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Explaining the background to the increase in the number of Vietnamese trainees and why Japan is popular

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In recent years, the number of Vietnamese technical interns has increased significantly, and they are on track to overtake the Chinese as number one. In this article, we will explain the background behind the rapid increase in the number of Vietnamese trainees and the reasons why Japan is popular among Vietnamese trainees.

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The number of Vietnamese trainees coming to Japan is increasing.

In 2019, there were approximately 400,000 Vietnamese workers working in Japan.Fewer than 200,000 technical internsSo this isThe second largest number of people in ChinaIt becomes. In 2012, there were only about 27,000 people, so this is a significant increase.

The total number of foreign workers is approximately 1.66 million, so approximately one-quarter are Vietnamese.

In 2020, many Vietnamese trainees came to Japan despite travel restrictions, and the current number of Vietnamese trainees is said to have reached around 250,000.

The Japanese government plans to accept 500,000 foreign workers by 2025, so the number of Vietnamese trainees will continue to increase.

Characteristics of Vietnamese trainees

Technical intern trainees are accepted from various countries such as China and Vietnam, but each country has different cultures and personalities, and employers need to take into account the differences between them and Japanese people.

Therefore, in this chapter, we will explain some characteristics of the personality and culture of Vietnamese trainees. Of course, each person's personality is different, but it's helpful to understand their overall tendencies.

Many people are good with their hands

Traditional crafts such as sewing and embroidery are popular in Vietnam, and many people have been familiar with detailed work since childhood. There are many people who are good at things like motorcycle repair, and many people are good with their hands.

There are many people who are serious and want to improve.

Many Vietnamese trainees working in Japan are determined and work hard in order to earn a high income in Japan that they would not be able to earn in their home country. There are many people who are actively learning Japanese, and there are many people who are serious and have a desire to improve.

highly cooperative

Technical intern trainees come from a variety of nationalities, and those with a strong sense of independence may find it difficult to maintain a cooperative spirit. For example, Chinese people are said to have a strong sense of independence, and the difference in sensibility from Japanese people can sometimes be confusing.

On the other hand, Vietnamese people are relatively cooperative and easily adapt to the Japanese culture, which values ​​harmony.

tend to think in the short term

It is said that Vietnam tends to think from a short-term perspective rather than a long-term perspective, partly because it has lived through turbulent times with an uncertain future such as the Vietnam War.

If you find a Vietnamese trainee who is not good at work based on long-term plans, be sure to give them careful guidance without rushing.

Religion: mostly Buddhist

Many Japanese people are not familiar with religion, so when we accept Muslim or Hindu trainees, they may be confused about the precepts such as eating and worship.

On the other hand, approximately 80% of Vietnamese people follow Buddhism, and a minority of people believe in religions with strict precepts such as Islam. It can be said that it is an advantage for Japanese employees to not have to think too much about religious considerations.

Background to the increase in the number of Vietnamese trainees

In the past, most of the technical intern trainees were Chinese, but now there are more Vietnamese. What are the reasons behind the increase in the number of Vietnamese trainees?

Decrease in Chinese trainees

China is experiencing remarkable economic development, and the number of trainees has been decreasing in recent years as the number of people able to earn sufficient income in China has increased.Demand for Vietnamese trainees is increasing to fill the void left by the decreasing number of Chinese trainees.There is a background.

Means of acquiring foreign currency

Many Vietnamese trainees who come to Japan send the money they earn back to their families in their home country. Sending remittances from trainees is an important means of acquiring foreign currency for Vietnam, and the country has a background in wanting to actively send out trainees.

The problem of malicious dispatch companies

In 2020, the number of technical intern trainees decreased due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but tens of thousands of Vietnamese trainees came to Japan. It is said that behind this is the problem of some unscrupulous dispatch companies.

Local companies that dispatch Vietnamese trainees may collect a large fee from the trainees when sending them out. As a result, Vietnamese trainees come to Japan with heavy debts. This is a system not found in trainees in other countries.

Even if they can't come to Japan due to the coronavirus, they still have to repay their debts, so more people are forced to come to Japan.The fact that dispatching trainees has become a big business in Vietnam is partly related to the increase in the number of Vietnamese trainees.

Why Japan is popular with Vietnamese trainees

Japan is one of the popular destinations for Vietnamese trainees. What are their reasons for seeking employment in Japan?

high salary

In Japan, there is a serious problem of trainees being forced to work for low wages, but the average starting salary in Vietnam is around 30,000 yen, so you can still earn more in Japan.

Differences in salaries due to economic disparity are one of the main reasons why Vietnamese trainees aim to study in Japan.

Many people are pro-Japanese

Many Vietnamese trainees are familiar with Japanese anime and music, and many of them are pro-Japanese, which is another reason for their popularity. In addition, Vietnam receives a large amount of aid from Japan, which also improves its impression of Japan.

Good public safety and living environment

Japan is a country with good security and living environment among the world, which is another factor why Vietnamese trainees prefer Japan.

There are various reasons behind the increase in the number of Vietnamese trainees, including a decrease in the number of Chinese trainees and problems with dispatch companies. As a Japanese company that accepts trainees, it is important to understand this background.

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