters provide career counseling, so if you'd like to get some advice first, you might want to visit one.

    Job site for foreigners

    You can also search for jobs using foreign job posting sites.

    We have listed some of the most popular recruitment sites below, so please use them as a reference.


    Supports Japanese, English, Chinese, and Burmese



    You can be scouted for undisclosed job openings.


    Available in English and Chinese, and provides advice on how to write a resume, etc.


    Jobs Japan

    Free introduction to jobs where you can utilize your English skills and support until you find employment.



    Supports 8 languages ​​including English and Chinese


    Japanese de part-time job

    This part-time job information site for foreign students supports English, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean.


    Qualifications that are advantageous for foreigners to find employment in Japan

    Lastly, I would like to introduce qualifications that are advantageous for foreigners when finding a job in Japan.

    Qualifications are not always required.

    However, there are some industries where it is easier to get a job if you have a qualification, and there are some industries where you cannot get a job without a qualification.

    We have summarized typical qualifications that are advantageous for each industry.

    service industry 

    Hotel Business Practical Examination, Restaurant Service Skills Examination, Customer Service Etiquette Examination, Business Etiquette Examination, Salesperson, JASPA Sales Professional Qualification, etc.

    IT-related occupations

    IT passport, basic information engineer, applied information engineer, Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), network specialist, system architect, etc.


    Business Interpreter Certification (TOBIS), Licensed Guide Interpreter, etc.


    This time, we introduced high-paying jobs in Japan and how to find them.

    Although the level varies depending on the industry, Japanese language skills are required to work in Japan.

    Jobs with higher salaries tend to require higher Japanese language skills, so it would be a good idea to study Japanese thoroughly first.

    Then, look for a rewarding job that suits you.

    We at "Goandup" will continue our activities to convey the charms of Japan to the world.

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  • We at "Goandup" will continue our activities to convey the charms of Japan to the world.

  • If you found this article helpful or enjoyed it, please support us by supporting our operations.

  • We would appreciate it if you could donate any amount using the PayPal link below.

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