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What is the charm of Katsuoji Temple in Osaka? Also explains how to get there

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Did you know that there is a temple in Osaka, which is well known to foreigners, and is famous for the belief that ``Visiting it will improve your luck?''

For example, when you want to improve your luck in various situations such as taking entrance exams or getting a job, there are times when you want to rely on God and Buddha. This is a temple that you definitely want to visit at times like these.

This time, I would like to introduce Katsuo-ji Temple, whose name suggests good luck.

Basic information about Katsuoji Temple             

Visiting hours

weekdays8:00 ~ 17:00
Saturday8:00 ~ 17:30
Sundays/Holidays8:00 ~ 18:00

*Visitors are accepted until 15 minutes before closing.

Entrance fee

Adults (high school students and above)400 yen
Elementary/junior high school students300 yen
preschooler100 yen
Under 2 years oldfree


First parking lot (outdoor) / Second parking lot (indoor) 

up to 1 hour500 yen
Every 30 minutes thereafter200 yen


Subway Umeda Station Subway Midosuji Line (19 minutes) - Taxi (20 minutes)

JR Osaka Station - Senri Chuo Station        

Hankyu Osaka Umeda Station - Bus (33 minutes)

Address: Katsuoji Temple, Minoh City, Osaka Prefecture 562-8508

Phone number: 072-721-7010

reference:Katsuoji official website

History of Katsuoji Temple           

The history of Katsuo-ji Temple dates back to the late Nara period. This temple began in 727 AD when twin brothers Zennaka and Zensan trained here. Later, in 765, he met Prince Kaisei, the son of Emperor Konin, and built and opened a temple there. Wooden statues of Princes Zennaka, Zensan, and Kaisei are enshrined in Kaizan-do Hall, and a festival is held every October 29th at the Imperial Household Agency and Katsuo-ji Temple.

Also, during this Katsuo period, the temple prayed for the good health of Emperor Seiwa, and since it came true, the temple received the temple name ``Shooji'' from the Emperor, meaning ``the temple that won against the king.'' However, it is said that people feared its wonderful name too much, so it changed the word ``o'' to ``tail'' and named it ``Katsuo-ji'', and it is said that it came to be worshiped as a temple of victory.  

It is also a temple with a deep history, as the generals and military commanders of the Genji and Ashikaga clans visited to pray for victory.

What is the charm of Katsuoji Temple?

Now that we have explained the basic information, let us introduce the charm of Katsuoji Temple. What is the reason why so many people are attracted to Katsuo-ji Temple and visit?

Rich nature and beautiful autumn leaves     

One of the attractions of Katsuoji Temple is the autumn leaves. This temple, which is rich in nature, is often featured in the media as a spot for autumn leaves.

In autumn, the number of tourists increases rapidly and the area becomes very lively, and everyone is mesmerized by the bright red and yellow autumn leaves reflected on the water.

Of course, there are natural charms that change from season to season, but please try visiting in autumn at least once.

winning daruma      

And you can't help but come into contact with this ``Kachi Daruma'' at Katsuoji Temple.

I introduced that Katsuo-ji Temple is a temple that brings good luck, and the symbol of that good luck is the ``Kachi Daruma''.

In life, there are many situations in which you have to win, such as entrance exams, employment, competitions, illness, and business.

When we think of ``winning,'' we have the image of defeating the opponent, but at Katsuoji, we preach that ``winning does not mean defeating other companies.''

He also widely preaches the ``spirit of falling down seven times and getting up eight times'', which means getting back up again and again no matter how many times you fall down. Kachi Daruma is the embodiment of that spirit.

Popular gourmet food around Katsuoji Temple

flower teahouse

This is a tea room located on the grounds of Katsuoji Temple. Why not take a break while looking at the pond and plants? You can enjoy matcha, zenzai, etc. at reasonable prices.

In the souvenir shop, there are sweets associated with Kachidaruma, and ``carbonated rice crackers'' with a simple and gentle taste are old-fashioned sweets that foreigners should definitely try.

Tabelog Hana no Chaya:

Danke Minoh store

The sign in front of the store says ``Coffee Danke,'' but this cafe serves not only coffee, cakes, and sandwiches, but also lunch. You can enjoy lunch of Mita beef from Hyogo Prefecture.

This is a blissful lunch made with beef ordered from Mitaya Sohonten, finished with a special sauce, and carefully selected rice. Please try this lunch when you go to Katsuoji Temple.   

Tabelog Danke Minoh store:

3 hotels you should stay at when visiting Katsuoji Temple

Minoo Sanso Kaze no Mori

An inn on a hill with a panoramic view of Osaka. We recommend a room with a good view, even if it costs a little more.

Another attraction here is the private open-air bath where you can relax and soothe your fatigue while enjoying authentic kaiseki cuisine and admiring the night view. It's great to be able to travel from Katsuoji Temple to such a wonderful inn in such a short time.

For reservationsherefrom!


Fushio Onsen Fushiokaku

The recommended feature of this hot spring inn is the radon hot springs. Radon hot springs are said to have the effect of improving immunity and natural healing power when absorbed into the body through breathing.

There are 20 guest rooms with hot spring baths, so even foreigners who don't like taking baths in large groups can enjoy the hot springs at their leisure.

For reservationsherefrom!


Oedo Onsen Monogatari Minoh Onsen Minoh Kanko Hotel

The best feature here is the sky bath on the rooftop. The thick spring quality is also expected to have beautifying effects on the skin.

There are also plenty of buffet-style dining and entertainment facilities, so there are many ways to enjoy your stay.

For reservationsherefrom!



What did you think.

Although Katsuoji Temple is located close to Osaka, it is a valuable tourist spot where you can be surrounded by rich nature.

If you are planning to try something new in Japan, if you love autumn leaves in Japan, or if you are interested in daruma dolls, please come and visit Katsuoji Temple!

Reference Katsuoji official website:

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